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certified clinical medical assistant practice test quizlet

to deliver oxygen, nutrients, hormones and enzymes to cells and transport cellular wast to the organs where they can be expelled? What are the 2 ischemic EKG characteristics? increased levels of WHAT are a natural marker for pregnancy? lavender top tube: what does it contain? what cardiovasular agent produces an overall increase in heart rate and myocardial contractility? the lower the resistance in the vessels, the MORE OR LESS easily blood can be ejected outside heart through circulation? What is the period of contractions of both atria and ventricles? count number of QRS complexes btw 6 sec marks and multiply by 10 **used for estimating slow and irregular rhythyms, count number of large boxes btw 2 RR intervals and divide into 300 for ventricular rate; count large boxes s btw P waves for artrial rate; used for regular rhythms, count number of small boxes between an RR inteval and divide into 1500 **regular rhythms only, select the R that falls on a dark vertical line; number next dark line as 300,150,75,60,50. note where next R wave falls in relation to dark lines, that is the HR. true or false you can recap a needle without a safety device? what are the 3 parts to routine urinalysis? To qualify to take the CMA exam, a candidate must be a graduate or will graduate within 30 days from an accredited medical assistant program. As a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (also called a Medical Office Secretary or Medical Office Assistant), you’ll keep healthcare offices running efficiently and effectively. 55 percent other 45 percent is formed elements. Included are the AAMA and NCCT medical assistant practice exams and a certified coding specialist (CCS) practice test. What are the 5 types of WBCs in the body? quality control in the laboratory ensures what kind of results? AMCA has a Quizlet account to offer candidates study on-the-go. the greater the volume of blood inside the heart during diastole, the stronger the heart contraction force during systole. green top tube: what does it contain? The Certified Nursing Assistant test is not easy to pass. occurs during ventricle contraction and closure of AV valves. which blood vessels carry oxygenated blood (efferent)? what are the 4 vital signs of body function? in a venipunctrue when do you release the tourniquet? 3. intrinsic firing rate? inspection, palpation, percussion, ausculatationq. ... Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Notes. the precordial chest unipolar leads record in what plane? what is the correct order of draw? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. what is the primary pacemaker of the heart and where is it located? where are purkije fibers located and what is their rate? What are the 4 parts to a patient's medical history? performing tests to evaluate the patient's immune response through production of antibodis. what are three abnormalities in depth of respirations? contact precautions, airborne precautions and droplet percautions. Free Flashcards for the Medical Assistant test. Take up the test below and see just how qualified you are for this post. what percent bleach solution is desired for areas w possibility of blood contam? hypoventilation-reduced amt of air enters lungs, measurement of the amt of force exerted by the blood on the peripheral arterial walls and is expressed in mmHg, highest (systole) and lowest (diastole) amt of pressure exerted during cardiac cycle, Name some common errors in blood pressure measurmens, improper cuff size, arm is not at heart level, cuff not deflated, improper cuff placement. aorta, arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins, superior and inferior vena cavae, list the three layers of the blood vessels. what is repolarization and when does it occur? Entry-level medical assistants must pass a comprehensive, objective examination administered by CCBMA to become certified. which of the following occurs as a urine specimen remains on the counter for a long time? when does the S2 second heart sound (Dupp) occur? occurs during ventricular relaxation when SL valves close, diseases of the valves or other structural abnormalities, chemo-receptors (chemical sensors) and Baro-receptors (pressure receptors) located in the aortic arch and carotid arteries. chief complaint (CC), history of present illness (HPI), Past, Family and Social History (PFSH), and review of systems (ROS). what tests may be included in a liver profile? if the sinus node fails to fire, what is the backup pacemaker, what is its rate and where is it located? what kind of blood does the left and right side of the heart pump? 1.neutrophils-most numerous; phagocytic cells, the process by which blood vessels are repaired after injury; 5 stages. Analyzing the EKG strip involves what 6 steps? What method of taking temp is the least accurate? oral temperature is not taken from which patients? Annual selection process for clinical core courses with priority deadline of May 15; 6-week clinical externship during the summer; Graduates are eligible for Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) exam. What are the 3 categories for safety hazards? Medical Assistants can perform a variety of clinical tasks including: patient