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spray basting a quilt on the wall

I liked the method I saw demonstrated, but the way the quilt was going on the wall just didn’t work for me. I tape the back to the wall, spray, ‘lay’ the batting down on top of it, spray, ‘lay’ the top over the batting and voila, it’s done. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t (as you can see from my above picture it’s a bit wonky), but if the very top is straight it makes wall basting easier. I like to mark the vertical center of the batting with a pin, to make lining it up with the center of the quilt back and quilt top a bit easier. Wel, Just a little reminder that on Tuesday I’ll choo, Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt Along 2.0: Sept 2019 – Jan 2020, Bad Girl Quilt Along: May 2019 – July 2019, Carolina Mingle Quilt Along: February – March 2019, I am Enough quilt along: Sept. 2018-Feb. 2019, Quilt+ Star Dance Quilt Along: July-Aug. 2018, How To Spray Baste a Quilt on the Wall (video tutorial), The Quilt Maker’s Toolkit – my favorite batting – The Warm Company, Good Girl quilt #2 ( quilt reveal ) + Get a quilt done in a weekend, A Throw Size Quilt in a Weekend! It saves my poor knees from all the crawling around. I have about 12-15 nails and have them spaced about every 8″. Step 2: Shake your spray baste as directed (also, make sure you have sufficient ventilation), then, holding the baste 6-8 inches from the batting, evenly spray the whole thing. The rolling/ wrapping helps prevent wrinkles and reduces the “drag” down toward the floor. I do not have a big enough area to lay out the entire quilt, so I have created a method to do it in quarters with small spring clamps. See more ideas about basting a quilt, quilting techniques, quilting tutorials. You can find binding tutorials here. Big hugs! Since floor space is limited and littered with kitties, it is a better option. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I use 505 spray baste. Design Wall Quilt Basting There hasn't been a lot of sewing done here this week, but I have done some quilt basting using 505 Basting Spray on my design wall. – Melanie Traylor of Southern Charm Quilts | Havel's Sewing, Announcing the Little Miss Sawtooth Stars Quilt-Along, Little Miss Sawtooth Stars – Block 1 – Millie, Little Miss Sawtooth Stars – Block 3 – Sadie, Little Miss Sawtooth Stars Quilt Along – Block 4 – Alana, Little Miss Sawtooth Stars – How to piece a quilt top, Quilt+ Star Dance Quilt Along – Week 6 – Quilt Reveal, Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt – #6 – quilt reveal, A Guide for the Beginner Quilter + Tips from Experienced Quilters, Bad Girl Quilt Along – Week 8 – Finished Quilt Top, Ruby Beatrice – Quilt Reveal – #2 The one with all that Quiltcon fabric, Monday is all about fabric – #34 – Liberty Society, Monday is all about fabrics – #35 – Indie Folk by Pat Bravo from Art Gallery Fabrics, Rise by Melody Miller – Monday is All About Fabric – #176, LaLa Fancy Quilt #2 – Amber Folk Bundle – Quilt Reveal, Arrowheads – #9 – Anthologie Quilt Along, LaLa Fancy – Pattern Release + Tester Pics, Homebody by Maureen Cracknell – Monday is All About Fabric – #175. amzn_assoc_linkid = "afe5e5e7ca1b78f40270cd3320317bb4"; This post may contain affiliate links. […]. Take the quilt down from the wall. The adhesive spray does not gunk up my machine. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; It’s important to keep the nails spaced the same distance apart. Since floor space is limited and littered with kitties, it is a better option. In recent years, spray basting has gained more popularity among quilters. I don't use quilt basting spray for large sandwiches (just small ones), but one of our readers, Jo Goranson (artist and quilt teacher), explained how she sprays all of her quilts here on our page "Basting my quilt". On my last quilt, I just tacked my quilt backing to a bedroom wall; sprayed it well then smoothed on the batting, sprayed it well and then smoothed on the guilt top. It’s super quick, especially a quilt of this size. how to spray baste a quilt how to: techniques little miss sawtooth star quilt along quilting basics tutorial tutorials wall basting, […] you know, I wall baste all of my quilts, because of that I have to have a batting that hangs straight and flat. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; You also may think this spray is expensive, but I can do 3-4 throw size quilts with 1 single can, and that’s not too bad. Also, if you like to starch the back of your quilt to make it slicker and aid in machine quilting, wait to do this until after you have spray-basted the quilt. Your sections are (in order): middle, middle right side, middle left side, bottom middle, bottom right side, and bottom left side. Then I saw the wall spray basting method. I have a ladder that I prop one end of my baster and the right side is held up with a nail. Spray Basting on a Wall A week or so ago i responded to a post about basting, suggesting that one can easily mount the quilt layers on a wall for basting. step 5 – At this point your quilt backing is attached to the batting only at the very top. Swip, It’s TIME!!!!! It made … « on: July 16, 2020, 09:43:45 AM » I'm looking at an FMQ tutorial on YT (Patsy Thompson) and she makes her quilt sandwich