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pleasantdale chateau reviews

Starting with the rehearsal, we had numerous bridesmaids and groomsmen ask us, "Is Santiago a comedian on the side?" Also, each table is assigned its own waiter, so even your guests are treated like royalty. free. After the ceremony, it was onto the most elaborate cocktail hour with endless gourmet foods that wrapped from inside the great room all through the hallways of the castle and onto the outside patio. They were able to stop my crying four-year-old nephew ring bearer with a cupcake seconds before he walked down the aisle and fix my broken bustle on the dance floor without me hardly noticing that they were there. Santiago happens to be my husbands friend from several years ago and now he is my new friend! It was set up after the reception with every dessert, champagne and lots of water. The whole event ran like a well-oiled machine. My wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau was truly an unforgettable fairytale. Furthermore, the staff of the Chateau will go out of their way to make you and your significant other feel like royalty on your special day. I truly couldn't say enough about the best day of our lives. The greenhouse is filled with seasonal flowers and plants making for the most perfect phot-op. The Pleasantdale staff makes you feel like family. May 15, 2012 - Explore JRC Xtaldi's board "Pleasantdale Chateau", followed by 121 people on Pinterest. What ever my husband and I needed or the bride and groom was delivered with such speed and smiles. 7. They got my shoes when I couldn’t walk anymore. Guests were immersed in everything from Sacchettoni in cream sauce to the Italian Mozzarella Bar! Unfortunately, it was too hot(and risks of storms) to hold the ceremony outside like initially planned, but our guests didn't even realize that the ceremony was in the same room as the reception. Saturday went off so smoothly. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My husband and I had our own private cocktail party before we joined the actual cocktail hour, which was nice as I can say I personally tried everything served at my wedding. The service is truly unmatched. I couldn't have have asked for more. I can go on and on about the picturesque grounds for days! I wasn't even part of the bridal party but they gave me a room so I can change my baby and myself. I could not have asked for a better person to handle all of the logistics. There’s a saying that you’re only good as your last event; that’s precisely what the staff of the Pleasantdale live by. I refused to give up, and Fred refused to give up on me also. Yet, the man who led our tour was rude, demeaning, and clearly had no interest in answering our questions. As you walk along the property, you will find surprises at every turn- beautiful bridges, a romantic gazebo, ponds, and gorgeous flowers make up this scenic chateau. They’ve built their reputation of giving the perfect wedding day experience for you and your guests, and without a doubt, they gave that to us. The day of the wedding we were running late due to a long church ceremony and summer traffic, to say I was stressed out was an understatement. Everything was perfect. ding day” doesn’t exist. The inside of this chateau is absolutely magnificent. Our wedding guests loved the venue and raved about the amazing food. Our guests keep raving about the food! responsive and helpful. This sprawling historic 40-acre estate also in West Orange (tucked away just a mile down the road from The Manor), supplies thousands of pounds of produce each year which is put to good use in the kitchen of our restaurant. You literally don’t even have a chance to think of a request before it magically comes to life. The Pleasantdale Chateau was actually the last venue that we went to look at. It is magical and a fairy tale for sure!!! To have that amazing place for a night is worth every penny. I looked at. My husband and I will always remember how amazing our wedding was. THANK YOU LAURA!!! I took a picture of this fiasco and sent it to Andrew Kronengold (Director of Sales and Catering)...and within 10 min...he was there to the rescue. Not only was the location amazing, but the food was, as my husband says "dope." Because that’s all it took for us. Before even setting foot inside the door, you know you are at a very special place. Since my date was the last one available for 2014, I had to book without seeing it first. In addition to the Pleasantdale staff, the preferred vendors we worked with were just as wonderful! On our wedding day, he was there to meet us on our arrival and took care of everything until the night was over. Our room at Le Petit Chateaux was lackluster as we didn't have air conditioning. We wish we could relive our wedding every weekend! Pleasantdale Chateau is proud to receive Wedding Spot’s “Best of 2020” award for our incredible wedding celebrations on our one-of-a-kind private estate. Made things so fun and even helped with my hair before I walked out to be announced (Thank you! All of this to say, other venues do not hold a candle to PC. The execution of the event was FLAWLESS. We had about 330 guests, and they managed to keep the lines all short for the cocktail hour, and not run out of anything! My close family members and friends spent the night with us at the beautiful Chateau and had a delicious breakfast there the next morning. Given it was a weekend FULL of activity and events, we couldn't believe how magical they made this for us and how they didn't miss a thing! His ideas are novel, fun, and memorable. Santiago is seriously so fun and funny and makes the entire process of picking a menu and going over the details of the day very enjoyable. Aside from the high quality service, the venue itself is straight out of a fairy-tale. He was there to assist with vendor deliveries at random times of the day/night, dress issues during the photo shoot, and last minute changes to the entrances of our bridal party. I love everyone from the Pleasantdale and am happy and honored to now be a part of the pleasantdale family. They