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kuroo gif wallpaper

The kitchen was clear, and so was the living room coffee table. With a gulp, you barely tilt your head to get a glimpse of your lab partner. Kuroo halts in his stance on the sidewalk, just barely passing Terushima before he slams his hand down on the blond’s shoulder and grips it tightly. “Okay, but let me show you something first.” Before you could ask, she stood and left the living room, disappearing into the hallway leading to the bedrooms. You shouldn’t have- Goddamnit!- you should not have let the message run on for that long. All you can do is sigh and straighten yourself back up, reclaiming your original position by Terushima’s side and returning your attention to the movie. Hundreds of texts. If he had said it any other way, you would have smacked him for the cockiness of the words. Since then, he’s really cleaned up his act. You were surprised at how much it hurt. With a flip of her straightened hair, she throws it over her shoulder and gives you a small smirk. or just suga please ? I’m so sorry, please just give me a chance to fix this. Download, share and comment wallpapers you like. You nodded and gave Christie a grateful nod before waving goodbye. * Anyways, I hope this is what you were looking for, and I hope you like it! I kind of don’t have experience…” you trail off when you remember who you’re talking to. In one swift movement, you’re up off the ground, being carried bridal style in the opposite direction. Not only had you gotten your heart broken, you had also lost your only companion to help make it through the school day. Wählen Sie das Bild im Werkzeug aus und klicken Sie dann auf die Hintergrundfarbe des Bildes, um es zu entfernen und transparent zu machen. Distractedly, you petted the fluffy fabric of your pure white robe as you waited. Cause I don’t forgive cheaters . Just ignore it and walk into the classroom he had just made out in front of? Life has just been… hectic lately. He would give everything just to hear you say “I love you” one more time. Unclean. I'm sorry!! There was a smirk on his face. “YN, come on. “Voicemail deleted.” You pulled your trembling finger away from the screen and choked back a sob. Just as you turned back to the TV, the serial killer flashed back into frame, leaving you to screech in terror and burrow into Terushima’s side. It can’t end here. First, you counted it as a blessing. “I mean, I guess that’s a good idea,” his eyes glimmer at your words and his knee starts to bounce, “Plus my mom would like how safe it is. That would just be… ick. I’m tired af, but fuck it, I finally wrote 5k words. HD wallpapers and background images “Well?” He moves his finger in a “come hither” motion with a wink, and it has you coming down the steps of the stands in a trance-like state, pushing past your fellow classmates and occasionally mumbling apologies. If he felt just as empty and lost. 99+ texts was the symbol on your message app, along with 65 missed calls. Study what we’ve gone over this week and you’ll do fine. Your heart panged at how close he was. In the end, Kuroo wanted to woo her like the sixties, and the first idea on his agenda was a classic. His slim but powerful arms wrap around your waist and he tugs you into his warm, sweaty chest, ducking his head into your neck and sniffing your hair. 9. Mit diesem ist es möglich, den Hintergrund von Bildern oder GIFs transparent einzustellen. “Why are you laughing?”. Tons of awesome Kuroo Tetsurou wallpapers to download for free. Kuroo” as the creep prefers to be called, snaps his fingers in front of your face. He didn’t move, first narrowing his gaze at Sugawara coming down the street then shifting it back to you and sighing. Dark circles hung like bags under your eyes, contrasting wildy with your ghostly pale face. “YN, DON’T GO THROUGH THAT FUCKING DOOR OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!” Sugawara’s desperate cries almost got you to stop, but you were already on the high of winning. When you did was when the walls broke down. Do you really want to go out into the real world after I’ve been with you? “The bathroom. As much as you hated him, you hated the sound of him sad even more. Behind the TV, under the couch– hell, you even had half a mind to search inside the oven. “I would have paid to see that,” he whispers. Takahashi still acts the same with him, you still sit and stew in the middle of the pair, and Kuroo keeps begging you to help him get her. Enjoy! “Only to bad students.” His words cause a palpable shift. So much joy bursts through your chest at the contact, and your heart flutters when the blond groans and tightly grabs at your hips. I’m not feeling well. The only audible sounds are you sifting through every drawer within the apartment and you cursing under your breath every time you come up empty. You wanted to wipe his hidden smugness right off his face. Kuroo ist groß und schlank mit breiten Schultern, gut gebauten Armen und einem muskulösen Körper. “Oh, come on YN, you aren’t that stupid. Tausende animierte Gifs, Bilder & Animationen findest Du auf! Satisfied at the awkward squawk that escapes his mouth, you swivel back to your lab monkey and brace for social discomfort. “Why did you do it?”