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radio stations that will play your music

© 2021 Omari MC, LLC. Choose from hundreds of stations of free radio with unlimited skips. Get royalties for your music, get heard by 100's of listeners monthly. Listen to thousands of live radio stations or create your own artist stations and playlists. To do this, use aggregator sites like Filtermusic and Streamfinder, or platforms like Live365, SHOUTcast, or Radionomy to search for artists that sound like you. However, I've searched the depths of the internet to find some quality opportunities for artists to get radio play. Before you start submitting music, you need to make sure that your artist project has a good foundation in place with two key steps: getting your music critiqued and creating a press kit. If you're an artist out there who makes quality music and wants to add radio promotion into your music marketing efforts, then this is for you! Play your favorite AM & FM station's live broadcast instantly on RADIO.COM. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Listen to Radio New York Live and hear the difference! Good luck with the submissions. It’s more likely you won’t know if your music was played unless you listen to each station or they keep a log on their website. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Each station will have a format, or playlist of music, that it plays in rotation. Everything from classic hits, today’s pop, alternative rock, country & more. Kiss offers REAL listeners that listen in cars, homes, and via radio. Firstly, you'll want to be registered with a PRO (Performance Rights Organization) like ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC that can collect money on your behalf whenever songs are placed on the radio. Although if you can get a friend or someone working with you on the music to … How to generate music marketing, promotion, and publicity opportunities Either change the link or remove me from this site. If you aren't touring, picking up more press and selling an increasing amount of music, then larger stations aren't going to want to play your song. I will keep in mind these tips, especially about finding a station that matches the kind of music I would like to submit. Keep that station and the connections you made there on a contact list because they are the most likely places to play you again. Bio. 140 spins per month/30 days. AccuRadio Online Radio: Free Internet Radio Music Stations. Every day, live from Manhattan, Radio New York Live streams the greatest hits of the 80s, 90s, 00s and of today… non-stop! Note that some stations might have specific format requirements, so be prepared to create these if necessary. Top 7 Radio Stations That Will Actually Play Independent Artists. I, Collect everything your recorded music can earn: Pt. Get your music into radio rotation on a royalty paying Internet radio station for one month guaranteed! Not only can BBC Introducing get your music played on your local BBC Radio stations, it can also land you on the big channels like Radio 1, Radio 1Xtra and BBC 6 Music. The "Gig Extra (Heavy Rotation)" will get you approx. Click below for more information. Your email address will not be published. Second, you’ll want to find stations that have shows that may feature your music or interview you. Your email address will not be published. For example, college stations are often streamed and, while the general rotation may not feature your music, they often have genre shows that will. Radio station's ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange royalties and performance fees are reported and paid through StreamLicensing™ LLC. Listen on your mobile phone, desktop, TV, smart speakers or in the car. Soul Traveller Radio is an all conscious music station which means we play music with a positive message (whatever genre). 4. This ends up cross-promoting the station or show, which they appreciate. The most popular radio stations are on top of the list, and you can find something special for yourself by searching by genre or country. Many are automated systems, but if a person gets back to you, be sure to use good PR techniques, like being politely persistent, to increase the likelihood of being played. This is perfect for that! Whethe… Free internet radio, just like Pandora only fewer ads and more variety. There's more power in the artists hands now than ever before! Station is syndicated on various websites including the TuneIn Radio App. *Note: Songs may have ordered promotion from other sources as well. Do not forget that radio is only one aspect of promotion though. If you want to get your music heard so you can grow your fan base, there’s an entire universe of webcasting radio stations waiting for you. I don't want you to be confused. After submitting, keep track of the responses in your spreadsheet. (For more detailed info about how royalties work, with the full 14 registrations required to get all the money you’re owed on your music, see our book, Making Money With Music.). We have received e-mails from many songwriters and unsigned artists that have asked us where can they get heard. Your mechanical royalties and direct licensing royalties can make up a good portion of your income if your song starts to pick up traction, so be sure to sign up with Tunecore in the button below and pay the one time $75 fee in the Music Publishing section. Getting your songs played on the radio isn’t easy. Ask them to analyze things like songwriting, arrangement, composition, production and mastering. The genre of music you play will help to determine the radio stations that are likely to play your song. Your local college radio station may be a good choice for music that draws a younger audience, such as rap, hip-hop, and rock. Indie Radio FM Stations are LIVE!. Collect everything your recorded music can earn: Pt. are all welcome! If you want an additional promotion, we offer packages that offer substantial airplay! However, we do our best to ensure each client gets the best results possible. "Basic Gig" will get you approx. This list is not going to places you can get 1,000,000,000 listeners for $5 (If you find that place please let me know). iHeartRadio. Required fields are marked *. This is one reason why getting your songs played on corporate radio is so difficult for indie and DIY artists. There are several resources such as Internet- Radio .com and live365You can also do Google searches for new music shows on internet radio. Online since 2007, Radio Love Live is available on any popular web platform. • Tap +Add Stations in the top-left corner, then choose to either Create an artist station or Browse genre & mood stations. Before you begin, you’ll want the following at-the-ready: MP3s and WAVs. Radio Love Live is one of the most popular radio stations in the world with over 250K active listeners every 24 hours. Before you spend on a record that will/won't go anywhere, you need to test and see if people like it before you dump real money into it. I’m grateful you have me on your music