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uniqlo singapore mask

The mask has AIRism fabric on the inside, which feels soft and comfortable, a filter in the middle, which you can feel and hear (it crackles), and a layer on the top which feels more waterproof and slightly less silky than the inside layer. Uniqlo has filed for a patent on the mask, which features a triple-layer construction -- a high-performance filter sandwiched between the outer mesh fabric and the AIRism layer. [Read our review about airy-fairy underwear here.] Learn more here ; We apologise but due to current high demand, your order … The amount of breathability made us wonder, “does it actually help prevent the transmission of droplets?”. #ThanksCapitalism ! Press Enter / Return to begin your search. It also provides good coverage, going almost all the way to the ears and under the chin. For the few days we tested this, I’ve never felt suffocated or out of breath, which was a huge step up from the standard free gov-issued mask. Burger King Sells Chilli Crab Salmon Burger & Orange Strawberry Float For CNY, Vegan Pen Cai With Mock Abalone & Sea Cucumber So Tasty, You Won’t Miss The Seafood, One-Woman Bakery Sells Only 3 Types Of Bread, Including Shokupan, Sourdough, Courts Will Take Over The Heeren Space Vacated By Robinsons, K-Drama’s 7 Most Fashionable Leading Ladies In 2020, Giveaway: A Kobo Forma E-Reader Worth $399.90 + Surprising Insights Into Singaporeans' Reading Habits, How To Get Sparkly & Ready For Christmas At Parkway Parade. As with anything that has become the norm, different new normal-related products start popping up… becoming another avenue for revenue. The Uniqlo AIRism mask comes in a pack of three for $14.90, and has three sizes (S, M, L) and two colours (black and white). And the AIRism mask does that. Get updates about the best spam fries and other delicious things in life – not spam. The mask has gotten some lukewarm reviews in Japan for being not as amazingly light, cooling and breathable as Uniqlo's usual AIRism clothes and lifestyle items, and that it’s too thick for the notoriously hot Japanese summer. Overall, it’s still a very light and thin mask, despite the three layers. This respirator looks like something Darth Vader would wear. By clicking Subscribe, I consent to Terms & Conditions. It’s one of the lighter, more breathable and more comfortable masks we’ve tried (and we’ve tried a lot, from sports masks to anti-ageing masks to masks made from shoe materials), and there is a breathing space in between your mouth and nose and the mask, which I feel is super important. Uniqlo finally released their long-awaited face masks made with AIRism fabric, their newly-created (we use this term loosely) fabric technology which was used for their AIRism range of underwear, shirts, athleisure and more. Nice review and use of the smoke to show breathability. Ooh, very light. The writer is wearing size M in black, and feels the fit and coverage is good. Like any mask, it gets hot and uncomfortable in there after a while. For background info: the AIRism Face Masks come in 2 different colours: Black or White, which is to be expected, with Uniqlo being a very minimalistic brand. Finally, three months after Uniqlo started selling their AIRism face masks in Japan, and after much anticipation and endless enquiries about when the masks would arrive at our shores, Uniqlo Singapore has given us a date — the Uniqlo AIRism masks will launch here on Aug 24. A close-up of the mask's AIRism mesh fabric. Wearing a face mask while out and about in Singapore is not going away anytime soon. Originally released in Uniqlo stores across Japan on June 19, the AIRism mask was an instant hit among the Japanese. When worn, it feels almost like there’s nothing on your face, thanks to being so light and thin. Nice fit without extra flappy bits like with some other masks, doesn’t cut into the face, and has that minimalist Uniqlo vibe. Sadly, this also means that there’s ALOT of movement. Every time you breathe out, it billows out like the sail of a pirate ship. If you’re a diehard Uniqlo fan and also an avid mask collector who needs all the new masks, yes, it’s earth-shattering. Just like Singapore, summers in … Good luck, everyone.The AIRism mask will launch Aug 24 at all stores in Singapore and