care, ECG and other diagnostic tests, phlebotomy and pharmacology. The CMA certification exam can be taken no earlier than 30 days of completing education, or 2. The heart is located in the thoracic cavity between the lungs in what space? differences in the cell wall composition and structure, two kidneys, two ureters, urinary bladder and urethra, to remove metabolic waste from the blood stream ,maintin acid-base balance and regulate hydration. what is the serology (immunology) section responsible for? Take this quiz to find out if you qualify to take the NHA medical administrative assistant certification exam. what procedure is used in medical aspesis using various chemicals that can destroy pathogenic microorganisms? to make a diagnosis the physician utilizes what 3 sources? ... placing the practice name and account number on the back of the check. how many milliletes will you give, a subcutaneous injection is given at an angle of, the most used deep (adult) intramuscular injection site is the, when administering a subcutaneous injection, the amount of the dose should no exceed, when choosing a needle/syringe unit, you should keep in mind the patients, the gauge of a needle is determined by the diameter of its. You can know everything that is going to be covered on the test and it will not do you any good on test day if you have not had a chance to practice. There is an unlimited amount of attempts of practice tests, and rationale and feedback for each practice question is provided. This can be accessed via a webpage or you can download the Quizlet App from the App Store. a medical assistant discusses a patient by name at lunch with others in the building. Articulated pathway that transitions graduates from CMA Exam to Associate's Degree without loss of credit. what is ambulatory EKG monitoring used for? (SINUS RHYTHMS) notice all PQRST waves are equal and present. what is the period of relaxation and filling of all cardiac chambers? gray top tube: what does it contain? Are you planning to make an entrance into the job market anytime soon? the nerve most apt to be affected during an injection in the buttock is the, an injection into fatty tissue lying immediately under the skin is called, the first and most important rule to remember in an emergency is to, medical assistants are expected to make decisions in medical office emergencies based on their, a surface free of contaminated instruments, instruments touched by ungloved hands are. Start studying Medical Assistant State Test Study Guide. atria and ventricles beat independently of one another; no relationship btw P waves and QRS complexes, insufficient blood supply to the myocardium, sudden death of myocardial tissue due to an abrupt cessation of blood flow. 1. -clinical history of ischemic-type of chest discomfort, unwanted interference or jitter on the EKG rcording, notice jittering pattern on the aVR and aVL leads, the iso-electric line moved up and down strip, caused by improperly grounded electrical equipment, caused by a damaged wire or loose electrodes. The exam is taken within 12 months of graduation. infants and children less than 6 yo, patients who had face, neck nose or mouth surgery, those receiving oxygen, patients w altered mental status and others. Try some sample questions from! 228 terms. most common complication of phlebotomy; blood has accumulated in the tissue surrounding the vein, increase in proportion of formed elements to plasma caused by torniquet being left on too long, inflammation of a vein as a result of repeated venipunctrue on thatt vein, tiny non-raised red spots that appear on the skin for rupturing capillaries, a blood clot usually a consquence of insufficient pressure applied after withdrawal of needle. 1. subendocardial ischemic injury is manifest by ST segment depression, Notice ST segment depression in aVL leads on the trace; note that changes in ST segments and T wave inversion are the early signs of myocardial infarction. The bundle of his divides into WHAT to conduct the electrical impulse of WHAT throughout the ventricles? elevating the affected part above heart level and applying direct pressure to the wound, when there is insuffcient return of blood flow to the heart, resulting in inadequate supply of oxygen, pale, cold clammy skin, rapid weak pulse, increased shallow breathing rate, expressionless face, maintain an open airway, call for assistance, keep victim lying dow, attempt to control cause of shock, infectious microorganisms that can be classified into groups, portal of exit is the method by which infectious agent leaves its resevoir; portal of entry allows infectious agent access to suceptible host, specific ways in which microorganisms travel from resevoir to susceptible host. insurance claims require a patient to sign what to release information? On the administrative side, Medical Assistants help with: scheduling appointments, maintaining computer office applications, creating and maintaining patient records, and billing/insurance processing. what is the site most commonly used for taking pulse? what is the most important means of preventing the spread of infection? aerobes are microorganisms that require oxygen whereas anaerobes lack oxygen, true or false: under healthy conditions urine is sterile, the practice of maintaining a pathogen free