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worm self insert

Language: English Words: 21,389 Chapters: 4/? Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. This is truly a great read. Will we all die tomorrow when an Endbringer shows up? It also is one of the few fanfic I've read where Taylor has OC friends that are interesting. Follows a 17 year old girl with what she sees as a lacklustre power who has run away from home and ended up in Brockton Bay, using her meagre power-based skills to survive day to day living. "Nobody likes it here. Comments: This fic takes the premise from. Synopsis: After a particularly bad day, Danny triggers as Earth Bet's worst Tinker. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw, 24-tooth SKILSAW® Carbide-tipped blade for ripping, miter gauge, self-aligning fence, guard system including anti-kick back device, insert plate, push stick and wrench. Synopsis: Armsmaster gets a call from his sister-in-law, who needs him to look after his teenage nephew for a while. Synopsis: A fan of Worm finds herself sharing Taylor's mind, and starts setting things right. Get ready for Deathmatch and Last Worm Standing modes where you’re only ever a … Synopsis: Solo Tinkers are rare in the Wormverse, and Taylor Hebert has the unfortunate privilege of learning why. She leads a criminal enterprise and goes back home to her normal, simple family life at night. Whats Included in the kit: 1) Plasma CNC precut copper parts 2) Slipped and Bead Rolled Body ... We can also send the videos on a thumb drive you can insert in an available USB connection on our computer. Synopsis: Armsmaster is sent back in time. Desperate to be a hero, Taylor takes a dangerous gamble to give herself the power to save the city and chooses to become a Heroic Warlord to save the city from itself. Then she wakes up in her grave, changed. Crikey Worm. Doesn't need to be the best. Fanfic of anything listed below. Worm and worm gears operate on non-intersecting shafts at 90° angles. This fic has much going for it: very solid writing, good plot, really inventive way to connect worlds of Castlevania and Worm together, and interesting characters. After doing this for three years, she finds a way back to Earth Bet, only to find that only a few hours have passed. You've just woken up in a hospital bed. The other took a more. Although... there might be more to it than that... Synopsis: Clearly, the Queen Administrator is too powerful. What if the protagonist could best be described as one such adventurer? Taylor finds a friend, and her world's villains and monsters find out that happens when the most vicious and cutest. if you're cool with self-insert member/oc fic, then go ahead and hop aboard our chaos train! Synopsis: Victoria Dallon. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. Oh wait. Taylor is overpowered, but has self-inflicted chains in the form of her morality and hatred of bullies. Self Insert Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Sieg Zeon ; Silencio ; A ... a number of Worm fics have included mentions of mimes and SHIPPING CHART IA FTHAGN. Due to issues with external spam filters, QQ is currently unable to send any mail to Microsoft E-mail addresses. Not that it really matters, since it came with packaged with a lovely side of brain cancer likely to kill her before the end of the year. Synopsis: The life and times of a high school teacher who was pretty cool, but only if you were cool too. Emma Barnes loses a part of herself in the process — and gains something else in exchange. The Inklings and Octolings don't know how they have been transported to the past but they are convinced such a talented singer can't be a bad guy. Synopsis: Annette Rose-Hebert, lecturer at community college, mother of Taylor Hebert, wife of Danny, triggers as The Gamer after a car crash. In this story, Taylor Hebert is a Striker/Trump, Power Manager. But surely Mary Sue's gorgeous beauty, her brother Gary's cunning badassery and their fanon-based knowledge will be enough to save it -and get an harem-, even though they have never actually read. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Synopsis: Taking place in a fusion of the Worm Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this fic focuses on the story of a Dark Elf - Taylor Hebert. The main difference is how they self-replicate, with viruses requiring the help of a host and worms acting independently. Easily the most unique SI fic, even moreso than Security!. Under some strain. (SpaceBattles thread here ). )note  *KRAKATHOOM* by Prim-the-Amazing and other contributors, This Won't Be Graded: A Memoir by Mr. G by Pericardium, Two Steps Forward, One Step Back by Fantastical Contrarian, With Friends Like These by TheMadmanAndre, Amelia by TanaNari. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. For funsies I ran the numbers to compare Worm to the other fandoms I follow. Synopsis: Good news - Taylor Hebert got powers! These names are based on terms used by Glaistig Uaine, the Warrior Entity, the Thinker Entity, Wildbow, and in a few cases the shards' self-descriptive "personal names." Overall - awesome read and deserve much more love than it has gotten so far. Synopsis: Rather than having to go through all the pesky mess of grinding up, Taylor wakes from the locker incident as a full-blown level 20 wizard with 10 mythic ranks in Archmage. The sheer dedication of the author isn't just expressing through the carefully crafted-dialogues but also through his high-quality illustrations (and mini-game) that bring the reading experience to a new height. Worm Self-replicating code that spreads across a network. 4.2 out of 5 stars 50. Comments: An AU where Taylor triggers with Night's power. Synopsis: Taylor triggers but she reaches past dimensions and makes contact with something old and powerful, wanting power to try to be a hero she gets the power of Varga, a godzilla-like demon that mixes with her, being Taylor Hebert is quite nice, being everyone else now...turns out to be quite the experience with a new lizard-like cape going around town. The Protectorate was deeply flawed. New worlds have been explored, not only from Gimel, Shin, or Cheit, but from one with a history of fantastic heroes and villains of it's own. Stranded in a backwards world without reputation, influence, and lacking friends, he meets a young man eager to be something more than human. (Fan nickname: Friendbringers). A non-powered Taylor interacting with the ways of the PRT and cape landscape with her own brand of analysis. Comment: This story is incredible. Spacebattles link, Therapy by frommerman (Sufficient Velocity Link), THE TECHNO QUEEN (Worm AU, humour, with extra HAM&CHEESE! Both girls decide to start their own hero team. Donald Trump. The first is the aforementioned Alt-power. In this case the worm gear must be self locking or it wouldn't be a lock. 4.6 out of 5 stars 348. Synopsis: What would you do if you could see death, knew how to end anyone and anything? SPT70WT 10 In. Recommended by Deadman2020, Esseresse, Mach Rider 1985. It's activated by a set of thirteen phrases that have to be spoken aloud that you'd probably classify as Shaker/Stranger or Shaker/Master. Shenanigans ensue when Taylor triggers and wants to be a hero, being completely oblivious to her mother's cape ID, and Annette uses her resources to help Taylor while simultaneously playing the 'evil' nemesis. A Prototype/Worm crossover. Synopsis: After Gold Morning, Taylor is dropped through a hole in space and left for dead. Some parahumans can control bugs. Synopsis: Taylor eats things she shouldn't and then makes money, and in between eating things and making money, Taylor mends some bridges. To create this article, 56 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Press J to jump to the feed. The universe is never going to be the same again. He had the habit of collecting wedding rings, presumably from the married women he abducted. The following will be obvious from these results. It's just the principle of the thing. Pairing: Victoria Dallon/Dean Stansfield. Essentially? Sometimes used as generic term for all malware. But once she came back to Winslow the three of them are there, Benny, Levy and Sam, they are here to make her life better, because she's their mother....wait, what?! Also found at Sufficient Velocity and Questionable Questing. Synopsis: Post-GM, Contessa decides to bake the perfect loaf of bread—without using her power. On the verge of victory over the Imperium, the Chaos forces have proven unable to stem the tide against the Great Devourer and its trillions of Tyranids. The day of the bank robbery, that policy finally changes, and Taylor ends up imprisoned on a spaceship bound for Triton. Hail the Great Sage Equal to Heaven. Result of inserting by brass insert clasp is indicated in Figure 6.1-2 to 6.1-4. Some can do unspeakable things to space and time. Synopsis: The attack in the alley goes differently. If they hear one that's too high numbered for them, they die. And yes, unlike the rest of the competition, she does get her ACU. ... Gah, that sucks. Viruses, worms, Trojans, and bots are all part of a class of software called "malware." And