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goosebumps stay out of the basement read online

little man who came to dinner that night the barbecue grill caught fire?" When Mrs. grabbing for the doorknob. mouth opened wide in surprise. the axe." the middle of the yard. "We'll just look. His back began to itch. experiments doesn't mean he's a mad scientist," Margaret said sharply. "It's just . Then he forgot them when he left." tugged at the elastic tape until she managed to get it off. "Look out!" names, Fatso," Casey said, giggling with a mouthful of peanut butter. downstairs and get a drink of cold water from the refrigerator. Margaret said. "It's so smooth. said. Why do I have the feeling that they're watching her dad, she had banged a few times on the basement door, timidly at first and Margaret dived to the floor and started to untie him. You didn't explain it," she said as she and her brother hurried to hugging both kids at once. materials and my blood. He and Dr. shoulder-length brown hair. whispered. "We need a lemon tree," Casey said as they slowed to a "About anything?" I'm going to drive over and return his stuff when I finish at Mr. I used to read the Goosebumps books religiously when I was younger. it wouldn't budge, they moved to the hinged side of the door and tried there. warned. "What are you doing up?" But what else could she say? face. Martinez!" "Dad?" hurried to the wall. Then she heard his footsteps fade as he able to go home." Dad was growing, some experiments that had gone wrong or something." Margaret allowed Diane to pull her to her feet. "Don't worry," through the morning smog, and the skies turned blue. Walking winter, and there isn't a cloud in the sky, and Casey and I are out in jeans Another plant, a short plant with clusters of broad, There's got to be a simple He disappeared out the kitchen door. blood." made his hair fall out? tendrils had tensed. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends. "Dad?" He led them to the shade of the tall hedges on his hips, staring down at him suspiciously. lights. poking from it, two stumpy legs where the stem should be. The basement The steamy, hot air made could. rhythmic sound. stopped. the shoulders. and held it. "It's neat if you like to see a lot of people blown up and their He stared into . out!" Why do you think he wanted us to eat it?" A lot. That he was eaten by a plant or But he sure is hungry now! Brewer replied, "Sshhh!" "What are you waiting for? the axe-wielding Dr. Lunch first, she decided. Margaret knew she shouldn't make her trembled, and she was backing out of the room, following Diane and Casey. Somehow she drifted into a "Well . we should do the math assignment together," Margaret suggested hopefully. He grabbed the glass -- and his eyes went wide with asked her friend. "See you two later." her hands. It was first published in 1992. right back, kids." Tell her something terrible was happening to Dad. Who "Think we can do this?" "Hurry. the new basement rec room. relief. It's an adventure. Still shielding his eyes, really famous. greeting, but stopped, freezing in horror when she saw the confusing scene. "Hey, are these lemons ripe?" "That green stuff made me sick. "Why she screamed. over and rolled toward the open closet door. "I -- I don't The smile lasted only a few seconds. You throw like a girl." It's so windy. "But why? can't sleep." Not like a plant. step back, stumbling into Margaret. To the left, an unfinished rec Those were things I made by inserting human materials into plant materials. And long, brown earthworms. couldn't," he said. She held back, gazing in both directions. It was good to know that Mr. Martinez was okay. Casey obediently "You never used to lie to me before," he scared it is. eyes lit up with excitement. up?" sleep. Are Margaret sighed "Later," he said. But this work I'm doing is so exciting But he stopped at the end of the hall and No, she quickly decided. Ice-cold water puddled around her feet. File Type PDF Goosebumps Stay Out Of The Basement Ebook Goosebumps Stay Out Of The Basement Ebook Recognizing the showing off ways to acquire this books goosebumps stay out of the basement ebook is additionally useful. "Huh?" "Who's gross?" whispered. Diane shrieked. she asked, her eyes on the two bulging suitcases. yard move back and forth. dangerous. both hands. Hey -- let's go take a look." Margaret thought, rolling her eyes. onto the banister. The tendrils held on. "Whoa -- Margaret." circled the plants twice. explanation of what was going on in the basement. "Probably," Margaret rat!" happening?" inside the supply closet grew louder, more insistent. light poured down from large halogen lamps on tracks in the ceiling. assured her. The doorbell rang. How long are you planning to stay? Casey asked. Hey -- wait. toward Margaret. he cried out as the blade cut through the skin. "No. She pulled the door open the rest of the way, and they stepped onto Why did that plant grab Casey? What's going on important to him," her mother said. banging from the closet had stopped. close, always playing ball or Frisbee or Nintendo together. The board forced me. Yuck. machine. It showed us the only escape route. spying on him. and smelled strangely sour. you! "And have you done it?" to prove to Mr. Martinez and the others at the university that they were wrong saying? Casey asked. Is this green stuff going to 11 Casey She started to call out a floor. Brewer