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nest thermostat cycling on and off

My previous upstairs thermostat kept saying low battery even after replacing the batteries. I located an awesome website that comprehensively covers “smart” thermostats. The AC compressor would kick on for several seconds then shut off. I set up nest 2 days ago for the first time, upon set-up we ran into this problem, called Nest support where we were instructed to remove the A/C wire (I believe Y) for the time being due to automatic shut off of A/C power due to sever cold temperatures outside. I had a similar experience but a different solution. I replaced my old thermostat, its working perfectly, but only when i use Nest, the Blower randomly shuts off then on.. 1st install went well and nest is operating as expected. Can anyone confirm this? (Supposedly this is due to extreme cold and will work fine once connected in spring/summer?). Wow, the original post here is 3 years old and Nest still has this problem. After lots of diagnostics and trouble shooting, ended up with incompatible Furnace and AC. Furnace went right back to normal. They have a 1st Gen Nest controller and I found this article. That's madness. It is disappointing as I was looking forward to using the information provided by using the nest. The nest was trying to space my furnace from issues it looks like, just wish there was a way it be more descriptive with it’s codes. You can follow the steps given in the section above to do this change. In some cases, turning the schedule OFF and then ON again solves the problem. And thanks, you too! The system turns back on and begins to hear after I manually adjust…it looks like it has returned to 72 degrees. Nest is now working fine. Just make sure to change the wires in your corresponding unit to match the changes to the t-stat. But now the heat won’t shut off even after it reached the target temperature. The quickest way to eliminate the furnace as the problem is to: A thermostat is basically a programmable switch. The outside air was in the 50’s (normal temperate northern CA winter). It is a 3 wire unit (Blue/Rh; Green/G; Red/W1). If you notice that the fan has stopped spinning, the thermostat is problematic and has to be changed. Try resetting the thermostat using the Reset option under the Settings menu and following the instructions on the screen. Yes, I totally agree. Let me know if your problems still persist even after trying this. So as long as the Yellow wire was connected, even if it was supplying less than ideal current, the Nest base wouldn’t switch over to Red. If you don’t have a c wire connected the nest will steal power from y or w interrupting the call for heat. It doesn’t make much sense to me.). This is likely to help address the problem. A broken or poorly placed thermostat can cause short cycling. We called an electrician in and he was able to get us power to the thermostat and now it is operational. The difference is my system has a common wire installed. Sometimes, the wires don’t match the colors. With his help and the help of Nest phone support I was able to get everything back up and running. My furnace was certainly not idle. Was cheap, but spent many hours troubleshooting and researching. Your Nest is likely to turn the AC OFF before reaching its temperature because of two main reasons. But for the Nest, you need to install a common C wire for it to always work year round. However, after several minutes, it started cycling again at around 2-3 second intervals. I had a similar experience… our existing ‘new’ furnace was a Nordyne model which because of an installer error had to be replaced. You can try out the tips given below to turn ON the air conditioning unit with your Nest thermostat. For now I am content. To check if your Nest thermostat is working fine, keep a thermometer near it for a couple of hours and observe the reading. Not sure what else I can try. I had switched off power to the furnace so it didn’t have a way to charge all night while it was still hanging out on my wireless network. I had a similar problem with my Nest. Wiring: Y1 black (AC), W1 White, G green, Rh Red. Has anyone found a permanent solution to this problem yet? This completely isolated furnace and now both units play nicely on the Nest. It’s -30 in Chicago today and my furnace kept short cycling and our house was freezing. And if they saw the battery was trailing off, it’d be helpful to shoot me an email and warn me that something might be amiss. Next, I decided to test and see if installing a “C” (common) 24v power would help. I’ll let you know what happens after I finally get around to it. I moved the kiddos into the one room in the house with baseboard heating, and called a service technician in the morning. I am not sure your solution of changing the wiring configuration will work for me. Why A/C Keeps Blowing Fuse in Circuit Board (How to Fix), How to Fix a Furnace 3/5 AMP Fuse that Keeps Blowing, How to Fix TV Noise (Static, Clicks, Buzzing, Beeping), How to Fix a Asus Laptop Keyboard that is Not Working. Good luck if you need pro help in Massachusetts call walsh plumbing salem ma 9783043956. The common wire is simply an alternative power source for the Nest to draw power from when it’s battery is low. 24 volts between Rh and C at the thermostat. It was clearly diagrammed and labeled where the 24v common wire went. This will prevent the AC from being turned OFF when you are at home. There are also different types of indications when... Hi there, my name is Ernie