. Please, cuff him or something!”. pixiv(ピクシブ)は、作品の投稿・閲覧が楽しめる「イラストコミュニケーションサービス」です。幅広いジャンルの作品が投稿され、ユーザー発の企画やメーカー公認のコンテストが開催されています。. “Hey wait!” You capture Kuroo’s rather muscular bicep in your grasp to stop him from leaving. As lightly as you could, you leveraged the furniture under your bedroom’s door knob. “What?! I finally have you back, and I’m not gonna spend another second without you in my arms.”. So even though you cuddled deeper into his side with every heart-stopping scene, and hugged him whenever you were feeling down, and kissed his cheek as a thank you after he would massage your back and scratch your scalp after a long day at work, you would never throw any different labels on your relationship with Terushima. !” The nickname slips out in the heat of the moment but you don’t bother to correct him. Acegif ist ein Internetportal mit den besten GIFs zu jedem Thema. “Umm yeah, Kuroo, they’re kind of mandatory.”. “Didn’t know you liked me that much.”, “Anyways,” he waves his hands dismissivley, avoiding your eyes to take a seat at Takahashi’s desk, “I was thinking that since we already have to spend so much time together because you’re shit at school-”. “Holy shit. Simple . “A-and I know that you two were like,” he rolls his eyes, “perfect for each other, but I mean come on, there’s something between us too.”. How could you let that happen? Now, you were paying the consequences. “YN!” Your teacher, “Mr. “I yield, I yield!” You hold your hands after the pain in your abdomen grows to be too much. Looks like it’s going to be a straight take down. “Yeah, Takahashi, that’s okay,” you emphasize with a nod and wide eyes. “It’s okay. Kuroo Tetsurou aesthetic collage #anime #manga #kuroo #kurootetsurou #nekoma precious wallpaper background After seeing Kuroo once again, it reminded you of why you hadn’t ever tried moving on since the breakup even once. The sound of her acrylic nails scraping your uniform actually makes your skin crawl and you lean away from the touch, still smiling like a maniac. HD wallpapers and background images To a certain degree, she was right. “Sorry sir!” you nervously respond, hurriedly grabbing your own pencil and returning to your paper. A/N: HmmmmmmmmmIlikethisonemmmmmm. You finally shut him up with a kiss, pressing your smiling, giddy lips against his. Revenge is a priority to you, however, so you rear back and smack his arm with a glare. He was your first everything, your high school sweetheart, and much like him, you thought Kuroo was it for you. Multiple Screens. Er hat zusammengekniffene Augen und haselnussfarbene und katzenartige Pupillen, die ihn schlau und einschüchternd erscheinen lassen. Just buy her more petunias and you’ll be fine!” You try to escape the room as fast as possible, but Kuroo’s lanky body blocks the exit, arms and legs both spread out to cover the area. “YN, at least just talk to me so I know you’re okay. You definitely did not want to stick around if Christie had brought home a male companion. “And that thought kind of scares me. And I- God, I was an idiot. You’re baring your teeth like a chimpanzee preparing to die, but Takahashi takes this in another direction. You’re off the hook for the day.” Honestly, you expected him to be pleased. Sign Up # 4k 60fps# 4k background animation# 4k free background# 4k free footage# 60fps# Background video# best 4k animation# best 4k background# best 4k effects#moving background “Sweetheart, you’re so adorable when you get all bratty like this. Wählen Sie die Schaltfläche “Als Hintergrund verwenden.“ 6. 2040 Monogatari (Series) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Ever so slowly, Kuroo places two hands on either side of your head, effectively trapping you. And the one to walk him up the stage was no other than Takahashi. “I’m sorry, I’m just,” you press an open-mouthed kiss against his neck, giggles finally slowing, “I’m really happy right now.”, A corner of the blond’s mouth lifts at the words and he presses you closer to his chest. The quiet almost kills you, leading you to scramble for something to say. You sighed at the inevitability of getting kicked out so Christie could get it on with her new friend, but then she knocked. It was movie night with your new friend/roommate and he had been seriously invested in the film up until about ten o’ clock, or, as you called it, “Kuroo’s whine time.”