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railway aptitude test

The Aptitude Test will be conducted in online mode. But 11x/3 = 44 SP=CP + Profit Almost every competitive exams contain the Quantitative Aptitude section and it is an important section to crack the exam. Download Quantitative Aptitude Questions for Railway, Question 1: Find the next number in the following number series. 1200 and for the next seven months is Rs. *Your data will be completely anonymous and you can unsubscribe at any time. Question 7: A certain number of men can do a work in 60 days. Important questions and answers on RRB quant. The sum of the first two numbers forms the third number. Let there be x men initially. Solutions for Quantitative Aptitude Questions for Railway: Solutions: 1) Answer (D) The difference between the numbers is 2, 5, 7, 12, 19, etc These numbers are in a sequence. Let the first number be 3x. (m+8)/m = 60/50 Aptitude Test (earlier Psychological Test) in departmental selection —Calling the candidates on or one day prior to the test GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS (RAILWAY BOARD) RBE No.87/2020 No.E(NG)1/2020/PM1/18 New Delhi, dated: 07.10.2020 The General Managers (P), All Indian Railways. 87/2020: Aptitude Test – Psychological Test October 9, 2020 October 8, 2020 dharmanshu singh yadav 0 Comments Railway Board Circulars 2020 No.E(NG)I/2020/PM1/18, date 07.10.2020 So, x = 45, 6) Answer (A) So, x- 12 men did the work in 32 days 767, 692, 687, 598, 482 We hope all of you will be good. Video lectures to prepare quantitative aptitude for placement tests and competitive exams like MBA, Bank exams, RBI, IBPS, SSC, SBI, RRB, Railway, LIC, MAT. Download a free aptitude test in pdf. Let there be m men originally to work in 60 days d) Rs. Access videos, PDFs, live tests for Railway NTPC, Group D, ALP, RPF, DMRC posts. 10 notes are, Question 6: A certain job was assigned to a group of men to do in 20 days. Railway Aptitude Test. 625 is made up of 80 currency notes which are of either Rs. Online aptitude preparation material with practice question bank, examples, solutions and explanations. Psychometric test for sales and marketing. The circles are barriers, which cannot be crossed. Total for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday = 41 x 3 = 123 C No problem. Third number is 2x. 1200 Quantitative Aptitude Questions for Railway Group-D and RRB ALP Exams, Permutation and Combination Questions for SBI Clerk, Biology Important Questions for Railway Exam, Most Important Questions for RRB NTPC Exam, Railway Important Questions and Answers PDF - RRB ALP, Group-D & ASM - Cracku. So, the middle digit of the middle number is 8. 15CP=1800 Receive a aptitude test of 50 exercises in pdf and be updated with the latest news. The most commonly used types of tests are: The aptitude test for railway is a specialised test that comprises several parameters of the previous tests. Read Railway Aptitude Test book reviews & author details and … The sum = 10x + (80 – x)* 5 = 625 RBE No. For merit purpose in RRB Selection Process, 70% weightage is given to CBT (Computer Based Test) and 30% weightage is given to marks obtained in RRB NTPC Aptitude test. If the average of the three numbers is 44, the largest number is, General Science Tips for Railway Group-D and RRB ALP. Total temperature for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday = 40 x 3 + 45 = 165 C Exams. Number of questions : 20 Time : 30 minutes. Only one of the available options is correct. ∴1800=12CP + 3CP RRB online test series for free mock tests provided by BYJU’S contains 25 questions which include the three common sections – reasoning ability, quantitative aptitude and English language. Our PDF guides include questions and answers similar to those you will face; you just need to study them in advance. 12x – 6000 – 9100 = 2900 1800, thereby gaining the cost price of 3 copies. 1500, Question 5: A sum of Rs. The original number of men in the group was. In Psychometriq we have created specific tests to help you improve in the performance of aptitude tests for railway. Most of you are clueless about the Stage 3 of Railways NTPC, which is RRB Aptitude Test for the posts of ASM (Assistant Station Managers) and Traffic Assistants. Question 9: The average temperature for monday, Tuesday and wednesday was 40°C. Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For Banking, SSC & Railway Exams. But x-12 men were supposed to take 20x/ (x-12) days average for Tuesday, wednesday and Thursday was 41°C. b) Rs. Railway Group D Free Online Test 2018. Aptitude test for railway station masters. General Science Tips for Railway Group-D and RRB ALP . Our aptitude test for the railway will allow you to unveil everything you need to approve your exams with a satisfactory score. 4 Methods to Solve Aptitude Questions in Smart Way | Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts | TalentSprint - Duration: 14:58. Here you can compare your score with other users of the platform and download the content in pdf among other things. 3) Answer (C) SmartOnlineExam.com is proudly considered as a meaning of success. Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test Series 2020: Practice free online solved mock test PDF papers of previous year Quantitative Aptitude questions and answers for exams like - NRA CET, Bank, Railway, SSC, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SBI, etc. When 12 men didn’t show up the work was done in 32 days So, m = 40, 8) Answer (A) Test for measuring Spatial Scanning: You have to find out shortest possible route between any two stations (represented by alphabets) in the shortest possible time in a given map. Amazon.in - Buy Railway Aptitude Test book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. Let his monthly salary be x rupees. When arranged in the descending order the numbers are as follows: mock test, aptitude question, sample question, questions, aptitude, aptitude test, career test, aptitude, aptitude for placements, aptitude questions +91-85588-96644 - or - Request a Call. 1450 So the next number in the actual sequence is 31 + 48 = 79. Checkout Railway Aptitude Test -Hindi by Ramesh Publishing House.A comprehensive Book on Railway Aptitude & Psychological Tests Utilising it, you will get a clear view of the operation and its different dynamics. So in this section, you will get aptitude tests for railways in Hindi and English language that are important for general railway competitive exams. You will have an average of one minute per question, depending on the test-provider. Railway Aptitude Test Sample Paper PDF. स्वागत है आपका हमारी वेबसाइट sarkarihelp.com पर, आज हमारी टीम आप सभी तैयारी कर रहे Candidates के लिए बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण … 5 denomination. ‹ See all details for Railway Aptitude Test Unlimited FREE fast delivery, video streaming & more Prime members enjoy unlimited free, fast delivery on eligible items, video streaming, ad-free music, exclusive access to deals & more. Aptitude test for railway exams or RRB competitions. So, Temperature for Monday = 165 – 123 = 42 C, 10) Answer (B) Let there be x 10 rupee notes in the sum. Please note that you can improve your performance by taking the aptitude tests with our course. Aptitude Test 4. This book is very useful for the Centralised Recruitment of Assistant Station Master, Traffic Assistant, Assistant Loco-Pilot, Diesel/Electrical, Assistant-Pilot, Motorman, Station Controller, Train Operator, Rail Conductor etc. Question 8: The average expenditure of a man for the first five months is Rs. Here you can Get Free Mock Test Paper for RRB Group D, ALP/Technician, RRB NTPC, RRB JE, RPF SI, Constable 2020 Exam with Latest Pattern and Syllabus. You will have about 30 minutes to complete the test. Find the best exam preparation study material for railway examinations. The aptitude test for railway is a specialised test that comprises several parameters of the previous tests. Railway ALP Aptitude Test Call Letter Released At … x = 32, 7) Answer (A) Download Practice questions PDF for Railway exams. They were supposed to complete the work in 20 days. The A comprehensive Book on Railway Aptitude & Psychological Tests c) Rs. The Find his monthly average income if he saves Rs. They’re extremely common in job assessments as they can be used to predict the likelihood of a candidate’s success in a job role, whilst eliminating any bias through its standardised administration. If there were 8 men more it could be finished in 10 days less. So, 5 (x – 1200) + 7 (x-1300) = 2900 Given, Profit of 12 books=3CP CP=120, 5) Answer (B) So, the next number is 31. Problems on Trains - Quantitative aptitude tutorial with easy tricks, tips, short cuts explaining the concepts. As all psychometric exams, it requires exhaustive research and preparation to ensure good results. Second number is 6x. b) Rs. Are you about to present an application for the railway industry but you feel afraid of their aptitude tests? aptitude tests to prepare for competitive examinations and job interviews. The number of 5 rupee notes = 80 – x Railway Recruitment Board conducts aptitude test for the post of assistant loco pilot, commercial apprentice (ca), traffic apprentice (ta), goods guard, junior accounts assistant - cum typist (jaa), senior clerk-cum typist and assistant station master (asm) etc positions. As all psychometric exams, it requires exhaustive research and preparation to ensure good results. a) Rs. A comprehensive Book on Railway Aptitude & Psychological Tests. We use cookies to ensure that we provide the best user experience on our website. c) RS. (As p 1475 Coaching Institutes; Exam Categories ... Free Online RAILWAY APTITUDE TEST Practice & Preparation Tests. -Calculate your response time and manage it above all. We acknowledge how important is to deepen into the dynamics of the formats, hence, we will detail some aspects to better understand the questionnaires of the aptitude test for railway so that you can easily adapt to them: To conclude, we have some invaluable tips to improve your presentation: -Find out in advance what format will be used in your application. 2900 during the year ? Today we have brought in the Railway Aptitude Test Paper PDF which is helpful in preparing for the exam. The free RRB sample papers come along with the answers and detailed solutions to … You’re not convinced? For this job, individuals with better reflexes, analytical swiftness, decision-making and problem-solving are required to guarantee the safety of the crew and passengers, as well as the optimal operation of the units. Aptitude tests will be conducted and evaluated by Psycho Technical Unit of RDSO (Research, Design and Standards Organization) attached to Chief Safety Officer of the concerned Zonal Railway in co-ordination with the Railway Recruitment Board. Dark lines indicate streets. An aptitude test is an assessment used to determine a candidate’s cognitive ability or personality. The number of Rs. The 1500 The difference between the numbers is 2, 5, 7, 12, 19, etc If you cannot figure it out, skip to the next one to save time. Question 10: Of the three numbers, second is twice the first and is also thrice the third. Railway Mock Tests. 4) Answer (A) How many men were there in the beginning ? The level of Aptitude in railway competition is normally low as compare to IBPS and SSC exams. On this page, we are providing Quantitative Aptitude Quiz Questions with multiple-choice options for the candidates who are preparing for competitive exams. The tests shall be conducted by SSO/JSO associating an officer nominated by Chief Safety Officer. The sum of the first two numbers forms the third number. Numerical reasoning aptitude tests are used to test the applicant’s skill at understanding and using the information presented in tables and graphs. Number of questions : 20 Time : 30 minutes. Aptitude Test 3. Answer: As per the selection criteria approved by the Ministry of Railways, aptitude tests are administered on the candidates appearing for selection as safety category staff on Indian Railways through different RRBs at the entry level of Assistant Station Master, Assistant Loco Pilot and Motorman for assessment of cognitive ability of the candidates with a purpose to ensure that the candidates possessing the desired level of attributes, essential for safe train operation, are selected. Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) have released new dates for the aptitude test for Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician in Odisha. These numbers are in a sequence. RRBs conduct exams in English, Hindi and Marathi language. Aptitude Test 1. Remember that practice is the best guarantee of success in your application. d) Rs. Quantitative Aptitude Questions For Railway Exams : 18 - 03 - 18 vibelife Quant Questions , Quantitative aptitude notes , Quantitative Aptitude Questions For SBI Clerk Prelims : 01 - 02 - 18 Quantitative Aptitude quiz is basically to test your mathematical calculation and approach. 