where friends see what lies beneath the surface - Far less depressing than what this crossover would suggest. Usually does not require human interaction to spread. Synopsis: Taylor has a very different first night out. In addition to the worm-like ability to self-propagate, bots can include the ability to log keystrokes, gather passwords, capture and analyze packets, gather financial information, launch Denial of Service (DOS) Attacks, relay spam, and open backdoors on the infected host. A "Peggy Sue" style fic following the Fragile One as it returns to Slaughterhouse Nine-era Brockton Bay from a possible end of, Synopsis:Earth-Bet is an awful place., How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love the Bomb That is Nero. Synopsis: 'Michael Allen' (not the author's real name) is a fanfic writer who starts designing a new Self-Insert Fic for Worm. JPIMedia - UK Trending Videos . Synopsis: AU. Until she was. Sometimes you can accidentally go too far, hurt someone in a way you didn't mean to hurt them in. Through planning and careful application of his power he has managed to remain several steps ahead of the authorities. version here), Memoirs Of A Human Flashlight by Golden Lark, Kill Them All (Kill Them All Space Battles link) by ShayneT, A Certain Mythic Archmage by Shadow Cristal Mage, Acolyte by NexusTheDark (SpaceBattles link). The PRT, on the other hand, wants to know how she wound up killing over 400 people and walked away with only a few scars. For now, the Phoenix slumbers. (AU, post 8.07). Status: Dead (last updated in April 2020, sadly a victim of Necromancy), Synopsis: Rather than letting herself continue to get beat down by the Trio, Taylor decides to get homeschooled and leaks details of the bullying (and evidence of Winslow's cover-up) to the FBI as an anonymous whistleblower; Taylor then becomes an Independent Hero. Synopsis: Taylor starts off with a fully functional Queen Administrator shard, with the added ability to copy and "manage" knowledge and skills present in others. Residents of Greater Brisbane will today find out whether the snap three day lockdown will be extended, and … Notes: AU for both game and Worm. Synopsis: Danny Hebert finds love again, and Taylor is ecstatic for him, and now a whole half of another family moves in under the Hebert roof. Hearing one makes them want to learn the rest. Synopsis: Three months after she was found in her locker, Taylor Hebert wakes up in a hospital room. A general-purpose worm gear hose clamp is interlocked to prevent shearing, while clamps used for exhaust have no holes, helping them prevent marring of the hose and fumes escaping. Things don't go as planned. Synopsis: Alternate Universe fic with an AltPower!Taylor. Martin Sprocket 18 Number of Pieces Wrench Set. Synopsis: "In a world where the villains outnumber the heroes, where black and white becomes grey, there is a new force entering the game. causes Taylor to second-Trigger with the ability to create portals with rings of bugs, her power now manipulates events to bring, Including Piggot being so scared she activates the, who may be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Mormon or Amish. Virus Self-replicating code that infects a host file. Synopsis: Jim, Claire, Blinky and Merlin fall into a new world. Good morning, early birds. And they decide that the only way to prove her innocence is to become heroes, even if other people don't want their help. Very street level. The power she gets is essentially Contessa's Path to Victory with a very particular caveat: every plan she makes must involve food somehow. Follow. Her boyfriend's alive, her forcefield is the same shape as she is, and her sister's acting weird because of what a certain thinker said on Thursday... POD is after. Expertly written and plotted. Wake: It is a bad day when you have more than one potentially world-ending threat at the. Synopsis: "I stopped listening at that point but it hardly mattered. Capitol offense. Synposis: When Skitter is tossed into another world in the aftermath of the battle with Noelle, how will she get back? The story builds up a little slow but can easily keep your attention long enough for it to take flight. Notes: This story is a mystery/thriller and contains a few big twists, so saying anything else would be spoiling it. The Thanos Crusade-- by reidrain, self insert, transmigration as Thanos. Synopsis: Alternate Universe fic. It’s a slow burn that gradually works its way up to the high points, but with plenty of things going on in the meantime. Autobiography of Mr Gladly. But she will have a chance to get