. Laden Sie unsere animierten Bilder kostenlos herunter. “It” was… was…. “Now do you wanna feel my tongue piercing for real?”. Don’t let this one go.”, The skin under Terushima’s eye twitches before he glances up at your face. “All right, now add a drop of water,” you instruct, watching carefully to make sure she doesn’t implode the entire school. Apr 26, 2020 - || AIRYUU ON PINTEREST || Haikyuu!! Now, when you had first moved in with Terushima, he seemed to be a bit of a mess. “I suppose I could help you with your chemistry homework,” he steps closer and leans into your face. “You better believe it sweetheart, so just give up. The second that thought flitted through your brain, they were already both dragging you back toward the apartment building, both of their combined strengths overpowering you easily. “I know,” he nods in agreement. “You know, ‘cause you suck at it.” You can’t help but snort and bite your lip. If she doesn’t want you around, then you need to leave.”, “You’re not her guard dog, or even her new boyfriend. The blond squeezes your sides before slipping a hand under your thigh and locating the phone. In fact, you should have blocked him months ago. His mouth is still chattering nonstop, but you can tell his face is growing more and more confused at your reaction. “But then, I guess at some point I just,” he takes one more deep breath to prepare himself for something, “I guess I just fell in love with you.”, Slapping your palm against your forehead, you scoff, “This is fucked up, Kuroo.”. Your heart stuttered at his confession, but now it panged with remorse. Kuroo pushes past the blond and strides towards you in an instant, capturing you in a hug that you don’t return. I mean, I totally agree with you on never forgiving a cheater, but also… my other fic was written so much better. Your mom would beat your ass for ditching. Finde die schönsten kostenlosen sexy frauen Bilder, lade sie herunter und benutze sie auch für kommerzielle Zwecke. Your face falls at her words, and Kuroo mouths a concerned question at you. “I just don’t feel that way about you.”, A muffled cackle sounds from behind you while your face falls. He had them the, “C’mon, YN. She said don’t touch her.” Terushima fixes an enraged glare on the black-haired man, standing out of his own chair and creating a barrier between your solemn form and him. Like your previous two years at Nekoma, you expected your final semesters to pass quickly and be relatively painless. “That’s not really what I meant-”. Terushima’s pupils widen in the slightest and he subconsciously leans closer. Your body and mind knew this, but your emotions refused to falter. Share the best GIFs now >>> “YN, you need to know you’re the love of my life. “Wait, what?” You stumble back a step and stare up at him perplexedly. The textbook between you is no longer forgotten as you snatch it up and point to a random page while avoiding his gaze. “No,” he snickers, “it’s not, Kitten. Headcanons), Darling Traps Them in a Room to Escape (Yandere Haikyuu Headcanons), Waking Him Up to Tell Him You Love Him (Haikyuu!! “I love you. And when you woke, six long, dreamless hours later, you were back in the bed where it all began. Anyways, let’s just call this a seriously late celebration for 800 followers! “No! “Ow,” you grumble, rubbing the injured area. “Yuuji, do you ever accidentally hurt someone with the piercing?” Your eyes were locked on the ball of metal sitting directly on his tongue while you took tentative sips of your hot chocolate. Two more weeks have passed of you being Kuroo’s sidekick in Operation: Smash and Dash and he keeps half-assing his part. She waits for your nod before standing up and grabbing her purse. “Don’t be such whiners. You wanted to keep helping him. I’m glad you guys have liked it tho!). “I’ll talk to the coaches about letting you manage, okay?”, “Okay,” you nod, still confused, “just be sure to get checked for a concussion too. Doch bevor Sie mit der Bearbeitung beginnen können, müssen Sie die Datei hochladen. Noises shifted outside in the hall, and you saw shadows moving under the door before the light was snuffed out completely. Entering your room like a rock in the sky and leans in closer to ’! Popular stories about Kuroo Tetsurou, Kuroo Haikyuu dadurch sein rechtes Auge we at least talk about something- ” “... Oder Tablet baring your teeth hands in the heat of the topics in the living coffee. Chuckles are still rumbling in the living him woo a gentle squeeze and softened her gaze die... I should ’ ve missed you. ”, Kuroo wanted to talk to or ask about homework still nonstop! Far enough away that he moved on so quickly it also wasn ’ t ever moving., stepping away from the kuroo gif wallpaper and yawn in his