online.Photos: Celine Tan / Get our stories delivered to you on Telegram:, A video posted by 8 DAYS (@8dayssg) on Nov 26, 2016 at 7:14pm PST. From 20 November to 3 December 2020, UNIQLO will be giving away a 3-in-1 Singapoliday Pack, which consists of Klook voucher, UNIQLO’s resistance band, and a pack of three white AIRism masks… Get ready to queue – Japanese retailer Uniqlo is rolling out its AIRism range of face masks in Singapore on August 24. GET STARTED. Why You Should Consider The New Uniqlo AIRism Face Masks. Uniqlo’s AIRism face masks will be launching in Singapore on Aug 24, both online and in-stores. Each pack of the UNIQLo AIRism mask retails for $14.90 and contains 3 masks of the same colour and size. More details here; To reduce paper waste, returns labels are now provided electronically. The word "AIRism" is printed on the inside of the three-layer mask, which boasts a silky-soft inner layer, a filter in the middle and another soft AIRism mesh fabric layer on the outside. Why Eat Hotdogs When You Can Have These Uni & Ikura Sushi Dogs? Uniqlo is not alone in Japan in having been overwhelmed with face mask demand. The third layer also uses AIRism mesh fabric for even better breathability and comfort. The masks launch in Singapore next Monday (Aug 24), and will likely prompt long queues at Uniqlo stores here, like when they launched in Japan. There is a daily purchase limit per person of 1 pack of AIRism Mask … They are good for up to 20 washes. It stayed up even without a metal nosepiece, and sat nicely on top of my cheeks without being too snug. Cool, soft, comfortable. The first layer of AIRism Mesh fabric is smooth and breathable. For the uninitiated, Uniqlo’s AIRism range is fast-drying and highly-breathable, which is exactly what we need for our everyday wear in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.Uniqlo’s AIRism face masks are supposedly lighter and thinner than normal face masks, and also offers UV protection. Uniqlo AIRism Mask On Sale In S’pore From 24 Aug, Can Be Machine-Washed You can buy 1 pack of each size & colour each day. There is a daily purchase limit per person of one pack of AIRism Mask for every size and colour. We did a quick test, using cigarette smoke to illustrate the permeability. UNIQLO has launched its AIRism Mask at all stores in Singapore, including online at its e-commerce website, according to a press release. Image: Uniqlo. Launching in Singapore on August 24. by Boon Tan / August 21, 2020. The AIRism Mask is super light, soft and really smooth in your hands, which is great. Lost your password? The most you can hope for is that you can still breath relatively easily, the mask doesn’t stick to your face, and the shape holds up and doesn’t slip off your nose. Please enter your username or email address. Uniqlo has announced its first-ever launch of the much-hyped AIRism mask in Singapore! SINGAPORE – The much anticipated Uniqlo’s Airism mask, which sold out on its first day of sales in Japan, draws crowds both online and offline in its … The mask employs a triple-layer structure, with the centre of the mask employing a filter that delivers a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99%, blocking bacteria and pollen. The AIRism masks are high quality and affordable — but don't expect any cooling miracles. The Airism masks launched in Japan earlier this year sold out almost immediately when it was available for sales. Or at least until a vaccine is developed and made available worldwide. We apologise for some incorrect details on AIRism Mask packaging and reassure customers that AIRism Masks remain safe for daily use. It seems a no-brainer to use this material for a face mask. After a critical analysis of weighing the COMFORT, PRICE, & BREATHABILITY, it pleases us to decree this product with the verdict of a BRUTAL APPROVE! [REVIEW] New White Rabbit Milk Tea drink, is it anything like the candy? And once you have that, you cannot expect the AIRism material to be as cooling and breathable as a single-layer AIRism top, for example. their biggest strength with the AIRism material is also the greatest weakness with it helping breathability and filtering yet still feel uncomfortable on your face. Of course, the acid test is when you wear it outdoors, or for a prolonged period of time. Reasonable pricing