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list of production music libraries

Very nice piece of information – you’ve opened up my eyes for sure, I never considered music licensing EVER, and I am professional with 35 years’ professional experience! What production music libraries work best for your style of music? A growing phenomenon around the world is for large broadcasting and production companies to create their own in-house music libraries, usually reusing music that was created for their shows. Why? HOLLYWOOD (US & CANADA HEADQUARTERS) • 6255 W Sunset Blvd Ste 900, Hollywood, CA 90028 • P 323.461.3211 • Fax 323.461.9102 It's no surprise that Songtradr tops our list of the top sync licensing music libraries. You can even riff on it and give these arrangements try…. Here’s are a couple of posts and an interview that talk about that: * * * Licensing music for use in television, movies, ads, radio, video games, digital apps, websites, ect, gives you that much needed income so you can continue to finance your additional music goals. But, right off the top of my head and with only a music genre to go on, most of the time I won’t have an answer for you…. Follow these two rules and you’ll be able to experiment freely and stay out of trouble. I know we all spend a lot of time searching for music. What I see here is that they already have a lot of choice for ambient music BUT perhaps there is an opportunity for the new-age sub-genre. If you want to give libraries a chance, Pond5 may be a good one for you to start with. You don’t have to look sharp, or have a shave, or buy a return trip to London. That’s it. Stop worrying and start learning! Audio production has never been easier! I do my best only to add good libraries, my intention is not to make a complete list of every library out there. I guess they’ll indicate that. Really enjoyed your Whiskey beat . You can upload your songs to a free account and start offering your songs to license right away. Would be great to get your thoughts on it. I am also working on quicker production times and aiming for more output. I’m not surprised. Can you kindly advise on what the average duration is to aim for a piece of music or song. I have been putting off registering with a PRO because I’m concerned about creating possible complications if later on I, say, come across a music library or customer who doesn’t want me (the artist) to be registered with a PRO already because they prefer to register for the artist… How common is this, and what would you advise in terms of doing business with these people and places that don’t want artists preregistered with a PRO? We craft extraordinary music and sound that triggers emotions in global audiences. You’re starting to understand what these music licensing companies are looking for and how you can cater to their needs. Recent Production Music Libraries Inquiries. Typical rights included are the use of such compositions in public performance without paying additional fees or royalties. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. There’s a lot of confusion around that term: Traditional Music Libraries Traditional production music libraries can be defined as companies who exclusively own their own music and license this music through collection societies around the world. Music beds, sound effects for radio productions, podcasts and more. Featuring mostly indie composers, musicians, and bands, MusicBed is affordable on most every budget.. Musicbed brings a voice to indie musicians, making their music accessible (and affordable) to filmmakers, agencies, non-profits, and more. Read more about exclusive and non-exclusive deals. This is a list of the best music production libraries. Even funk seems a bit under-represented when you think of how often it’s used in advertising. If you have any ideas or comments I would love to hear from you :-), Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Now, there is a navigation here to those subpages. Audiosparx are kind enough to give you all the info in one place (“MyAccount” → “Reports”). You get the idea ? I will begin implementing your advice, once I sign up with songtradr. Now you can start focusing your attention on finding THE perfect music licensing company for YOUR catalogue. It is one of the largest and most important public music libraries in Germany, and is a meeting point and centre for music for all music enthusiasts—amateurs and professionals. PRODUCTION MUSIC: 686,000+ Music Tracks Online Including 63,700 Vocal Tracks: License Commercial Production Music Online Pre-cleared Music Tracks Ready For Instant Download and Commercial Use Hundreds of thousands of world-class music tracks ready for immediate use in any kind of commercial or personal project. List of music libraries that composers can submit their work. One question I often get goes along the likes of: I write hip-hop music, can you tell me where to submit my tunes? The extensive index covers kits, guitars, keys, orchestral instruments and more. I will get on this. You’re welcome Thanks for the kind words! I am used to writing and producing my own songs which are generally 4 mins or so and take me a long time to finish. Any hints or just submit to all as there is probably little of what I write anywhere. This is a list of online digital musical document libraries.Each source listed below offers access to collections of digitized music documents (typically originating from printed or manuscript musical sources), and containing music notation of some kind, stored as an image file. That’s when it can help to go the extra mile and browse their catalogue by category. I can’t tell you exactly where you should submit your tunes. So that, even if a library doesn’t sell your music to anyone, you’re not stuck. Fresh current sounds, true variety, fun-to-use music. 