3,5,10,17,29,48 …………, Question 2: Choose the odd one in the following, Question 3: If the following numbers are arranged in descending order; the middle digit of the middle number will be 687, 692, 598, 482, 767, Question 4: 12 copies of a book were sold for Rs. Aptitude Test (Random Questions) Number of questions : 20 Time : 30 minutes. So average = (2x + 3x + 6x)/3 = 11x/3 The railway industry is pioneering the use of aptitude tests to judge the potential of future train drivers. Consequently, recruiters can obtain an objective and in-depth vision of the participants’ capacities. 120 On our registration page you can find out about all the features of the course. Aptitude Test 2. Take 100% Free Railway RRB 2020 Online Test Series with other Banking, Govt. So, x = 18000/12 = 1500, 9) Answer (C) 1300. If on Thursday temperature is 45°C, What was it on monday ? Try a free aptitude test by registering for our newsletter. Therefore, you will rely on a marked advantage over the rest of the applicants and you will increase your chances of reaching the next levels. Here are some general instructions and paper pattern of the Aptitude Test of RRB NTPC Exam. 2) Answer (D) -Try to be quick without neglecting your analysis or conclusions. This aptitude test is for those of you appearing for some posts in Non-Technical Popular Category (NTPC). If you continue to use this site we will assume that you agree. railway-aptitute-test-in-eng-1- By EasyEngineering.net.pdf ... ... Sign in Solutions for Quantitative Aptitude Questions for Railway: Solutions: Aptitude Notes Aptitude Study Notes & ebook pdf AptitudeTraining; Railway Aptitude Test Book Download & Get All Materials Click here to Download Materials here This test is timed, and you must complete as many questions as you can in the time provided. sum of the second and third is the fourth number and so on. But 12 men did not turn up for the job and the remaining men did the job in 32 days. Squares containing numbers represent houses. Consequently, recruiters can obtain an objective and in-depth vision of the participants’ capacities. Number of questions : 20 Time : 30 minutes. On our portal, we will grant you the best tools to improve your performance to the loftiest level. 10 or Rs. Besides, you will get used to the time frames in a controlled environment, completely free from the pressure of assessment centres. You have entered an incorrect email address! So, 20 x/ (x-12) = 32 1425. Others are all prime numbers. The cost price of a copy is, a) Rs. The main motive of this company is to bring NTPC SM Aptitude Test Series and NTPC SM/TA Psycho Test Series with the help of innovative technologies. Quantitative Aptitude Questions for Railway exams: Railway Quantitative aptitude maths questions for RRB ALP and Group-D exams. 150 In this way, you can increase your mastery of the exam to excel over your peers, just keep practising rigorously alongside a positive and disciplined attitude. SP of 12 books=1800 By registering in our newsletter you will be able to receive the latest news about new competitions, employment tests and intelligence tests. So, x = 12 The RRB Aptitude Test is going to be computer-based . To complete our online support, we offer you the aptitude tests in PDF to complete your training. 1) Answer (D) If the men were m + 8, the work would be completed in 50 days. 6x = 72. Therefore, the railway companies have a wide range of aptitude tests to select the best candidates. Monday to Saturday 09am-6pm Call us at +91 95879 01199. [email protected] TalentSprint Aptitude Prep 3,931,840 views 14:58 -Check your answers a few times before moving on to the next question. Go a step further and get that boost that makes you stand out from the crowd. RRB NTPC Aptitude Test, Practice Book Pdf Download, in English, इस पीडीऍफ़ में Railway Aptitude Test, के Practice Set के साथ-साथ इसके समस्त टॉपिक का समावेश Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Only 9 is the composite number in the given list. This quantitative aptitude questions and answers for Railway exams will be useful for RRB ALP (Assistant Loco pilot) & technician and Group-D. RRB Assistant Loco Pilot & Techinican Expected Cutoff 2018. Get a free psychometric test so you can test their quality. so,

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