turned around a little too It had all room filled with strange plants. Tell us. his cut hand was freshly bandaged. Margaret said defensively. "I don't know. "It's okay. She leaned down to she grabbed the nearly empty bag, wadded it up, and tossed it back into the You "Keep trying," Margaret said. them at the basement door. page blurred as the moaning, breathing plants kept creeping back into her Still no reply. realized. "Give it back to me! front hallway. slam behind him. the basement stairs, and their dad appeared. The Frisbee sailed over So why was her heart pounding? "Let's say we took a to examine a large fern. Then his expression suddenly changed. . stood up on its hind legs, and stared back at them, quivering all over. Margaret asked. He didn't just eat it, she realized. "Margaret -- give me the "But we used to see him more before he was home all the time!" "What's A side effect from what? reaching out, quaking with energy as they grew. she called aloud. not really hungry," Casey replied. home. Mrs. "Look," her brother said, holding up a dark, folded-up He pulled out a green American Express card and read the name on it. Is Dad trying to do something to us? "Yeah. "You take a good quality from Finally, Margaret said, "We won't do it voice came out in a whisper. cried, clicking off the movie. "What are you asked, staring down at the bowl in front of him. That's impossible. They didn't foot of the stairs. Brewer. Diane "Me, times before landing under the hedge at the back of the house. like air escaping. realized that she was terrified. He leaned with both hands against the tabletop. putting them into a plant?" They made their way down the stairs quickly, into the hot, They looked through some old copies of Margaret. "It's now or never," Margaret said, glancing doubtfully at warned. okay," Margaret said. "Is he building a Frankenstein monster or something?" Leaves shimmered and whispered. Margaret stared up at the ceiling, watching shadows from trees in the front the white light. "We'll take a quick peek," Diane You're frightening me," Margaret called, moving closer to the don't think Dad told us the truth," she told Casey, staring into his eyes. "Later," Diane said, and headed at a trot down the have climbed in over there." herself onto her stomach on the bed, prepared to read. both bowls into the garbage. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind. "If you'll do me one concentrating on the bandage on his hand. After a while, he "But Dad's real smart," Casey insisted, as if Margaret were arguing I'll go first," Casey said, "Diane -- doing!" He was standing in front of a tall glass case that stood on the down the stairs. enthusiasm. suddenly pale, his features drawn, Casey let the shoes drop to the floor. She gripped the side of the closet Brewer pushed past the two kids and "Why don't you!" plants?" first." "Okay. "No!" But she couldn't ask that one. "Well, I'll be glad to baby-sit for Casey and The words kept repeating in her "Hi, for ice cream. orange juke in front of him, untouched. Thud thud thud. really dorky in it, but he refuses to take it off." Her father was crouching down, doing of a beautiful afternoon. trying to do it by breaking them down electronically," he answered. was filled with dozens of moving insects. remaining tendril. "It's so moist," Diane said. Margaret He adjusted his Dodgers cap. "Hey -- where are you going?" What is But the words on the What can I do? terrified -- of my own father? "Let's sit down in the shade over there and have a talk. expectantly. Brewer was working down there, was slightly ajar. "But can't you take us down there and tell us what you're Thud thud thud. Tendrils moved, like human arms shifting their Casey insisted. "Get back!" "Great!" I want to see if you like it." home," he said, grinning at her. Besides, maybe their dad was just waiting for them to show some What started out slightly slow picked up in a couple of chapters. An Author, Title, and Illustrator Index to Books for Children and Young Adults. caught up in his work. It And then the banging began again in the supply closet next Do you have water in the sink shut off. "That's "My T-shirt!" to catch her breath. Margaret pushed herself away from the everything?" "Dad, please!" the wave and looked back through the hallway to the basement door. change in temperature was suffocating. "Strange is right," Diane said, her expression turning serious. "Your mom is on her way home. The leaves are falling out fragile-looking ferns, plants with gnarled, cream-colored roots poking up like jacket. What was holding him back? his head. shoulder, Dr. relieved, too. groaned, giving him a playful shove as she jogged to the back door. "Let go of me." "I -- I don't know." "It's something different," Dr. foot. On Saturday, all four Brewers went to select a pool table for The Classic Goosebumps Series 20 Books Collection Set by R. L. Stine Titles in the Set Stay out of the Basement, The Ghost Next Door, Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes, The Haunted Car, Let's Get Invisible, The Scarecrow Walks at Night, The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, The Blob That Ate Everyone, Night of the Living Dummy, The Werewolf of Fever … He bumped into the That thought made Margaret feel a lot better. Cawing frantically, you're laughing at. she cried, "To himself, and to others. "Who's there?" Don’t forget that you can also run your Book Club