promotion list but you are linking to a different account and gig. Often, shows have a webpage where they outline their submission instructions. Cumulus, Clear Channel, and other similar national broadcasting stations are corporate radio. If no one is listening, then you are literally throwing your money away. © 2020 Omari MC, LLC. They’ll love getting sneak-peeks before your next release and often want to be part of your “insiders” who get your next track before the public hears it. "Basic Gig" will get ... NLD RADIO ATL. You can still get other high quality organic promotions with the resources provided here. All Rights Reserved. Get the latest music and trending news, from your favorite artists and bands. Furthermore, you should ensure you have a pre-established relationship with the station (i.e. You should submit music to stations who play other artists with a similar genre and following to you. These will have the smallest listenership but are a good avenue for less established acts. Simple tracking system (aka spreadsheet). Press/media kit materials. They will also feature you in … When you get played on an internet streaming site, don’t forget to share a link with your fans on social media. © 2019 Disc Makers Blog. +Radio Airplay 101 - Which Stations to Choose +Radio Promo Exec, Dale Connone, Talks Finding Radio Promotion for Indie Artists! Partner with your community radio station, share your music with your community, and help this valuable resource thrive! He discovered that trying to run Instagram ads yourself vs. having us add our years of experience and expertise to them made a huge difference! • Add/remove artists (for artist stations). NPR delivers breaking national and world news. Add any that fit your music in your spreadsheet under a column titled “Rotation.” One way to do this is to find artists similar to you and find out which stations may be playing them. Some stations may want additional information about you, which you likely have at-the-ready in your press/media kits. In 2019, automation and algorithms are (some what soullessly) re-shaping how we consume music so it’s refreshing that radio still has a key role. Online since 2006, Radio New York Live is available on any popular web platform. being active on their social media). PH: 803-649-6405 FX: 803-641-8844. JAZZ N JUICE*7AM SMOOTH JAZZ & SOUL*9AM REGGAE*11AM MIDDAY MIX, MORNING N AFTERNOON DRIVE*12PM FUNK & SOUL*1PM 80's & 90's R&B*2PM MI CASA (DEEP HOUSE), REGULAR ROTATION*3PM NEW HIP-HOP & R&B RELEASES*7PM OL' SKOOL HIP-HOP, THE GRIND SHOW (EXPLICT)*9PM ALL D.C. GO-GO*9:30PM INDIE/SHOUTOUT SHOW*10:30PM ALL RAW HIP-HOP*12 MIDNIGHT GUEST DJ*1AM ALL RAW R&B. Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Smooth, R&B, EDM, Funk, etc. Omari has the best organic promotion services money can buy. Get your tracks professionally critiqued (by another musician, DJ, music curator or radio professional) for feedback. How to get your music on streaming music stations. Discover the best music, sports and news talk radio stations. With this station you will need to write out an E-zine article, which can include photos and a video about you (or your band). Small, medium, and large only denote the amount of promotion that was ordered from our service. If you are submitting to Internet radio shows where they interview and feature artists, your kit is a must. Corporate radio mostly plays music (with a few exceptions) from artists who are on major labels. Sometimes this takes awhile, so please allow two or three weeks before calling. Target the stations, specialist shows and DJs who play the music you make. Radio New York Live is one of the most popular radio stations in the world with over 250K active listeners every 24 hours. Subscribe to podcasts and RSS feeds. It’s social proof people like and play your music. Although the cost to submit is free, there are optional pay-to-play options. Music Submission . I They let you submit as many tracks as you want with the one time fee for licensing opportunities with TV, Film, and more. *, [Christian] Loudbrook - Light Cancels Darkness, Contemporary Christian Music (33K Followers), Top Hits From New Artists (20K Followers), Gaming Playlist & Workout Radio (23K Followers), Top Hits From New Artists (20K Followers), [Pop] John Turri - Supermarket Flowers (Cover), [Folk] Resurrection Fern - Torn Upside Down, [Indie Rock] Shadow Puppet Theatre - John Doe. . Learn how your comment data is processed. Also, use it as a trigger to reach out to new stations you haven’t sent your music to along with a link to proof of coverage. Join the No-Nonsense Music Marketing Newsletter to get our advertising blueprint that helped us grow our music business to over 7 figures a year! Finally, when you get played, be sure to publicize it and use your success as a reason to reach out to those stations and shows that haven’t responded or played you yet. The question is how do you know if anyone is listening? The key to getting your CD played and in rotation is for you or your representative to build a personal relationship with the music director of the radio station or host of the show you're targeting. The best way to get radio stations to play your music is to submit to suitable radio stations. Spend your money wisely and you could be doing some big things in music. Be sure to follow their instructions, since not providing something or bypassing their process could get you ignored. The box on the right-hand side shows the currently broadcast tracks. Each play you get builds momentum and can be leveraged to convince others to give your music a spin. If you have ever contacted major stations for promotion, then you will know that the cost can be VERY expensive. If the request is not properly answered, try to add "on TuneIn" or “on iHeartRadio” to the query. BBC Introducing also has stages at major festivals including Glastonbury, SXSW, Reading & Leeds, The Great Escape and Latitude – so you could end up with some pretty big gigs. +Radio Promo Tips **If you're specifically looking for the contact and submission info for hundreds of college radio stations, check out's College & University Show Booking Directory. You’ll need to keep track of who, where, and when you sent your music and any supporting material (press/media materials such as a fact sheet or your bio). Each station you discover might have 24 hours of programming and have specialty shows which might play your music even if its main rotation doesn’t fit your style of music. All Rights Reserved. Discover hundreds of music stations around the country and stream free online. While researching, add a column called “submission rules” so you can keep track of what you’ll need to submit and what webpage to use. Streaming stations will have specific bio and submission requirements, but you still should share a short version of your bio. 1. All Rights Reserved. With packages for SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube, we will get your music the traffic and attention it deserves!

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