39-40 West Point, London Tel : 020 8749 7272. If so wouldn’t it be better to do the meticulous search first before you actually start distributing? This page used to house a list of production songsand the SpongeBob SquarePants episodes in which they have been heard in. Do you already have a huge brand? — the time has already come to fine-tune the budget, shot list, and music selection for the next project. I need names and contact information/websites. The whole process has reduced to a few words of text, and a bunch of hyperlinks. Or do you also have aspirations as a performing artists? Thanks Joyce. Quick question. step-by-step instructions to optimize your artist profile in music libraries! I’d have to talk with you and find out what your goals are. They also don’t let you join if you already have music on audio jungle and several other sites. It’s difficult to know which libraries will work for you in advance. I'd like to pull together a list of our favorite libraries, catalogues, and databases for production music. If the tracks you pitch are interesting for a library they'll work with you even if you don't have a lot of experience with other libraries. Even though everything is negotiable and they might agree to cancel the deal down the line, there’s no guarantee they would agree to do that. Dear Joyce, Thank you so much for creating this invaluable website. To make it onto this list the music library has to have an easy to use website, good customer support and give you the right tools to easily sell your music. Their FAQ suggests they could be interested in adding tunes to their catalogue and they’ve done a great job getting to the top of Google search. Full-service range of over 12,500 tracks on 180 CDs. Just updated the link. Let’s say you write instrumental trap music and type in “royalty-free trap instrumentals”…. I'll divide them initially into two categories: High budget/Corporate, and Lower budget/Royalty free. Little by little, you’ll get a better idea of who you should get in touch with and where you should pitch your music for better results. It is truly one-of-a-kind and has been incredibly helpful to me. Finding the Right Royalty Free Music Library. Delicious Digital. It’s not always perfect but usually gets decent results . i.e. Some have not made any sales yet, but most of them I have recently added my music to. In fact, the more you put yourself out there and try to get your music licensed, the more you’ll learn about what works and what doesn’t work for you. Here is a list of the major production music library companies that are “primary members” of the PMA (Production Music Association). Soundware news. Or do you recommend that just for the begining? Whether you're working on a television, advertising, corporate or film production, Audio Network's Production Music Library is perfect for every kind of video editing project.. If you’d like to learn more about how I think about these things, I’ve written a post about 9 things to watch out for when you’re licensing your music and another one with 7 questions I ask before deciding to work with a library or not. Below are other libraries that I’m looking into at the moment, but are not listed at yet. Why are they such great news for the mere musician and what opportunities are on offer? Glad I found such extremely useful information. I’m always wary of deals that tie you up too tight. If you can think of a music genre, Musicbed has dozens of stock music ready for you. (See more on collection societies here). Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything I can help you with down the line. It’s not written for specific visuals but, instead, to (hopefully inspiring) album concepts, and distributed around the world where it … That’s why I recommend non-exclusive libraries and this wide-ranging approach but it’s just an opinion and plenty of people have been successful with a different approach. 4M Production Music Library Series World class production music in a powerful synergy of 4 distinct libraries. List of high end music libraries. So there you have it, three steps to stock music library success! The truth is that no two people would agree on what the best production music libraries are. Would it make sense to add “IDM” or “Glitch” to my keywords for a couple of tunes instead of using the more generic “electronica”? However, going for volume and low pricing on low-priced libraries is a valid strategy and if that’s what a composer wants to do, they should ignore Audiosparx and do it. Samplesnof my music is at That’s music to my ears Glad you’ve found it interesting and hopefully it’s the start of something exciting for you! Without clicking on “Ambient”, we’d never see that Audio Jungle might be a little light on New Age music. If you’re not too sure what you’re doing yet and want to keep your options open, I would avoid the perpetual licence. Should work now , Congrats on your Kardashian placements ! Many thanks! Blimey, what a change!But the fundam… Aren’t they the same? Glad you enjoyed it If there’s anything else I can help you with/guidance or information you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out…. Production Music Libraries in the UK verses the US. Read more about using pseudonyms to license music. Services making a licensed production available online or via mobile networks will need to have an appropriate PRS for Music licence covering the performing right.. Glad you found it helpful! It’s made from the point of view of a music producer, but can just as well be used for finding the best places to buy royalty free stock music. Sometimes it’s hip-hop, sometimes it’s folk music, sometimes it’s ambient music. Whatever the genre of music, the short answer is: STOP worrying about where’s the “best” place to send your music. If you’re interested in downloading/printing the checklist from this post, you’ll find it in “Business Stuff” section of the Creative & Productive Library. You might also want to check out this post about the definition of royalty-free music. Royalty-Free + [Music Sub-Genre] +  Downloads. And that's because their platform goes way beyond just music licensing. STOP worrying about where’s the “best” place to send your music and…. actively promote your Songtradr profile when you reach out to potential customers. The good news is that you can start getting your music licensed right away. Audiosparx, although non-exclusive, does require you to commit to a perpetual licence, meaning your work can never be taken down. That’s one-on-one coaching stuff and I can’t address all of that in one post. The opportunity listings will also give you an idea of how the music licensing world works. • THE CHICAGO MUSIC LIBRARY is the premier independent production music library in the industry, with over 30,000 tracks of hard hitting and high quality music produced by some of the top independent artists and composers from across the globe. Audio Network Production Music for TV, Film, Advertising and Corporate Video. At the moment my favorite libraries are Pond5, Audiojungle and Productiontrax. The Stuttgart City Library has more than 100,000 items including Sheet music, CDs, DVDs, books, magazines, CD-ROMs of every style, era and level of complexity. 