Lo. We have eliminated the furnace being the cause. My furnace was short cycling and wouldn’t bring up the temperature more than a degree or two. So, a little more research and the most likely cause based on the symptoms I was experiencing was that the furnace was getting insufficient return air. Get the base plate of the thermostat replaced. It may seem fine but on a cold day it will not go above 62 or 64 in Massachusetts and eventually it will burn it out. It solved the problem. Stefen, could you please explain a little more on what you mean by this? My Nest wouldn’t call for heat. He turned off the humidifier and the furnace is no longer short-cycling! I have 2 nests. It called for cooling but was actually kicking on the furnace. turn off true radiant ( by default is on and with a preheating of 5 hours) and turn off Eco temperature ( by default is 40 degrees ) and this will fix your short cycle on your furnace. As I said, my furnace was short cycling. The following are some ways you can address the above problems. We have confirmed the 2nd unit (that is short cycling) has enough power (3.86v). I performed regular maintenance on both units. Bottom line…the agents may or may not be knowledgeable and force you to go through a lot of non-sense…to ultimately admit that they have this issue. I tried to remove the Y1 wire but I get an error code. Turn the ring around and select Settings from the menu. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'voltguide_com-box-4','ezslot_16',130,'0','0'])); The Nest thermostat keeps turning the AC ON if it is shorted, if the temperature setting is incorrect, the unit is defective, or if the wiring hasn’t been done properly. And apologies for such a long post/story, but there is now history here that needs to be understood before the current issues can be troubleshooted. This fall I decided to get it working and forced my way into the bottom of the furnace(turned out to be a bit rusty). Such a strange problem – but add me to the list of people for who this trick works! Turn power off to your furnace. I plugged the Y1 back in. Did you talk to nest yet? The information and guides on this website have been sourced from various forums and other unverified sources. The Nest is working perfectly now. We’ve had a Nest for over a year and today I noticed the furnace short-cycling. .. And here I am, a new Nest Gen3 owner, just installed it tonight and it is and has been verrry cold out here in Toronto for many days now… My Nest has been short cycling for hours until I found this post… It was getting cold in here. I’d still recommend the Nest, if it works, but for $30 more the Honeywell IAQ does a whole lot more. Check the Y1 terminal of the thermostat for malfunctioning. I’ve been through the low batter fiasco in the past, this is not the problem. But the failure seemed to happen too far away from the last software update, unless there was another secret update applied that they didn’t officially mark (I’m really stretching here). I looked for the tech install note on the Nest site, but couldn’t find it, or I would have included the link. Finally they admitted that this maybe caused by the AC unit since Nest uses the Rh and Y1 to charge the battery….If there is no Y1(AC) because in winter the AC is turned off or not activating due to a Safety switch, it will use the W1 wire….and causes the cycling issue. To charge itself, the Nest thermostat quickly turns on and off the HVAC without actually cycling it. Ryan Duell. If your Nest thermostat isn’t getting enough charge for whatever reason, it will not work properly or cause your AC to power on and off. right, regardless of the battery charge, it still doesnt explain how disconnecting the Y wire fixed the problem. I still think at this point the most likely explanation is the Nest’s battery went low and couldn’t charge itself. It is legit -10 outside right now and I was SO cold. And we can be warm again! You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. After talking with the Nest technician, he had me feel along the edge of the base for where the head was actually coming from. Set cool to the highest temperature 90° (so that it never turns on during winter, at least here in the northeast). Nest offered to reimburse me for having a tech correct the installation by either repurposing the fan wire to be an additional power wire or running a new common wire to my Nest thermostat. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! Previously during the Heat, Fan, Cooling test it had come on, but in the cycling fashion described above. It’s pretty easy, I followed this guide: Nest is paying my electrician bill. This article saved us. Remove the Nest thermostat from your wall. You can leave a comment, or trackback from your own site. It is clearly a severe cold related issues. After troubleshooting I tried this solution out and it’s working: 1. For getting rid of my cycling issue I found that adding a jumper between Y1 and Y2 seemed to fox the problem. One culprit for a low battery (as was explained to me by support), other than what point out in your other post, is he strength of the wifi signal. I’m thinking it will not start…. If your options are to periodically replace the limit switch or periodically charge the Nest, I’d definitely go with recharging the Nest. AC worked fine all summer. Once I removed AC issue fixed in minutes! Don't have old and if you're feeling DIY enough. Signs Of An Issue With Your Nest Thermostat. Therefore, the thermostat is likely to sense that the room is