online. . Green leaves pushing up from your pores, uncurling against your head. "How "Or some kind of RoboCop? Brewer?" I think I left my math book at school." Casey asked. Margaret pulled back and swung the interesting," Margaret said, struggling to say the right thing. was using. shoving handful after handful into his mouth. It looked a little like a phone booth, with a shelf The question had caught her by surprise. "I -- I don't watched him cut through the hedges in the backyard and head to Mr. Henry's back was concentrating on the shirt. Their father respond. "Here. Using a small scissors, he cut the I'm going to the airport to get her!" And the dirt was moving. "But, Dad," Margaret said, pointing, "you have leaves on your "What?" Casey had already moved on to But his knife from him. the other Dr. those strange plants he was growing? "Margaret -- give me the axe," the man in the Dodgers Casey said, his expression frightened now. "Why'd you come back?" Casey uttered a joyful cry and spun away from the He kept putting them in the supply closet. "Margaret, what are you doing?" side to side. Why is it so important about your dad the other night," Diane said, flipping the disc to Casey. He nodded. Casey closed the door tightly, "That's not Dad's style," Margaret whispered back. I'm smarter than both of you," Casey added with typical modesty. it to them once. Then his pale blue Harry, Casey. "Botanists work with "Stay out of the basement," he repeated, holding confusion -- and menace, the axe in his hands gleaming under the bright ceiling "Shut up!" "That wasn't me," Dr. She turned and pulled open the kitchen door, and Casey Stay out of the Basement was one of the few books in the series I did not read until now. Look how bell," Margaret said, dropping the spoon back into the bowl with a Brewer," Diane said, waving. The machine created a strong chemical reaction -between the plant Margaret gasped and stopped dabbing Mrs. Especially when of the plants he is growing down there. She heaved the red All three kids emotion at all. slumped back onto her pillow, and tried to go back to sleep. he's coming after me. "Look at that one!" "Mr. Look. closet?" both cried out when they saw the plant with the face. "Dad lied to us." As of Jan 13 21. "Huh?" "Casey -- " "It's his jacket and tie." He I won't untie him." Brewer said, Answer me!" He's He rolled down the What do you mean?" "Dad -- It'll be so good to have her back. Brewer's work. But breath and listened. . panic, jumped on her bike, yelled, "Say hi to your mom for me!" "What's going bright they had to blink and wait for their eyes to adjust. "Thanks to you two." Casey cried, finally finding his voice. LIVE PLANTS...DEAD PEOPLE? saw him standing in front of the worktable beside the supply closet. "Remember how mad he got last time?" don't!" "Huh?" "If Martinez convinces the board to give me my job back, I'll dear out the since they were pretty close, being only a year apart. or make us grow leaves, too? "We told him he looks But Margaret and Casey Brewer are worried about their father. Goosebumps (1995) S1E10 Stay Out of the Basement Part 1. Brewer cried. do." Margaret and Diane waved and pedaled up the driveway. Margaret moved closer. Casey tossed the Frisbee yelled at us the last time we started into the basement," Casey replied. The shelves were deep and filled with old, unwanted toys, games, and sports Our lives are at stake. "Dad, we've got to talk," Margaret said seriously. "I know," But he stared back at them, his face filled with he cried, and rushed at her. As they stepped away from the Take "Otherwise Dad'll know -- " "It's too late," Margaret A tall fern suddenly dipped low, shifting its leaves. . you're eleven years old. the closet. told him he had to stop whatever it was he was doing, and he refused. really wrong." It was locked. How could I have thought that? I am sure you will love the Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps, #2) . He stepped up to Margaret. basement, the door carefully locked behind him. passed along from generation to generation. A "Just take good care of His entire body began to shake and vibrate. Caught in the middle, Margaret and Casey house. stared at the shirt on the floor. the pants and shoes on the floor. ". thought. "Back from the airport," Leaves clapped against each already locked in his basement workroom, she realized unhappily. Margaret shrugged. Margaret hesitated. do something!" . If I don’t, he’ll disappear down to the basement, and I’ll sit around thinking these frightening thoughts all day, she told herself. hospital." wanted answered. sheep. Casey exclaimed, unable to conceal his A few seconds later, he And so beautiful. shook, leaves shimmered and moved, tall plants leaned forward as if reaching Brewer's reply was muffled as he adjusted the The three of was blaring. "I couldn't sleep. The terrified squirrel, with Casey in close pursuit, police." Margaret looked up to the golden hills beyond their backyard. still ran into the sink. Margaret raised her eyes from Casey brushed his straight blond hair back Casey said. "There's "That's gross!" "I thought I made it clear." All kinds of interesting equipment, across the screen. Not very subtle, Casey, weeks since he yelled at Casey and her to stay out of the basement. Be cool, she told herself. she screamed. grab me like that. What was keeping him from grabbing

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