100% Royalty Free production libraries. Producing since 09 bornin 89. You’ll hit and miss and that’s absolutely fine! These are set prices for sync fees. You’re also more than welcome to leave a comment below, if you think a good library is not represented on the list. How do you stand out from the crowd? Our Catalogs – Outstanding Production Music Catalogs. What I’ll do instead is mention 5 music licensing companies that I believe are worth investigating further for a variety of reasons including personal experience, reputation, type of contract, monthly traffic on their website and submission policy. In today's fast-paced and budget-conscious entertainment industry, increased programming and production opportunities in film, television, radio and other media have given rise to a fertile environment for production music libraries. I love how you write. I have had 2 instrumentals on keeping up with kardsshians, real world also monetization with airbit/youtube,, Sorry about that! Your music licensing strategy should vary greatly depending on your ambitions. The legends at Music Production HQ have assembled a massive list of free sample libraries. Thanks, I hope to hear from you. Is there an artist you obviously sound like? Hi Joyce Thanks for all your great blogs and support. Music by Production Music Library has been featured in the Black Is King soundtrack and Love & Anarchy (aka Kärlek & Anarki) soundtrack. A production music library and music publisher providing music to media professionals for use in advertising, TV and video, radio, and other media. Feel free to share some of your music here. I have my music listed at the following music libraries. Thanks, Derek! Better be safe than sorry. Library music, also known as ‘production music’, is created mainly for video professionals working on TV shows, movie trailers, advertising and more. It’s now possible for you to rate the music libraries on the list. Stick with the free options and practice pitching to music supervisors/indie filmmakers/production companies that are accepting submissions. My genre is between classical, jazz, and broadway but none of them exactly. The information you share makes me want to print each article out. Ideally, I’d give you a list of the top music licensing companies out there and you’d submit to every single one of them and make money overnight. Production Music Libraries are big business. Which will be done, NOW. you’ll need lossless files for advertising, TV and film, 9 things to watch out for when you’re licensing your music, 7 questions I ask before deciding to work with a library or not,,,,, use the platform as a regular search-based library; or, submit your music to their licensing opportunities; or. The key thing is to actually start submitting music and not spend years recording demos and doing research without ever putting yourself out there. Note – With the free account, you’ll only have enough credits for a couple of music submissions a month. Below you find a list of all the music libraries listed here at EagleCinematics. and My name is Stan Killins, Im a Multi-Genre Instrumentalist from Chesapeake, Virginia. As soon as you wrap one project — a wedding video, short film, commercial, etc. Universal Production Music music catalog crafted for video and media use. Whether it’s through music libraries or a publisher or direct to customer will depend on your preference and what you’re trying to accomplish really. Well…. With a bit of research and a LOT more information about you and your projects, I could find out which production music libraries might be a good fit for your music. Suggestions to arrangement welcome. Best Stock Music 2. That’s great and the production quality means it’s definitely something you can place. It’s made from the point of view of a music producer, but can just as well be used for finding the best places to buy royalty free stock music. Music Licensing. Welcome to my blog about selling stock music online. How To Choose Music Libraries – Make Money Sellin... How many tracks do I need to make a living selling musi... Productiontrax (all tracks online) 10+ sales,  (you have to mail them your tracks on CD’s! Nice! Most larger libraries will have a Head of Production, but it’s common that any of the production managers will have their own GO-TO guys as established composers, so it’s worth noting who does what within any given company. And conversely, if your music or production isn't up to scratch they won't work with you no matter what's in your cv. The pricing tool is easy to understand and flexible; You can upload alternative versions to each of your tracks so your customers have everything easily available; The platform’s backend encourages you to fill out all the important admin info and metadata related to your tracks. Does it fit into a sub-genre? Hi Joanna, I’ve written a lot about the pros and cons of exclusive vs non-exclusive music libraries. They have plenty of hip-hop but could probably use some soul, R&B type of tracks. A couple of alternative ways you could find out about where to find music licensing opportunities for your niche: 1.Get in touch with the record label of an artist you sound like and ask them if they handle licensing requests themselves or use a music placement agency.

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