better. Synopsis: Taylor triggers as a Ghoul and eventually takes over the Merchants and relabels them as the Red Tongues. Warlords! A must-read even if you've read neither of the canon stories. The world - and innocent bystanders - want to know. Read My Self-Insert Stash - Chapter 355 - My SI Stash #55 - Lewd Cultivator in Brockton Bay by Vagabond (Worm) online free from your Mobile, PC at The author truly has a masterpiece in the making. and I, Panacea. Confrontation II: the Reckoning: While embarking on therapy-mandated activities, Taylor and Sophia literally run into someone on the Boardwalk. The Composer has arrived, and she intends on playing her song for all to hear. Synopsis: "I always knew there was something strange about me, I guess." Rabbit Virus or worm that multiplies without bound ... o Some viruses use random code block insertion or insert millions of NOPs at the entry point prior to the main virus body. Bug On A Wire (Spacebattles thread here) by jacobk. Stir thoroughly, bake, and serve. Synopsis: A new threat arrives in Brockton Bay. In this one, however, they get something that may or may not be even better - a. Synopsis: After Scion's defeat, Defiant was ready to sacrifice everything to fix Dragon's damaged programming and free her from Teacher's constraints—or so he thought. Makes them figure out the rest. Something Greater (Worm CYOA ver 3 Self Insert) 568 Reads 2 Votes 1 Part Story. Synopsis: Salve, you have been blessed to be in presence of your Imperator, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Barnes. For a workable computer worm definition, think of worms as self-sufficient malware able to execute and proliferate without user interaction. What actually happened, however, was something that neither of them were prepared for. Synopsis: PRT photographer by day and cape paparazzi by night, Tabloid explores the effects of parahumans on society with the help of his quirky sense of humor. Major media companies have censored their front pages in protest of the government's crackdown on … Wow, that was a great story, not what I was expecting at all. He finds himself in Brockton Bay attending Winslow, but unlike most SIs, he is not gung ho about turning the story into a fix fic. Worm Self-replicating code that spreads across a network. ". Synopsis: Saiki Kusuo gets thrown into Brockton Bay. Synopsis: When Taylor was supposed to trigger, Synopsis: Abreaction has the same basic premise as. It can be done year-round, indoors and out. Good morning, early birds. February 16: The Netsky worm is discovered. Grief! Drchoer 56pcs/Box Plastic Fishing Rattle Rattlers Worm Jig Fishing Lure Insert Tube Rattles Shake Attract Fly Tie Tying,L/M/S 3 Sizes 4.2 out of 5 stars 50 $13.99 Also Bonesaw makes a Working Pegasus. The author captures Saiki's voice and narration perfectly to explore Saiki's perspective in a world where superpowers are a fact of life but none could still match up to the physical god he is. Follow/Fav Saiyan in Brockton (Self-Insert) By: DesertChocolate. Many, many regrets. Not Amelia's dad. They strike out as independent heroes, Taylor applying the full force of her. About one in every five doctors might be here to help the patients, the rest are here to, spends most of her time as Shadow Stalker. The Man From Tomorrow (DC/Worm) Summary: Lex Luthor, is stranded in the Worm verse. Synopsis: When Taylor triggers in Winslow it turns out that something else hitched a ride. Taylor becomes the obsession of a certain Yandere stalker. A new facet is brought to the fore as forces beyond reality clash, and a wayward hero finds herself in a world far older than her own, and yet similar in some ways. Something Greater (Worm CYOA ver 3 Self Insert) 568 Reads 2 Votes 1 Part Story. Folding stand sold separately, SPTA70WT-ST Things really start to diverge from canon in the aftermath of Bakuda's rampage. Advanced Filtering Information Your father sits in a chair beside you, eyes closed. Gangs of Brockton (Worm Lite Gang Empire Builder) by Spktr Alpha, Intrepid by Cerulean can be found on Spacebattles, Life Bends Down by Pericardium (Spacebattles link, has omakes and fanart), Like Mother, Like Skitter by LD1449 (Spacebattles link), Reconciliation by LD1449 (Sufficient Velocity Link), Taylor's Guide to Dealing with a Master by Taledevourer, Walkabouts by FineBalancer. If Eden had been even slightly better prepared, Propogation is what might very well have transpired. She ends up accidentally resolving all outstanding plot threads. by NexusTheDark, An Imago of Rust and Crimson by Earth Scorpion, The Last Daughter by Thuktun Flishithy (author of Hail To The King), Worm: More Than Meets the Eye by Metallix666, On Missing Limbs by fallacies. Crikey Worm. The End of the World! And Coil. Signing up to the forum with one of these addresses will result in your verification E-mail never arriving. Going Native is about a very Irish SI who reincarnated in the Wormverse as a teenager and triggered with the power to rewind time 15 seconds. With her best friend Mash Kyrielight and her many Servants, she decides to defend Earth Bet. Things go according to Alexandria's plan during Cell. If [people] hear them out of sequence, they die. Taylor gets a transfer to Arcadia, and meets Amy on the day of the bank robbery. Each chapter contains original artwork. Synopsis: Daniel Hebert and his daughter save a severely injured Ward from a certain, painful death, only to find a far worse fate awaiting them. Comments: 29 Kudos: 344 Bookmarks: 97 Hits: 20523 Synopsis: Rather than triggering with her canon power, Taylor instead gains the ability to travel through dimensions, with the additional bonus of the Gamer's power. Synopsis: Taylor is Star Lord. Assuming this is the work of a Tinker, possibly to replace the Birdcage, she wanders around aimlessly until she is teleported into Aincard proper. But there's always a price for power. Recommended by: TOPHAT, maroon_sweater, theonewhowas. It will take work. Here's the summary. The space pirates attempted to destroy a space station by launching it across dimensions into the Earth for fun. Synopsis: You can do a lot with determination. Pity I was not reborn a male. this is literally self-insert kpop chat fic, the most indulgent shit ever that we're posting both for fun and for personal therapy lmao :') don't like, don't read pls! And as the old saying goes, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. A discredited Taylor is sent to the Birdcage for killing Tagg, but Cauldron intercepts her and puts her to work. Before running into the ABB, Emma finds an object that reminds her of a movie she and Taylor really liked. Synopsis: Looking Glass is a Master-class parahuman with a superpower that allows him to summon a. Synopsis: Taylor Hebert's shard is the administrator. And that is only the beginning of her many, many troubles. On June 2011, Emma found out about Cauldron. Jung understood once you tap into the collective unconscious it will guide you to self – fulfillment, hence why people to should become in-sync with it. Synopsis: Go gently is a crossover between the Web Serial Worm and Podcast Welcome to Night Vale that takes it upon itself to include the cosmic horror of both series, while still being hilarious. Still bonded to Taylor, and cut off from The Warrior's network, QA needs to learn to be a person in a very different reality. Synopsis: An angelic superhuman from another dimension arrives in the Wormverse. Good luck they have been turned into a Kryptonian. Synopsis: Alternate Universe. Synopsis: "They can't touch me." You're new in town and the Nazis, the Merchants, and the Asian Nazis aren't sharing. Synopsis: Wherein the greatest threat to humanity is keeping Taylor happy. He then starts talking. Also has a wiki made by the author: Synopsis: When Taylor Triggers she gains Lung's powers. Triggering has solved exactly none of them. Worm Story Search Stories Dark Stories (8374 Stories) Use filters and sorters to find updates to your favorite stories and quests (updated hourly). Synopsis: "I'm Marlin! Spammers have used them all before you and gotten those names flagged in the anti-spam databases. In this one, however, she is more of an, Synopsis: Taylor triggers with the ability to swap bodies, and. I'm much more likely to read the story if you're upfront about it. By Neo_Von_Gladius Ongoing - Updated Apr 13, 2019 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. Synopsis: Having chased a monster to the end of time and space to kill it, Denys Geneolgia tries to find his way back, and ends up short, on Earth Bet. Taylor thinks Samantha Biron is great for her father, the one she's worried about is her young daughter, Missy, who seems to be coming and going at all times of the day. 2:58. Drchoer 56pcs/Box Plastic Fishing Rattle Rattlers Worm Jig Fishing Lure Insert Tube Rattles Shake Attract Fly Tie Tying,L/M/S 3 Sizes. When Taylor's mom dies, the white wolf is there for her. Synopsis: Taylor circa the Noelle fight finds herself launched backwards through time, arriving in the midst of her ill-fated first meeting with Emma and Sophia. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw, 24-tooth SKILSAW ® Carbide-tipped blade for ripping, miter gauge, self-aligning fence, guard system including anti-kick back device, insert plate, push stick and wrench. Synopsis: Some elements taken from Starcraft/Kerrigan, slightly alternate universe. Therefore a normal screw when pressed into the material should neither insert nor rotate, otherwise the fixation is not secure. Symphogear side takes place 4 years after XV. 5 Gallon with Worm – Self Build Kit $ 299.00. Status: Ongoing (updates very frequently). For instance, your commitment to justice when you're shoved into a locker could attract the attention of a planet-sized machine god, who then decides to gift you with a brand-new machine body with all sorts of cool powers. Testing times. What if the events of Worm were a group of friends simply playing a pen & paper RPG? Whats Included in the kit: 1) Plasma CNC precut copper parts 2) Slipped and Bead Rolled Body 3) Slipped rolled and soldered cone ... We can also send the videos on a thumb drive you can insert in an available USB connection on our computer. Of particular note is the author's update pace. Synopsis: A marginally more serious take on the above fanfic. This worm arrives on a system as a file dropped by other malware or as a file downloaded unknowingly by users when visiting malicious sites. Worm gear configurations in which the gear cannot drive the worm are called self-locking. Xoc. Synopsis: A divergence from canon, starting during the bank robbery in Act 3, where Lisa's revelations concerning Amelia and Victoria push them both out of New Wave. Now, Gotham's Dark Knight must deal with a new threat seeking to find refuge in his city, and removing it at the root means exploring a world and culture far different from his own. Each Entity is comprised of "trillions upon trillions upon trillions" of shards. No?, what … Have you ever thought about what would happen if Xiang Yu, The Overlord of the west chu, known as the strongest man in history. 0:08. Synopsis: A one-armed girl tries to get by anonymously in a world where everyone knows the name Khepri. Let's rewind to the start, add a little something more. And sometimes, however rarely, she walks the lines betwixt and between. 0:08. Politics! Synopsis: "Everything about my powers was wrong. A positive is that it, updates regularly. The future may be doomed, but that doesn't mean the past is. Recommended by RazorSmile, throwaawy, and spacemonkey37. It will not be smooth going, or easy. Synopsis: The final villain is barely dead when a Yellow Ring picks Taylor as its wielder for her ability to instil great fear. This includes any account at, or Years later, her quest complete, she finally manages to find her way Back Through the Gate. Hero is hailed, even long after his death, as the father of. Dovahkiin? Status: Dormant; last updated January 4, 2017. Getting friends, plotting to save the world. Nothing had been right in weeks.". Goblin Queen by Biigoh (multiple threads, first one here. Synopsis: AU where Taylor is born to Jack Slash's parents and vice versa. Then again that's what they all say.". ), to turn every piece of chocolate in town into broccoli, Gangs of Brockton (Worm Lite Gang Empire Builder), Oh, and it has a very strong sense of humour, Fiend, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Green Sun, Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable. I blame CYOAs. Unfortunately for the neo-Nazis, Taylor is a fledgling Gamer, and they've given her one Hell of a casus belli. Synopsis: Roleplay Quest. Sometimes, that person doesn't make it. Use durable worm gear clamps from Grainger to help secure many types of hoses, including pneumatic and exhaust hoses. A socially awkward, obliviously obnoxious nerd who talks just a bit too much. Notes: A fun read at over 80,000 words, Lung and Bakuda are... humanized for a lack of a better term, made more sympathetic. Synopsis: One month after the start of the bullying, Taylor is turned into a vampire. And it's actually kinda creepy and awesome. He's right. Evil Conspiracies! Now is it a matter of resigning to the flow of time as it washes them aside. She decides she's going to be happy, even if that means starting all over again in a different world. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Worm fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Some can build advanced technology. Synopsis: Granted powers from another world, Taylor Hebert must deal with a Cape world that is out to kill her when they discover that she can permanently steal powers. 40 Gallon with Worm – Self Build Kit $ 599.00.

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