on a spray basting wall. It's nice to use spray baste because it's easier to quilt when there's nothing (safety pins) to impede quilting motions. If the quilt is very large, I use blue masking tape to tape pieces of newspaper on other parts of the wall to protect it from overspray. Lay your backing fabric out on a flat surface, right sides down, and smooth out any wrinkles – with bed quilts I prefer to … Then stick your batting up. If you find you have lumps, peel quilt backing off of batting where your lump is and smooth out. Spray the batting with spray baste. If you don’t like working on your hands and knees, move your spray basting job to the design wall! I use this one. Today's tutorial shows how to modify the spray basting process using a table instead. Flip over so that your batting is showing once more and re-hang on nails. 3″ shorter per side, so I usually try to center my quilt top onto the batting/backing. A little caveat before you watch the video:  You will see on my wall before I begin the basting method that I have batting lining my wall. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "southerncha00-20"; It took about an hour and quilting up beautifully. Lightly spray the wrong side of the backing fabric, then smooth the batting over the backing, working from the center out. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; This is a two color … Do this in sections as well. This doesn’t need to be a complete coating-- think about making a “grid” of sprays and making sure the edges are sprayed I just happen to do this process on the same wall. It doesn’t get those crinkled places or holes of extra fabric like some batting does. Press them to remove the center fold. I'm also reluctant to use commercial basting spray because it's sticky and spraying an aerosol indoors isn't healthy. I use it because it’s a great method and works for me very well. 8. Thank-you so much for sharing. Want more great tips? This gives you a more even spray and better adhesion since you don’t have seam allowances and thread getting in the way. It’s super quick, especially a quilt of this size. The right basting spray is important to your success with this system. Spray Basting Your Small Quilts The first step is to layout your backing with the right side facing down on the floor. With the spray basting method you can be basted and ready to quilt in no time. Leave 1-2″ margin of batting and backing around the whole quilt top. For wall basting I tack the quilt backing to the wall (only because this wall already looked like poop because the previous owner had no clue how to drywall and one day we will fix it). That batting on the wall is my design wall and has nothing to do with basting a quilt. It is an adhesive spray though, so you should keep an old sheet on the floor below where you will be basting to catch any spray that might fall. This is a method I have developed using the aid of a design wall and 505 basting spray. The idea for this quilt came from an old watercolor quilt book. Free Motion Quilting, Beginner Tutorial 2 (of 4) "Spray Basting … This doesn’t have to be exact. For now, this is what I work with. Step 1. 947. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; When spray basting your quilts, tape down the quilt back to a hard surface like the floor to keep it taut. Likes Given: 2287. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Spray basting wall? I had to find my own way of doing, and that is the way I’m going to teach you today. This is just a means for me to bring you free content. My experience with it is very limited because I have only tried it on some of my wall hanging quilts which I think it's a good size for it. Do the same thing all the way down the width of your batting. If you do not like this method, that’s okay. You will not pay any extra by doing so. Pin in place if needed to secure … Sometimes you will find some slack towards the bottom of your quilt. It just needs to measure 66×78″. It’s important not to have any slack in your batting. You can make it look any way you’d like or use as many fabrics as you want. Or for a smaller quilt, use a towel covering the floor under the quilt you’re spray basting on the wall. step 7 – Remove your quilt sandwich from the nails and remove saftey pins. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "southerncha00-20"; Hang that safety pin from one of your nails. I have a tutorial here for it. 1,289. When you cut it to measure 66×78″ be sure that you cut straight. Baste with a method you find the most comfortable and works well for you. You may be thinking that there is some waste there, and you are correct, but it’s better than being too short and when we square up our quilt we are going to put those sides in our scrap bins and use them on down the line. Loop the safety pin onto the top left hand corner of your batting and close it. Anonymous December 8, 2012 at 1:37 am # The result is the long, luxurious evening that may start with dinner, or may never … In this way gravity aids me in the process. Many battings I’ve […], […] – I spray baste on the wall. You will always be spraying the batting rather than the fabric. Reply. Lay out your quilt top, wrong side up on the design wall. I have become a… Read more ». I am so, SO happy you are here! step 4 – Spray the left