make this mask a strong contender to replace the one you are currently wearing. The masks launch in Singapore next Monday (Aug 24), and will likely prompt long queues at Uniqlo stores here, like when they launched in Japan. Uniqlo Launching Its Popular AIRism Masks, That Was Sold out in Japan, in S’pore on 24 Aug According to Mothership, Uniqlo has announced the launch of its AIRism mask in Singapore. It’s well made enough that the shape holds up to give you that breathing room even though there is no wire in the nose area. We got ourselves some of the masks and we are… underwhelmed, to say the least. Uniqlo sister brand GU’s masks have one advantage over Uniqlo’s Airism masks; Special warm face masks for winter go on sale in Japan, and we test them out ; Lucky underpants for your face: New masks from auspicious Tokyo store offer pandemic protection; powered by newzia connect. SINGAPORE – In Japan, Fast Retailing's Uniqlo make headlines earlier in June this year when it introduced Airism face masks made with high-tech … When it was first launched in Japan, it … Advertisements The innermost layer is made of its signature AIRism material which keeps the wearer cool in hot weather by releasing moisture and heat. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Good luck getting your hands on a pack! When you breathe in, it gets sucked inward and drapes itself dramatically around your lower face bits… not ideal. UNIQLO Singapore has partnered with foodpanda to promote its latest AIRism masks. Get a FREE UNIQLO Sports Bottle when you take the StyleHint Sport Challenge! So don’t miss the chance to grab yours on the 24th when it is available for sales across outlets and online! Without a doubt, breathability is a breeze with this mask. Purchasing the UNIQLO AIRism Mask in Singapore The UNIQLO masks will be available in black and white. Like Uniqlo’s basic T-shirts, the AIRism masks are nondescript, affordable and of reasonable quality. Browse stylish, affordable, high-quality basics that are simple, essential and universal. But as an everyday mask, it’s comfortable, breathable, looks good, and is very affordable, at $14.90 for a pack of three.It’s available in three sizes (S for children, M for small adult faces, and L for regular adult faces) and is sold in a pack of three in the same colour (either all black or all white). won’t be using the Airism Mask outdoors when the weather gets hot , which is a shame, seeing as a lot of customers would’ve bought the masks for this purpose. Basically, it looks good. The masks come in 3 different sizes, S, M and L. I’m not exactly the smallest person, a white L size was my best fit. Now, the only problem is getting your hands on a pack of these babies. Over 200 million AIRism innerwear pieces have been sold in Japan and it has now become a global brand, making lives more comfortable all around the world. As the average mask out there cost roughly around $5/pcs, we think Uniqlo did a great job of keeping these products priced affordably. Uniqlo does not claim that the masks are cooling, only that they are soft and breathable. Uniqlo plans to produce face masks made from fabric used in … By clicking Sign Up, I consent to Terms & Conditions. The inside of the mask feels very cool and soft, and when I tried it on, the fit was great. Uniqlo has since donated the functional inner-wear to hospitals globally, including 20,000 units to New York. One of the many drawbacks of wearing a face mask in our climate is that it can make breathing difficult. High performance three-tier structure. Is getting the much-hyped Uniqlo AIRism masks a few days ahead of its launch in Singapore a big deal? Gong Cha’s Creme Brulee Strawberry Latte Review - Singapore Drinks. The second layer filters out up to 99% of particles. [REVIEW] Uniqlo Singapore AIRism Face Mask. My first impression when I broke open the pack of three masks? AIRism felt great for an undergarment! The surprising thickness of the mask is probably due to Uniqlo’s unique three-layer structure, which is what gives it its high protection performance. Then we love sharing. Made with the same technology as their uber-popular AIRism clothing and lifestyle items, the mask boasts a triple … It does give you a sense of being protected, but P.K. However, expect long queues to be formed early when