environment to prevent the spread of illness and disease, what agency studies and monitors diseases and disease prevention and works to protect public health and safety, centers for disease control and prevention (CDC). Their duties may include greeting patients, scheduling appointments, filing insurance claims, and answering incoming calls. On the administrative side, Medical Assistants help with: scheduling appointments, maintaining computer office applications, creating and maintaining patient records, and billing/insurance processing. slows SA pacemaker and heart rate, slows conduction of electricity in AV node, decreases strength of atrial and ventricular contraction, increase HR, increases force of contraction, increases blood pressure, dopaminergic receptors increase the diameter of visceral blood vessels, True or false. occurs immediately after depolarization and is the movement of positively charged ions back to the outside of the cell, returning cell back to original polarized state, the first phase of repolarization in which a myocardial cell is unable to react to any electrical stimulus, the 2nd phase of repolarization during which a strong enough electrical stimulus might cause new depolarization and contraction. you have 0.125 mg tablets on hand. system that generates and delivers electricity to all the muscle fibers of the heart resulting in a smooth, complete contraction the cardiac muscle fibers which ejects blood from the ehart. what are the only veins in the body that carry oxygenated blood? which name would be filed first in an alphabetic filing system? What are the AV cuspid valves characteristcs? What are the four subsections of microbiology? how should hinged instuments be when sterilized? a physician orders 10 mg of compazine. contains EDTA which inhibits coagulation by binding to calcium present in specimen; invert 8 times. SA or sinus node; normal rate of 60-100 BPM; found in the upper posterior portion of the right atrial wall. desired strength/ over available strength equals X (amount needed)/ amt avail, to help assess a patients ventilation, oxygenation and acid-base balance, to classify bacteria on the basis of their form, size, cellular morphology and gram stain recation. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Left anterior descending (LAD) artery and Left Circumflex (LCX) artery. what are the layers of fluid separating the parietal pericardium and visceral pericardium? These items will vary, depending on the format of the test you take (online or paper/pencil) and the testing situation. Take them all as many times as you like. what is the two-hour postprandial test used for? the document stating patient agrees to a procedure, the term for removing inactive records from the files, material which should never be used to correct medical records, person who can legally sign a release of medical records, a system of organizing information in a medical record, medical charts are usually filed in which order, each page of the medical record should include, records for patients currently receiving treatment are in the, each patient is assigned a number in this system, a patient must sign this document to obtain past records, which of the following names would be filed first: Pittman, Phillips, Pham, or Phipps, which of the following names would be filed last: Larsen, Lamar, Lai, or Larson, which of the following numbers would be filed first: 073291, 036689, 157623, or 064942, a fund used for small office purchases is called, a term for overpayment on an account is a, preprinted statement listing codes for basic office charges, entering charges and payments to a patients account, list of unpaid accounts by date of service, placing the practice name and account number on the back of the check, a patient who has been turned over to a collection agency, portion of bill patient is required to pay each year, amount patient must pay for each office visit, federal insurance program for elderly persons or persons with permanent disabilities, term for an insurance claim for a medicare and MediCal patient, type of insurance for work related injuries, insurance claims which have greater chance for rejection, addition to a procedure code which indicates special circumstances, a policy which supplements medicare coverage, insurance coverage for military dependents, an insurance claim with incomplete information will be, monthly fee a provider is paid for each covered patient, insurance company statement of how a claim is settled, billing services the physician did not perform, a procedure code followed by the modifier -99 indicates, insurance claims which shorten the payment cycle, term for an insurance form that has been filled out correctly. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. On EKG paper 1mm equals how many seconds? which urine test provides the clearest, most accurate results? what does the conduction ststem of the heart? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. reduce heart rate, blood pressure, myocardial contractility, and myocardial oxygen consumption. However, a number of Wasilla AK health care employers would rather hire graduates of an accredited medical assistant training school (more on accreditation later ) that are certified.

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