corner of your BATTING and smooth your quilt backing to it. Times have changed. Smooth the backing from the center to the outer edges but don’t stretch or pull it tight. amzn_assoc_linkid = "8224520d3761560e9e72981c01f42913"; You may have heard some rumors about this method, but note how many quilts I make on a regular basis and that this is the only basting method I have used since 2013. (Sorry for the not great pics–it was a very sunny, windy day.) Smooth from the middle to both sides of your quilt backing. I’ve been asked about it many times, but I’ve never been able to properly show it due to the fact that I didn’t have the proper equipment for a video. . If you prefer pin basting, don’t let me hold you […], […] Used – meander quilting, wall basting, and machine […], […] Used – Half Rectangle Triangles, Dresdens, meander quilting, wall basting, machine bind, glue thread […], […] can’t fit everything into a pattern. Mary Jeanine Ibarguen from The Sewing Studio shows a new way to baste a quilt. Plus my fingers don’t end up aching at the end. 60×72″, so we will cut batting to measure 66×78″ and make backing to measure that same size. When basting on a table, you work the quilt in sections, doing a “column” at a time with the extra width of the backing, batting, and top rolled up on noodles or wrapped around boards. Put the quilt on your cutting table to cut away any excess batting and backing fabric. Be sure to shake the can and spray a few squirts on the sheet to ensure the nozzle is clean and the spray comes out evenly before you start. step 1 – Hammer in nails along the top part of your wall (once you do this once, you never have to do it again). To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from … Feel free to play with your backing. Before I go too far, I'll let you know that I've not made a full bed size quilt - yet, so mine are limited to space I have but I hope to remedy that sometime in the future. Didn't get a lot of response to that post, so today when I found this on Facebook I'd thought I'd revisit the topic for you. Her … amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; If you do purchase something I have linked to, THANK YOU for supporting me and my writing on the Quilt Making blog. Lightly spray the batting with basting spray and smooth the quilt top on, right side facing you, the same way you did the batting. « previous next » + Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. First of all, when basting a quilt with spray, it is best to use pre-washed 100% cotton fabrics. I, too, spray baste on the wall. Your quilt top should be approx. You’re all basted. The spray make not stick as well to other fibers. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; So, there are 3 types of basting, thread basting, pin basting and spray basting: Preparing Your Quilt For Basting: Regardless of your basting choice, the fundamentals of laying out the constituent parts of the quilt sandwich are the same: Press your backing fabric to get rid of all creases. I used this on my second quilt. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; I used two different fabrics. Continue spraying across the width of your batting and pressing quilt backing to the batting. Idealy they should be more even than I have … I, too, spray baste on the wall. Do not take out safety pins. Spray baste has been a winner in my opinion. I make sure to make and … There are numerous ways to baste your quilt to prepare it for machine quilting. But next time, I will definetely remember to apply some newspaper around the wall and the floor. JK, it’s okay if you do. Craftsy instructor Patsy Thompson shares … Patsy prefers 505 Basting Spray and explains why in the video above. I’ll be choosing a label winner on November 6, 2017, and you must be caught up with all the published steps to be chosen. When I tried it on a bigger quilt, like my sister's quilt, you can see the picture here. Dana B April 13, 2017 at 9:52 pm # I use my kitchen island to spray baste and iron. You can use painters tape instead. amzn_assoc_asins = "B0018N73C6,B000YZ3RQA,B003W0ZL40,B000B7M8WU"; Your backing and batting should measure 6″ larger than your quilt top width and height. It took me over 6 hour to pin baste and 6 hours to recuperate argh and ouch …I was about to give up on quilting. Place lightweight plastic (such as kitchen trash bags) underneath the perimeter of the quilt. Then, sew them together long ways with a 1/4″ seam allowance and press. With this homemade version using water, salt, flour, and rubbing alcohol, I felt comfortable … I tape the back to the wall, spray, ‘lay’ the batting down on top of it, spray, ‘lay’ the top over the batting and voila, it’s done. It’s important to keep the nails spaced the same distance apart. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Today I have a basting tutorial for you and it’s a basting method I’ve been using since 2013 and I just love it so much. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; More details on this in my original post. Took 30 minutes at […], […] I always spray baste my quilts on a wall. Wall Basting the Simple Strips Quilt. It worked really well. I’ve got my basting method here. Spray basting wall? I can do it by myself, in fast it works better with just one person I spray my flannel covered design wall with the spray baste, attach the quilt basking (wrong side facing out), smooth it down removing any wrinkles, then spray again on the dbacking, attach my batting, smooth it down completely, spray the batting and attach my quilt top. Saves the knees. amzn_assoc_title = "Shop This Post"; It will hold the quilt in place easily and you can reposition to get out any wrinkles as you do each layer. Repeat steps 4 & 5 with your quilt top. The video still isn’t the best, so please bear with me (and DO NOT make fun of my accent please!). The more nails you use, the more variety of quilt tops you can baste here. This fall tree is from several years ago. Spray and then smooth each section one at a time. Subscribe to our YouTube channel QuiltTV. So much easier on the body...though with a really big quilt you may need a second person to help you maneuver the layers. I use 505 spray baste. This quilt is called Nine Patch and Hourglass from the book Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts by Leisure Arts. I’ve made an “ironing board” cover for the island from the reflective material, batting, elastic, and outdoor fabric. If you search on YouTube for spray basting you’ll see a vid for using a wall to spray baste!!!! Peel back half of the quilt top and spray the exposed batting side using the same method as before. Do this in sections. I’ve been spray basting for quite some time but about 6 months ago I had a bright idea of spray basting on my vertical design wall. Remember that your quilt backing and batting are the same size, so should fit well on to your batting. I generally use spray basting on my larger quilts, supplemented with a very few safety pins. step 3 – Smooth batting out until it lies flat against your wall. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Spray Basting Your Quilt: Once you have all 3 layers prepped, the first step is to lay out the backing – I lay it on my floor but other quilters out there use tables or their design wall to avoid crawling around on the floor. I have a tutorial here for it. Repeat with the quilt top. I started by pressing my quilt back so it’s nice and wrinkle-free, then I put two long strips of regular masking tape along the top, on the wrong side of the fabric. Adjust the safety pins in the corners of your batting in a different place (higher or lower) until your batting is smooth, hangs flat and has no slack. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I first lay the backing on the table and put a couple of clamps along one edge, … I’ve done up to king size quilts with the spray and ironing. LaLa Fancy quilt pattern is, One more day til pattern release for the #lalafanc, Are you a member of @quilterscandymembership ? Unlike pin basting, you can spray baste on a design wall. I have tried MANY, but this batting is my favorite because of how it hangs. And then related for the other half of the quilt. Check out her method for using a table and basting spray glue for basting any size quilt. Copyright © 2021 Blog | Southern Charm Quilts, Sharing another tester quilt.... this one from @qu, I’ve been out of it most of the week, behind eve, Didn’t get a chance to talk about the new #antho, Here’s a look at more of my testers quilts! It’s perfect for wall basting. If you are obsessed with fabric and patchwork and quilting, you've come to the right place! Lay out the quilt backing wrong side up and apply a thin coat of 505 spray adhesive evenly across the surface of the quilt. step 6 – Remove your batting/backing from wall. Pinning could take me an hour or more but spray basting can take a mere 10 minutes! amzn_assoc_title = "This post is brought to you by ALL THINGS TULA PINK"; 11 Replies; 199 Views; annieeg. I used the 2″-wide kind of tape so there would be plenty of adhesive on both the fabric and the wall. Spray basting wall? amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; after the top has… Read more », I just spray basted (as well as pinned because it was going to be a while before I could stitch) a few weeks ago, but instead of flipping the whole quilt over to the other side after spraying one side, I just lifted the top layer and batting and flipped it temporarily as a fold on the other half of the quilt and table, sprayed onto the bottom layer of fabric and then flipped back the batting and top quilt layer back to pat and smooth. amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; To do this, spray the wrong side of both the quilt top and the quilt backing and bring them inside. Support The Sewing Place from £1 a month. New Topics; Member List; Calendar; Forum; We don't know much, but we know quilters; General Discussion; If this is your first visit to the Missouri Star Quilt Co's "Quilter's Forum", be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. She also demonstrates how to wall-baste quilts of all sizes. I like this batting. Note that my pictures are all taken outside but once the quilt layers have been sprayed outdoors, you can assemble the quilt inside using any size table. Lift quilt backing up in the middle, spray BATTING, then press quilt backing on it. East Sussex. I decided to give my wall-basting idea a shot. I start with the “northeast quarter” of the quilt, with the rest of it hanging off the table.

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