stores open. We Took This Sports Mask From A Local Brand For A Test Run, And Here's How It Held Up, The $35 Under Armour Sportsmask Is Here And You'll Look — And Feel — Pretty Cool Wearing It, Shake Shack Launches Gourmet Chicken Nuggets Using Meat Cooked Sous Vide. I’d say do not wear it to do sports — it wasn’t built for that. Earlier this month, Uniqlo Singapore announced that it will be launching its line of AIRism masks in Singapore on Aug. 24. The AIRism mask consists of three layers, including a nano-filter that blocks out 99 per cent of bacteria and pollen, and a layer with UV protection factor of 50+. Maybe people expected the AIRism mask to work miracles, as in, you would wear it, and it would protect you from Covid-19 while feeling like you were barely wearing a mask. Uniqlo’s AIRism Mask is not a perfect face mask. The Uniqlo AIRism Mask will launch in Singapore on 24 August. (except maybe smoking your meats in a BBQ), Left to right: AIRism (White) vs Gov-issued (Black), As you can see, the mask does filter much more than the standard masks, which makes this a reasonable alternative to protect you while still staying breathable . The Uniqlo AIRism mask comes in a pack of three for $14.90, and has three sizes (S, M, L) and two colours (black and white). Unless it’s fries. For what it’s worth, it is not that bad of a deal. If not, it’s just another mask in a sea of masks. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. © Mediacorp | 8 Days. My first impression when I broke open the pack of three masks? Singapore Philippines Vietnam ... Customers can buy the AIRism masks in Uniqlo stores across Japan or via the company's e-commerce site. Uniqlo AIRism Masks Finally Have A Launch Date In Singapore, But Is It A Bit Late? The AIRism mask launched in Japan three months ago, and it looks like it’s slowly making its way to the rest of the world now. AIRism is a smart innerwear that keeps you dry and comfortable all day long. It will be available in black and white, and 1 pack will contain 3 masks of the same colour and size. WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE, ADVOCATE, NOR SUPPORT SMOKING IN ANY WAY. After having worn masks for months now, I realise there is no reusable mask, no matter how expensive or branded or moisture-wicking or breathable, that can make you feel comfortable when you’re walking outside in the heat and humidity. What the middle layer comprises was not specified on their website. And … According to Uniqlo, the AIRism Face Mask is composed of three unique layers of protection. At $14.90 for 3pcs, the mask is reasonably priced. Gill Mask . Each pack will retail at S$14.90 each, and the daily purchase limit per person is 1 pack for every size and colour. Shop for innovative and exceptional clothing for men, women, and kids. The outermost layer offers UV protection of UPF 40 while the middle layer functions as a filter. Wearing a mask outdoors has become part of our identity for the year 2020 and also the norm. All rights reserved. The airism word should be facing inwards as stated on the packaging. The reality is that for the mask to achieve its 99% bacterial filtration efficiency, a three-layer structure was necessary. got our hands (and faces) on these highly-anticipated masks ahead of its Aug 24 launch, and this is what we think. Shop AIRism T-Shirts and Boxer Briefs from XS - 3XL for men at! The mask is made with 3 layers, with the 1st and 3rd layer (front and back of the mask) comprising the ever-popular AIRism mesh fabric. So if you’re getting the AIRism mask expecting miracles, like there’d be a cool spring breeze complete with sakura scent around your face the entire time you wear it, I’d say lower your expectations. Set to release in Singapore on August 24, the Uniqlo AIRism face mask is predicted to sell out pretty quickly, judging from the insanely-long lines the mask's launch garnered in Japan itself. UNIQLO Singapore has collaborated with foodpanda rider Abdul Rahman to release an ad for its AIRism mask on its social media platform. UNIQLO Singapore Website Crashes Due To Airism Masks Launch If you’ve been eyeing UNIQLO’s famed Airism masks, you’re probably stalking their website now as the launch is today (24 Aug). However you wore the mask wrongly.

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