truly made me feel like a princess! f you want a magical wedding day with everything taken care of, in the most fantastical setting...this is it!! ded (And probably will ever attend). She helped me with EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. -Juan & Trang Rios. Manicured gardens and antique gazebos set the stage for a garden wedding, while the stunning Normal-style chateau invites a spectacular celebration. The Pleasantdale is a timeless venue that marries being in a castle and your own cosy mansion. It is expensive but, on the plus side, its worth the money! It is not your typical wedding food. The night of our wedding, our suite had a bottle of champagne, pieces of our wedding cake, and a tray of all the desserts waiting for us. Throughout the planning process, Fred, Dawn and the rest of the staff were amazing to us. Everyone was quick to respond to questions and emails. I WISH every venue and company were this easy and amazing to work with-they are a DREAM on all accounts. Our cocktail hour alone could have fed everyone for the night. I truly felt I wasn’t in New Jersey in 2017, felt like a kid that h... No words describe how amazing Pleasantdale Chateau is. The Pleasantdale Chateau truly gave us our fairytale wedding! We had past Viennese and there were more sweets being passed around than a regular Viennese table! All of our guests had nothing but positive feedback our wedding, from the food during cocktail hour (the best), the ambiance of the main ballroom, and the hip vibe of the after party. Cities near Pleasantdale Chateau. They even made sure to get us fresh figs like we requested :) It only got better from there. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!!!! Santi is a miracle worker to say the very least. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Fred, Santiago, Dawn and the rest of the wonderful staff at this magical venue. Even the overnight rooms with their French cottage charm ended the night with warmth, engraving this unforgettable night in their hearts. Working with Fred, Dawn and Santiago throughout our months of planning could not have gone smoother. The food was phenomenal and the service was impeccable. The bridal attendants, Jessica and Jennifer, bent over backwards for us. The cocktail hour is often a blur for newlyweds, but we were able to enjoy every moment of ours because we were treated to a private mini-feast of all of our appetizers in my bridal suite before heading down to greet our guests. I knew this was it! 8. I am a big foodie and when I was told that food tasting is not offered at PDC, I was about to drive to the next venue. Whether it was fixing the mother of the groom’s dress moments before the ceremony started or getting shots of Patron for us before we were announced at reception, she got it done. And the fact that the Chateau is yours and yours alone for 24 hours is just incredible, it makes the wedding experience so intimate and personal from the minute you walk in until the minute you say goodbye ( which by the way, you will not want to) it is truly a fairytale come true for everyone who is lucky enough to be there. The hospitality here cannot be matched. The experience Fred, Santiago, & the staff burned into our memory will last forever & there is no cost that could match that. When we started our wedding venue search, the Pleasantdale Chateau was our first stop and it should have been our last. For people to tell us that, we knew this place was one in a million, maybe even one in a billion! Fred Fogg gave us a complete tour answering all of our questions and never once making us feel rushed. But my spider senses kicked in...and I listened to the other reviews. Pleasantdale Chateau. It's the most beautiful venue anyone will ever lay eyes on! The service we received was out of this world. I don’t know that I have ever met someone who is as passionate about their work as Santiago – he put his heart and soul into making our day absolute perfection, and it truly was. The ballroom doesn't look like every other ballroom with harsh uplighting but more romantic with a candlelit feel. We got our fairytale after all. Dates book up quickly so if you're considering having a Pleasantdale wedding, act fast. The grounds are exquisite and when I walked into the ballroom, I was so overwhelmed with emotion.. Many other venues felt impersonal, run of the mill, and cookie cutter, but here, they cater and personalize the wedding JUST FOR YOU! Getting married here, we expected the best, but everything exceeded our expectations -by a million. Pleasantdale Chateau is one of the busiest venues in New Jersey and, without a doubt, does not need our money to survive. Guests were immersed in everything from Sacchettoni in cream sauce to the Italian Fresh Mozzarella Bar that everyone raved about! The food is unmatched to any venue you will ever go to. Even the tile is exquisite! I feel like the luckiest bride in the world to have her! 4. When you have an event you have access to the property for a full 24 hours, there is only one event a day, which truly creates such a personalized experience. When my husband looked at me and said I need to get married here was when I knew we would not be happy anywhere else. THE FOOD IS INCREDIBLE...we knew it would be from hearing it from people who've been here in the past. We knew it was our place. Every detail was anticipated, and the staff has obviously done this many times. I loved every bit of my wedding day and cannot envision spending all of my beautiful memories anywhere else. You don't realize all the behind the scenes that goes into executing a massive wedding, but Santiago tackles it all, and doesn't let you down. All I asked was if my brother’s picture frame can be placed near me at all times. I hope I have a friend who gets married there and if not, we plan on going back for the Deja Vu event! Pleasantdale was the first venue we visited and while we knew this was THE ONE, we wanted to keep searching. Our families are very old school Italian, so we had very specific food requests and high expectations on taste and presentation, and the