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ntu business interview reddit

But thank God I wasn’t the only latecomer. Students, Professors, Procrastinating PhDs, RAs, Camp Sec, Cleaning Auntie, etc, welcome here! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. card classic compact. Hi there! I will be going for an interview tmr (to transfer to history) and I would like to know what are some questions they ask / things I need to take note of, so I can better prepare for it! report. Interview of NTU entrepreneur at Zao An Ni Hao on 5th Auguest 2011. We recognise the value that adult learners bring to the classroom with their work and life experiences that will enrich the diversity of our undergraduates. My UE overloading and AU overloading request were both rejected, so I thought I will not be added to the UE class. For research impact (citations per faculty member) NTU is the clear leader, ranked 57 th in the world whereas NUS is 128 th. NTU offers many programmes to suit your individual requirements. I do want to eventually specialise in marketing at the end of year 1. You’ve submitted your UCAS application. If you are disabled or require additional support at your interview, please contact the administration team at or call us on 0115 848 5299 to discuss further. First interview (a short writing test -non skill related too) scheduled 3 weeks after sending resume, second interview 5 weeks after first interview. NTU History Interview. Applicants who have yet to take the GMAT/EA and TOEFL/IELTS may still proceed to submit their application and indicate the test dates in the online application form. you just have to know why you want NTU, why your course, what are your experiences that u think will help? Open Day. Since 2016, the MMI approach has been adopted as the format to ensure fairness among applicants.In addition to the MMI, applicants will be individually interviewed by the Programme Director / REP faculty and participate in a group teambuilding exercise. 129. The Adult Learners Scheme (ALS) is an alternative pathway for working adults to apply for admission into NTU full-time undergraduate programme. I thought NTU biz doesn’t need interview. Will they actually ask you to drop a UE after the add/drop is over? Subreddit for the NTU Singapore Community. Nanyang Technological University Singapore r/ NTU. NTU student hacked Kopitiam cards for free food, drinks and cigarettes Tee Chin Yue hacked four Kopitiam cards more than 130 times, and used the ill … report. Any help is appreciated! This thread is archived. Please arrange to have your official test scores sent to Nanyang Business School. Hi! Surprisingly, it was still allocated to me yesterday - saw the course on my Degree Audit change from "waitlist" to "registered". Posts NTU Home Page NTU Admission NTU Students' Union NTU Alumni Club NTU Linkedin. However, there are some queries that i have with regards to this programme! Got lost in NTU on the interview day and was late by about 5 minutes even though I left the house earlier than planned! hide. I went for a NTU scholarship interview with a friend. It was really hard to answer but I said my friend because I knew she needed it more than me (but I forgot how I justified it to the NTU interviewers. Close. search. Double Degree in Accountancy & Business. Anyone have similar situation before? The NTU student seemed unhappy with SPH’s assertion that the story had not been fabricated but that it was allowable for the reporter to have written it because of publicly available facts. Alumni, Professors and Admin folks are welcome too! arrow_drop_down. Your interview at NTU. If so, what kind of maths? Regarded widely as one of the best in Asia, our business degree programme is widely known for its professional orientation and innovative curriculum. r/NTU 2k subscribers The official subreddit for NTU. Congratulations – you’ve taken a first important step on your journey to university. Title: Undergraduate Programme and Prerequisite Listing for Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level Author: Tee Lip Hwe Subject: Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level Rising. 100% Upvoted. The Double Degree in Accountancy and Business programme is designed to leverage on this synergy and provide you with a balanced combination of business management savvy and accounting know-how. I am a bit confused here. And I saw TWINS. Info . Posted by 1 month ago. Ntu open house is the event that is opened up to all A-levels graduates, for them to come and take a look and understand more about the different University courses. card. no comments yet. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. hi, i'm from NTU chem eng now, so i'm not sure if it will help you, but maybe to give u an idea of what questions they ask, you can refer to this link where i consolidated all the qns i was asked for my own nanyang scholarship back then. Hot New Top. Double Degree In Business (With Specialisation In Business Analytics) & Computer Engineering/Computer Science; Fundamentals of Additional Mathematics; Course Exemptions; Global Programmes; Career Attachment Office; Minor in Business; Minor in Risk Management and Insurance; Minor in Finance (for SPMS students only) Second Major in Business (for Engineering students only) … but generally, NTU interviews shouldn't be too intense. best. You or your friend?" Uni. Find more subreddits like r/NTU -- The official subreddit for NTU. [UNI] How is the NTU Business interview like? (unofficial) [Uni] SUSS FT INTERVIEW (BUSINESS ANALYTICS) 2021 Hi guys, I'm currently in my final year of poly and I have applied for the Full-Time Programme in Singapore University of Social Sciences for the program Business Analytics with Minor. I recently attended an undergraduate scholarship interview with NTU in Kuala Lumpur in March. search. (e.g. 10 comments. However, NTU is stronger than NUS for all the remaining indicators. 13. I dont think they know what they are recruiting for. About NTU ; Events ; BA (Hons) International Business Interview Day (24 Nov) 12.30 - 3 pm. For NBS we need to submit both forms in this case, and the school will send in approval. 129. pinned by moderators. Applicants will be shortlisted to go through interviews in the format of Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI). The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. (I’m an international student from Malaysia). I will be applying for universities soon and i was wondering if NTU Business would be of my aptitude. Depending on the course you’ve applied for, we might invite you to come for an interview before we decide whether to offer you a place. NUS beats NTU for its reputations among academics and employers, earning 11 th place for both, while NTU is ranked 50 th and 38 th in the world respectively. share. Posted by. Nanyang Technological University 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798 Tel: (65) 67911744 Alright, let’s get into the topic. The synergy between accountancy and business is widely appreciated in an increasingly complex business environment. Applied under the Student affair office. Like cool sia how often do you see twins going for interview on the same day for the same course of study? Three of five Singapore's public-funded universities - Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU) - yesterday released the results of their most recent Graduate Employment Survey (GES). 2 3. Let's make this a civil and vibrant place for open discussion. Zooming in on the Foreign Direct Investment Landscape in Asian Emerging Markets Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, an integral component of Asia’s strong economic performance over the last few decades, also facilitated the spread of regional production networks. 19 … basically im a noob when it comes to directions, what’s an easy route to take? Hi may I ask what is your rp? University . A comprehensive and well … This event will have several exceptional speakers exploring how Dr Martin Luther King himself was influenced by different faith religions and philosophies in the cause for love, peace and equality. Explore the entire course list here, organised by area of interest as well as by type of programme. This event is for applicants who have been invited to attend an interview for the BA (Hons) International Business with German, French or Spanish at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University for 2018 entry. But during year 2, I had cca commitments and then in year 3, the interview timings didn’t match my schedule. I have been wanting to join that since year 2. Our Bachelor of Business programme is a rigorous and broad-based three-year direct honours programme that will help you gain a global perspective and critical and analytical skills. If I compare smu students to ntu students, the difference is day and night. share. Did u apply under ABA or normal admission?

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