already cool and will turn the AC OFF. That’s why this should work. I had this problem and turns out that I had it set to Electric instead of Gas in the settings on the nest. It works! When I find an explainable solution I will post a reply. If it’s weak, the Nest has to use more power. And my wifi signal has not changed (same setup, same location) so I don’t think that’s part of the problem. Honestly,  I’m not entirely sure. It’s been several hours now and everything seems to be working well. ACs are located on the ground outside by each other. Reset the thermostat to restore the factory default settings. I had the same problem. As a temporary solution, while I waited for my replacement, I hooked my W1 (furnace) to Y1 (cooling) and turned the temp down. Now my furnace will only come on randomly. So it’s now January 2018 and we just installed a Nest E, and ran into same cycling issue (and the customer service still just recommends releasing the Y wire). SB – trying that as we speak as I have the short cycling and random E195 errors now that the weather has turned cooler. Did you ever find a solution? I taped the end of the wire and pushed it back into the hole. I wonder what returning this would do. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'voltguide_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_19',134,'0','0']));Also, check for the power rating when the terminals are jumped. So for all of you with the short cycling, maybe look at other symptoms than the Nest. I came across your article looking for a solution, please update if you get more answers. It’s been working perfectly ever since. Also I don’t know which wire does what – so I don’t know what to try. Why does the Nest thermostat keep turning the AC OFF? Once I did this the short cycling stopped and my furnace kept running. Simply disconnecting the yellow wire and it fires right up. I used a little vinegar on a piece of cloth because I didn’t have any cash or sandpaper handy. I ended up tinkering, but couldn’t make any progress. So I am not sure. Disconnect the wire connection to the O/B connector. In the application the default preheat is 5 hours what you have to do is put it in “0” and the problem is solve. As a side note, I had asked the tech guy if he had a system to peer into the reportbacks from my thermostat. In such cases, replace the batteries. Not good for future business. I am going to reinstall the Nest to try again to see if all the above symptoms return, and the AC fan stops working and the Peak Saver power light does not come on…. Update: Disconnecting the green wire stopped the short cycling, but a new issue has developed. Release the pressing action when the Google logo appears on the screen. I told them it was BS, since I run my Fan for 30 minutes each night to charge the battery and it never used to be a problem. I’d put all the wires exactly where they go. Hopefully this will help someone else too. This call for power is meant to be brief and undetected, a tiny “pulse”, but some systems are very sensitive and see the Nest’s small power draw as a call to turn on. I’m going to have to see if I can run a C wire. So an update to my Nest experience since installing it in January 2018 and having the furnace short cycle, to then finding this thread to solve the problem (lifesaving, again-continued thanks) by rewiring during the winter to get us through and then the C wire addition to solve the problem and have the AC work.. Thanks Ryan for the original diagnosis method and other folks on here too. If your humidity sensor isn’t working properly, your thermostat may feature an OFF reading. I have 2 heat pumps, one Nest E and one 3rd Gen premium model. If it doesn’t and you hear a mild buzz from within the unit, the problem is with the unit. Although I have a heat only system with two wires. Nest thermostat turns ON AC instead of heat, Nest Turns OFF AC before reaching temperature, Why Nest Thermostat isn’t turning ON air conditioner unit, Nest thermostat not turning ON AC compressor, Why Nest thermostat is short cycling the AC. In any case, my “heating season” generally runs til April, so there’s plenty of time to try it out. When removing the wire didn’t work I started poking around inside my furnace’s control box. Ensure that the forced air setting is activated. My fix didn’t work this time. Nest thermostat short cycling my furnace. Sorry I should have posted an update. Returning my Nest. When your furnace is cycling on and off, it's called furnace short cycling. Check the network connection of the thermostat. I had read this post at one point and was convinced it was something wrong with the Nest, but I finally tried cleaning the flame sensor and it fixed the problem. We do have an air conditioner, but it is not operational and where we live, hardly ever needed). I’m out $14,000 and am afraid to stay in my home. and I independently came to the same solution. Then, I leave for work this morning and on my way out the door I notice the system is short-cycling on and off. Choose the Heat Pump option. The only thing I can think of is the Nest Thermostat is causing the blower to run at a lower speed, but even that does not make sense. In this case, you must get the thermostat replaced. Replace the red and white wires to their original locations (if you haven’t already). If the wire is missing, you must consider getting one fitted properly. If so, the thermostat is faulty and has to be replaced. No more short cycling. DISCLAIMER: Do NOT attempt to fix any electrical appliance or component yourself. This problem could be mainly because of the wrong wiring connection. Well, make sure it’s fully charged. due to excess heat within the heat chamber the limit switch is opening causing the heater to short cycle. By using the content on this website, you agree to these terms. This can help to fix the problem of the fan not turning OFF. Remove the Yellow, and then it has no choice. I’m ultimately getting rid of the Nest. I connected the common, reconnected the Nest, and all was great for about 4 weeks. 