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indie horror movies 2016

Demon (release date TBD)One of the most underappreciated horror subgenres in the world is folklore-based horror, because it gives audiences a window through which they can examine some of the most intimate aspects of global cultures — specifically, the parts that freak local people the fuck out. All we’ve seen so far are a few stills of star Elle Fanning soaked in blood and heavily saturated lighting — a.k.a., we’ve seen a few stills of Elle Fanning in a Nicolas Winding Refn movie — but not much else. Under the Shadow marks the second highly anticipated genre picture coming from an Iranian filmmaker this year, with director Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night) also scheduled to debut her second movie, the dystopian cannibal love story The Bad Batch. Refn movies (like Drive and the Pusher series) tend toward the aggressively masculine, so watching him walk the razor’s edge of objectification versus female empowerment should be very interesting. Tell me more: Terrence Malick's latest free-floating drama met with divided critical reaction when it debuted at a festival early in 2015, but the all-star cast and the beauty of Emmanuel Lubezki's photography makes this a must-see on the indie movie calendar. "The Witch" is just one of a recent crop of indie horror flicks that may make new fans of the genre. 7. “Chromatica II” into “911” in the peaceful transfer of power. We provide 2016 movie release dates, cast, posters, trailers and ratings. The horror genre: What a decade it’s been, right? ... Washed-up true crime writer Ellison Oswalt finds a box of super 8 home movies in his new home that suggest the murder that he is currently researching is the work of a serial killer whose work dates back to the 1960s. The blockbuster business these days is all about spandex and sequels and reboots. Rank Title Gross; 1 Your Name: ¥21.32 billion (US$182.2 million) 2 Shin Godzilla: ¥8.11 billion (US$69.3 million) 3 Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare: ¥6.33 billion (US$54.1 million) 4 The definition of independent film in the 1990s meant something entirely from what it means to be an indie film in 2020. All of them have garnered positive responses from those who have seen them, and deserve more eyes upon them. Horror films released in 2016; Title Director Cast Country Notes Antibirth: Danny Perez: Natasha Lyonne, Chloë Sevigny, Meg Tilly: United States Canada: The Autopsy of Jane Doe: André Øvredal: Brian Cox, Emile Hirsch, Ophelia Lovibond: United States: Bedeviled: The Vang Brothers: Saxon Sharbino, Mitchell Edwards, Carson Boatman: United States Of course he makes her suffer through Refnian indignities. Hell, it’s basically his first film featuring more than one woman, full stop, and he said the need to make it came after a revelation of sorts: “One morning I woke and realized I was both surrounded and dominated by women. The producer made countless contributions to music, but his ego overshadowed them all. Aeon Flux from 2004 and Jennifer’s Body from 2009 may have landed with a bit of a thud, but both were certainly distinct and ambitious projects featuring complex female leads. Southbound (released February 5) Horror anthologies have a rich legacy: Roger Corman brought us the Tales of Terror in 1962; George A. Romero walked us through his Creepshow in 1982; Tales From the Crypt and The Twilight Zone have lived on over the decades. Anthologies can be uneven, but they can also be an excellent showcase for up-and-coming horror directors, and the folks involved here include V/H/S alums David Bruckner, Roxanne Benjamin, and Radio Silence. Popular Horror is PopHorror: PopHorror (Popular Horror) is dedicated to horror movies. Non-Cannibal Actor Josh Duhamel May Replace Armie Hammer in, North Dakota’s finest will star opposite Jennifer Lopez, considering, you know, *waves hand in Armie Hammer’s general direction. Page 3-Indie, shorts and super low budget home made horror movies. Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Between a few above-average Hollywood releases, and an indie scene enabled by … What’s more, digital distribution platforms like Netflix and Amazon have given life to niche horror films that don’t command nationwide theatrical releases. This marked his third feature film, and it was praised as another strong entry in Wrona’s promising career. What time is it? Skip In 00 : 02 prev next. Indiewire is calling it “the first great horror movie of the year,” but, of course, unless you’re bouncing around the festival circuit, you won’t be able to see it until sometime at the end of 2016, when Netflix has it slated to start streaming. The Babadook A widowed mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her. Let this gallery be your guide through a year of great horror that’s worth checking out. The MUA took on Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song. The list is long, and Demon joins the ranks as a modern take on the dybbuk, which, in Jewish tradition, is the spirit of a person not properly laid to rest that searches for a human host to latch onto. Eddie Huang Debuts Pop Smoke, the Actor, in. 5 years ago. It’s never been a better time to be a superhero, but if you know where to look, it’s also never been a better time to be a horror buff. And did you miss the Danish fantasy-thriller When Animals Dream? By. Director: Damien Leone. Best Scary Movies 2016: 15 Chilling Movies That Made 2016 Scary Good ... A cohesive five-part indie horror anthology. The trailer is NNNSFW, and makes it feel like this might be a movie-long version of the hell-vision sequence from Event Horizon. But don’t stress, because it, too, is waiting for you on Netflix right now. Genre festivals like Fantastic Fest and Beyond Fest are bigger than ever, while the Midnight lineups at heavyweight events like Sundance, South by Southwest, and the Toronto International Film Festival have become pipelines for movies that generate buzz on par with the more conventional prestige fare. Kusama came out swinging in 2000 with Girlfight, which premiered at Sundance and won the Director’s Prize and shared the Grand Jury award. Consider Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale from Finland, a movie that showed us what traditional Finnish lore has to say about the origins of Santa Claus. Share Share Tweet Email. Kieran Fisher. (Theatrical rights are still up in the air.) Is it his perfect friendship with Ian McKellan? Pete Wentz’s parents met while working for Biden in the Senate in the 1970s. on. 20 images. Then there’s Emma Roberts, who plays a hitchhiking girl named Joan whose fate is intertwined with the two co-eds. Get Ready to Get Scared October 25, 2016, 2:11pm. The across-the-pond offshoot returns with some familiar challenges, a promising new set of queens, and an array of regional accents. Often, the majority of great horror movies are undiscovered indie gems. In 2016 however, there’s a solid mix of low-budget indie horror movies and wide release horror blockbusters. Under the Shadow (release date TBD)Netflix underscored the high anticipation for Shadow at this year’s Sundance Film Festival by snapping up global streaming rights to the movie a day before it even premiered. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Can I watch it if I don’t have TV?

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