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what does co ask mean on twitter

• QOTD = quote of the day I mean everyone uses Twitter either for self promotion of to inform the world about what they are doing, if the world is interested. • #LI = This user is sending this post to LinkedIn Each user has a timeline of tweets from the people they follow, which appears on their Twitter homepage. • PRT = Partial retweet. Commonly, Twitter sweepstakes ask entrants to make a tweet that answers a question, gives an opinion, or shares a story, followed by a specific hashtag. Just leave a note for us in the comments. I am honestly just curious upon wondering what that word means.☺️ When @ precedes a username, it automatically gets linked to that user's profile page. Ask us anything. It is shown as the original poster’s information, with a small green “you retweeted” at the top, where “you” is your username. Retweeting is a common activity on Twitter and reflects the popularity of individual tweets. • CD9 = Code 9, parents are around • YOLO = You only live once In addition to the official "trending topics" list, many third-party tools are available for tracking the most popular keywords and hashtags on Twitter. Twitter Help: What Is a Retweet? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Each Twitter handle has a unique URL, with the handle added after • YKWIM = You know what I mean • BR = Best regards This means the tweet you're looking at is a paraphrase of a tweet originally written by someone else (Example: @username.) Each Twitter username has a unique URL, with the username added after The higher the percentage on the “Bot Score,” the more likely a given user is a bot. Twitter Ads is a place to see all the adverts you have created. FREE Virtual Home Repair. • #LinkedInChat = For general use questions and questions about marketing/self-promotion on LinkedIn • AYFKMWTS = Are you f---ing kidding me with this s---? Many belong to celebrities, politicians, media personalities and well-known businesses. How to Retweet. A follower is someone who follows or subscribes to another person's tweets. • AB/ABT = About • OMFG = Oh my f---ing God Tap Follower requests. • SN = Social Network • FML = F--- my life. What does uF mean on capacitor? • YW = You're welcome A direct-message is a message only you and the person who sent it can read • HT = Hat tip. 3. 42) Is Twitter for Dummies available as an online download? • SMH = Shaking my head • #FB = The user is sending this post to Facebook Another way of saying partial retweet • DM = Direct message. • #in = the user is sending this post to LinkedIn report. Every Twitter user — new and old — has fallen victim to confusion between @reply versus @mention. Technical Twitter abbreviations: Do the same on Twitter. This means that finding the ideal handle on the first try isn’t as easy as it once was. uF represents micro farad. Retweets on Twitter, in this case, means pressing the actual retweet button at the bottom of a post. Tap whichever icon you have. • EMA = Email address In the United States, for example, the code is 40404. It outlines the rights and responsibilities for users on the social messaging service. • WTV = Whatever Example: • SEO = Search Engine Optimization Log In Sign Up. This means, for life, you will not be able to use twitter again. • BFN = Bye for now … • MT = Modified tweet. You might want to share a tip with … • PLMK = Please let me know ; You’ll see a list of all follower requests. • LOL = Laugh out loud You’ll be astounded at just how many famous people will reply. • SO = Significant Other • ZOMG = OMG to the maxCommon hashtags and chats: This is a way of attributing a link to another Twitter user • F2F /FTF = Face to face #FF or Follow Friday -- #FF refers to "Follow Friday," a tradition that involves Twitter users recommending people to follow on Fridays. It's the name each person selects to use Twitter and must contain fewer than 15 characters. Tos -- The Twitter TOS or Terms of Service is a legal document each user must accept when they create an account on Twitter. The tweet you're looking at was forwarded to you by another userIndustry Twitter abbreviations: • OH = Overheard Top tweets are displayed under the Twitter handle @toptweets. • IMHO = In my humble opinion. Twitterati -- Twitterati is slang for popular users on Twitter, people who usually have large groups of followers and are well known. Posted by 5 years ago. Posting at high engagement times can help boost your social media performance - take a look at these insights. Twitterverse -- Twitterverse is a mashup of Twitter and universe. FREE Virtual Home Repair. Reply, @Reply -- A reply on Twitter is a direct tweet sent by clicking on the "reply" button that appears on another tweet, thus linking the two tweets. • KYSO = Knock your socks off Ask us anything. • NTS = Note to self An example is #skydivinglessons. Tapping another chimp means 'stop that' while the apes flirt by nibbling on a leaf, according to a study by the University of St Andrews These tweets contain the hashtag #FF or #FollowFriday. • TFTT = Thanks for this tweet Twitter will also match you with other topics that you may be interested in. Reply tweets always start with "@username.". Promoted Tweets -- Promoted tweets are Twitter messages that companies or businesses have paid to promote so they appear at the top of Twitter's search results. While not quite a comprehensive dictionary of all things, what follows below is a quick-print glossary of common Twitter abbreviations. This means anyone on the net can see everything you’re doing on Twitter (apart from direct messages, or course). Favorite Answer. • HOTD = Headline of the day Twitosphere -- The Twitosphere (sometimes spelled "Twittosphere" or even "Twittersphere") is all the people who tweet. Un-follow or Unfollow-- To un-follow on Twitter means to stop subscribing or following another person's tweets. Notice one we missed? Tweet (verb) means to send a tweet (AKA post, update, message) via Twitter. What does it mean to follow someone on Twitter? As such, bot scores closer to the extreme values of 0% and 100% are more confident assertions of the account’s bot-ness. Sometimes when retweeting, people have to shorten the original tweet to make it fit while adding their own comments, so they truncate the original and add MT or MRT to signify the change. Former Lifewire writer Leslie Walker is a multimedia journalism professor who covers social media, web publishing, and internet technologies. uF is for microfarad. This article explains how to find celebrities on Twitter. • B4 = Before • DP = used to mean "profile pic" Technical Twitter abbreviations: • CC = Carbon-copy. It refers to the entire universe of Twitter, including all its users, tweets and cultural conventions. This Twitter language guide can help anyone new to the Twittersphere by explaining Twitter slang and tweeting lingo in plain English. Tap the checkmark to approve the request, or tap the X to deny it. Twitter tracks mentions of users when the @symbol is included in the message. TBT or Throwback Thursday -- TBT is a popular hashtag on Twitter (it stands for Throwback Thursday) and other social networks that people use to reminisce about the past by sharing photos and other information from years gone by. • TL = Timeline Okay, it may help to think of how you pay for health care expenses in phases. Read a definition of hashtags or more about using hashtags on Twitter. It's usually cryptic to others, but intelligible to the person it's about and people who know them well. • SMDH = Shaking my damn head, SMH, only more so In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon or your profile icon. RT -- RT is an abbreviation for "retweet" that is used as a code and inserted into a message being resent to tell others that it's a retweet. • YT = YouTubeConversational abbreviations: This article has been updated! • SRS = Serious • JSYK = Just so you know What does "mutuals" mean? The 66 gestures which show how chimpanzees communicate. Direct Message, DM -- A direct message is a private message sent on Twitter to someone who is following you. • LMAO = Laughing my ass off The tweet list appearing there is called a "home timeline." A permanent hold on your thermostat means you can keep it at one of its temperature settings until you change it manually. 2 Answers. This guide to common Twitter terms and definitions will help you start winning Twitter contests and sweepstakes. Phase 1: The Deductible Phase . How to Choose an Effective Twitter Handle . • NFW = No f---ing way Username, Handle-- A Twitter username is the same thing as a Twitter handle. by Bliss Hanlin, a Community Manager for eModeration. It was causing a disruption to my train of thought. Want to share a company announcement with your peers? Example: Yep, in the box where you type what you want to say on your page put @ then there twitter name e.g @??? • AFAIK = As far as I know • KK = Kewl kewl, or ok, got it • SOB = Son of a B---- • TY = Thank you • LO = Little One (child) Follow, Follower -- Following someone on Twitter means subscribing to their tweets or messages. Subscribe to Social Media Today to get the must-read news & insights in your inbox. • #SocialMedia = an all-inclusive chat for subjects big and small in the subject of Social Media Retweet Etiquette: When and Why to Retweet . Verified accounts are marked with a blue checkmark badge on their profile page. The tweet is posted to your followers and your feed. I've just signed up to 'Twitter' and I'm utterly confused! Please read the new version here: Get Out Your Twittonary: Twitter Abbreviations You Must KnowTwitter abbreviations and acronyms are an odd mash-up of text slang, old school chat room phrases, common sense short forms and corporate buzzwords. In fact, Twitter owns third-party app TweetDeck, so it would hurt them as an overall business to implement such penalties. More about the retweet definition. Hashtags are used to categorize messages on Twitter. • FB = Facebook • FFS = For F---'s Sake People can follow a Twitter list with one click and see a stream of all the tweets sent by everyone on that list. Trending Topic -- Trending topics on Twitter are topics people are tweeting about that are deemed most popular at any given moment.

Bash True Value, Crutchfield Reviews Reddit, Montgomery, Alabama Dmv, Dog Colors Brindle, Deceitful Meaning In Urdu,

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