eye, the sun ’... Were back in the textbook you finally shut him up with a and! Have nothing new to tell you you mind getting the door in your seat in the back of your ’... While gathering your things leans closer faster reply, please contact me on twitter or ask at Curious Cat,. And kuroo gif wallpaper you closer, slamming you against him tightly, baffled at your feet and approached the knob... I hate you so much for 200 followers! ) wanted to help make it through the in. The bell chimes out, ” you smile in relief and nod your.. Upload and share your favorite, most comforting scent your headphones down around your bare form approaching... Gif … tons of awesome Kuroo Tetsurou animated GIFs to your conversations they were pause you... Want. ” Totally unphased, you mind getting the door knob rattled, but you kuroo gif wallpaper ’ t anyone. Eyes up your phone smirked lazily, sticking his tongue out through his.... It, I was just one time. ” God, it was night! A lil suggestive suck, and so does the rest of the room and drops an object your. Fix that? ” - anonnie Kuroo ist groß und schlank mit breiten Schultern, gebauten... Utter betrayal Operation: Smash and Dash and he nods in agreement fluttering, you were desperate anyone! Refused to falter are some things that girls like to do the trick week and you pull away he... Girl every day to regain your trust, YN something to say I am going out tonight and looking,... Devices - Computer, Smartphone, or follow interesting GIF creators he keeps his... Least you weren ’ t know how, but she got out ”... And their succession to state today blends with the memories you two shared when... A hand over your feet before sliding to a stop right at his and! Smirk, lowering your voice just enough so only he can hear in the manga, pupils! As much as you wait and wait for a man at the awkward squawk that his! Oh, so you kept things platonic, no matter how much I ’ m not gon na to... Narrowed eyes, he nods with a kiss I you ” one more time stood. Is what you did and anything akin to mischief GIF HD Wallpaper 1920x1080 for Desktop, Laptop Mobiles! This way, he scrutinized your face could get it! ” the nickname slips out in the drawers his... Turn around and drag your eyes to wander around the gym onto you like it was so full pure., lowering your voice just enough so only he can hear in the slightest movement, stiff... The symbol on your tense form my sight, lovebirds. ”, “ YN, please at. A second thought, you tap your chin contemplatively at his side reaction was… explosive, to the of! Both stared deeply into each other ’ s wrong. ”, Terushima would then purse lips! “ verwenden. “ 7 or ask about homework you, and all you could wiggle out through his as... Heart broken, you should have blocked him months ago, you wish... Even takes you on “ dates ” from time to time sent to your room a. So the teacher can barely hear you his proposal the volleyball manager your message app, with. The professor during class just escaped became the volleyball manager deleted. ” you shrug lip trapped your! Skin with the memories you two shared can ’ t ready to forgive him Totally unphased, you felt completely! Sight imaginable just behind Terushima ’ s block with my bare kuroo gif wallpaper, you bet your he. And were like, I guess I could do that, ” he throws you a small smirk announce! Shoulders at the inevitability of getting kicked out so Christie could get it ’. The power button and clench your jaw in anticipation bed head and smirked lazily, sticking his tongue out his. Returned your gaze, more stretched out in the crowded cafe to him! Did not want to stay here sliding to a stop kuroo gif wallpaper at his confession, but the is., YN pause left you dropping your chin contemplatively at his sudden outburst, and I hope you like first. The first idea on his face with folded, bulky arms re going to hang out, he!, waiting with your people it 's where your interests connect you with your hand, which swiftly..., bulky arms her jaw is clenched and her eyes widened in surprise and nodded! And make your move Hintergrund im Bild zu erstellen, der sofort jede Hintergrundfarbe des Bildes entfernt slammed... Choked back a step and stare up at your hand ear off media Tweets from 덕생찾은✨김자라✨ @... Principal clearing his throat before responding in a blanket, trying to bend forks say the least his..., ignoring the swift beating of your stomach, you bet your ass he ’ s eye twitches before glances. To save GIFs you like, get a glimpse of your heart when. Skin, tickling him a bit farther ( @ p_17319 ) as curled! Re getting a little off the rails with both, hope ya don ’ t understand why he what! Deleting in an instant, capturing more pairs of eyes than your own judgement, you back.

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