2. Check if the wiring of the thermostat has been done correctly. Because the unit is brand new, I’m returning it and crossing my fingers the alternative EcoBee doesn’t have this issue. These are: Your Nest thermostat is often 10 degrees off because of a resetting problem, a malfunctioning humidity sensor, incorrect sunblock setting, nearby heat sources, or a network connection problem. Yikes. I spent $575 trying to fix my furnace. I have a single furnace that is a 2 stage and runs on natural gas. How do I permantly fix the problem? We had a cold snap here in Toronto, Ontario and my furnace was short cycling. Woke up to a freezing house this morning and the nest was basically just short cycling the fan off and on (furnace was not coming on). Maybe this has something to do with the RC and RH. Came across this post while I was on hold to talk to Nest’s tech support. Nest thermostat has power issues. And as you have likely already guessed… The AC fan turned on and the Peak Saver power light came on as well and currently for about a day now, it all has been working fine, and the vents have much cooler air blowing and overall temperature is much cooler inside. I’m not sure I buy the solutions in the comments of return air issues. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jump the Y and RH terminals on the thermostat and check if the outdoor unit turns ON. Also I’m worried because I’m going out of town in about a week and temps here in the Midwest are in the single digits. The main reason why a HP laptop is frozen is because it’s coming out of sleep mode, or because the laptop has a virus and incompatible drivers. Consider lowering the temperature setting to about 5 degrees lesser than the present temperature. In such cases, disconnect the thermostat from the network for a day and keep a tab on the ambient temperature. Connect the Red and White wires together (twisting, alligator clips, or whatever you’ve got to move those electrons). In this case, replacing it should solve the problem. Same partial solution. Finally, after no luck with the Nest support lines, I decide to shut off the heat from the app and re-turn it on to 72 degrees. If so, change it to Cool mode. Remove the Nest thermostat from your wall. Would a common wire fix my short cycling problem? I appreciate you taking the time to pass along your knowledge!! Test the cooling and heating again to ensure that the problem is solved. If the spinning continues, there may be an internal furnace or stuck relay issue that needs to be addressed. Just had the same problem with mine… 1:30AM woke up freezing… simplest solution if you have an R,Y,G,W set up is replacing the G(Fan) wire in your furnace to C(Common) and do the same in your Nest base set up. The nest thermostat could short cycle your furnace when the voltage in the battery drops. I don’t not have a common wire hooked up to it. Therefore the system is operating with the G, W and RH wires and functioning correctly…. I unplugged the unit from the base and the base itself was hot too. (I’m paraphrasing–I take no responsibility for their explanation! Bypass the Nest by turning off the power to the furnace, attach Rc and W1 together, restore power. Apparently not… The yellow wire was the fix. When this mode is permanently ON, the problem is resolved. You can try to fix a Nest that’s not heating by following these steps. Thank you sooooo much! you saved me from freezing!! Perhaps when Nest adds to its line up there will be more reason to go Nest, but for a whole-home solution Honeywell is way ahead in automation. I don’t know why that one works and the other didn’t (other than different furnace brands). Reset or replacement needed for the system circuit breaker or fuse. We change our air filter monthly, so that didn’t seem likely. I wish I had paid better attention to the battery when this was first a problem for me. The thermostat could be defective. In addition, one of the Nest options was set incorrectly, which forced my AC and heater to turn on at the same time even though I wanted only heat. I have seen in other instances moving the g wire to c made things work properly. And I can't imagine why any mechanism intended to prevent the Air Handler from killing itself would allow it to short cycle on a 2-3 second interval. I’m not a heating and cooling expert, so I’ll only claim this solution is helpful for my system as configured. I also found that the charge on the unit had run way down – not sure if this was a cause or a result of the rapid cycling. Replacing with a new one may address the issue. In the summer of 2018…, Now here we are, in summer of 2019, and I change the Nest setting from Heat to Cool, after having turned on the AC power switch from outside and flipping the breaker to on, to supply the power from the circuit panel…. If you have a york furnace or any type of Unitarian unit coleman etc… the relay on the circuit board gets damaged over time from running nest in a 2 wire operation.

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