Pleasantdale “italianized” our wedding to meet our high Italian food standards. Thank you so much!!! They thought of everything and all my husband and I needed to do was relax and enjoy. To start, Andrew K. was superb! Mission accomplished! Jennifer, my husbands attendant, was just as amazing. I would recommend taking a lot of pictures in the property. All in all, I understand that the snow storm was a freak of nature and was not something people can expect on a normal basis. It comes with an ice sculpture you get to choose, and best selections you could imagine. Cocktail hour was the most amazing thing I have seen, and my guests are truly still raving aboit it. On our first visit we met Laura Madden who is the Senior Catering Sales Manager. I am beyond privileged to have had the opportunity to spend the most magical day of my life there. Of course, best wedding food!! After seeing several venues, we thought it would be impossible to find 1) beautiful venue 2) great food 3) kind and attentive staff, until we met Fred and team at Pleasantdale Chateau. It was a dream come true! I felt like a princess in a castle. They made sure my brother and sister-in-law had no worries at all. If you're considering this as a place to get married, STOP LOOKING! The rest of the staff such as Dawn and the bridal attendants were awesome from the start. Being a wedding planner myself, she knew exactly the right things to say. Then I heard amazing things about the food. Once I stepped foot in the Chateau the morning of my wedding, I was greeted by my bridal attendant Camilla. I couldn't be happier that I found my way up that long driveway last year... having our wedding reception at Pleasantdale Chateau was a magical experience we will never forget. Part of me wonders if the man just thought I wasn’t serious about booking my wedding here/didn’t think I could afford it. Unfortunately, I was very serious and will take my money elsewhere. All the food after the cocktail hour was a disappointment. doors. Visitors to the area can find golf courses near Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange at TheGolfNexus. I sat at the sweetheart table and there he was! It's an opportunity for the "Pleasantdale Family" to relive their Pleasantdale wedding. I am not exaggerating when I say that people are still talking about it 2 years later. If Pleasantdale is on your list of potential venues I would say look no further! The grounds are stunning, the food was amazing, the staff was great. Staff were helpful, things were setup on time, correctly & perfectly, and the food was... My daughter got married at Pleasantdale Chateau in December 2019. I can only drink certain wine and champagne and Santiago made sure I always had my special bottle! She was the person who was there every step of the way during the time we planned the wedding. He knows the business better than anybody! de sure my husband and I had everything that we needed/wanted! After the ceremony, Laura and I walked back up the aisle and saw Santiago dancing at the top of the steps, so of course we danced right back. Went with my daughter, who is the bride, for our tour today with Fred. It was absolute perfection! Our jaws dropped and I honestly started laughing at how amazing this was (went a looong way with family and wedding party). I wanted a charming garden wedding and closest to picking something I wanted was The Boat House in the Central Park. When you work with these guys, you know you are in good hand. The reception and dinner, which was held in their magnificent ballroom, was well run and flowed perfectly. Andrew is very very professional. They made our day magical and memorable. Potato and Camembert Cheese Croquettes at reception They were able to find the European authenticity of a real chateau along with the culinary … As a same-sex couple together for 19 years & wanting to experience the wedding of our dreams, the staff at Pleasantdale treated us with love, making us feel very special & at home! weddings at Pleasantdale that they have the best weddings and I was in no way disappointed on the day of my wedding. I couldn't believe it! As we walked up the aisle when our ceremony concluded, Camilla and Vira were waiting at the end of the aisle with champagne for us. There was SO MUCH FOOD! Hallways smelled like weed and music was blasting from rooms. She also worked with me on my budget so I can get all the food & drinks I wanted and make the whole process seamless. Write a Review. I could go on forever, but all it takes is for you to visit this place to realize how magical and perfect it truly is. We also opted for the After-Party, which again, did not disappoint. Pleasantdale Chateau is a wedding venue where dreams are made. I was always told before my wedding from those that have gone to... My wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau was just 3 weeks ago and I am still on a high from the day.It is obvious that the Chateau is gorgeous! The only problem is that there is so much AMAZING food that it is impossible to eat it all. I have never tasted that kind of food at wedding and I have been to a lot. Cocktail hour was scattered through a main room and a hallway and an outside are. We will never forget this experience! Santiago was an incredible maestro on our wedding day- making sure everything went off without a hitch! Every room has a different feel and style to it, and combined, the chateau is just exquisite. From the first day we visited the venue and saw the magnificent mansion and gorgeous grounds, we knew that was where we wanted to have our wedding. Every corner in this place is a phot op actually! Everything we could have ever needed, wanted, and then some, was taken care of by the Pleasantdale staff – often without us even having to think about it. I truly felt like this was the best day of my life and and I owe it all to the Pleasantdale Chateau staff. Venues Pleasantdale Chateau 757 Eagle Rock Ave West Orange, NJ 07052 Phone: 973.731.5600 www.pleasantdale.com We are still hearing from out guests how outstanding the food was!

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