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positive role of bias in art

A couple of years ago I decided to read-up on how to collect art. As I get older, I get less “mad” about the fact that it exists, and opt for getting creatively “even”. “you have such a male gaze, all your women are too attractive to be painted by a woman” BUT I also know that this can’t play into any actions I take, and I am just going to develop a plan and move forward. Take a feminist art history class sometime to learn more about gender and art. Grounded in what we know about how children construct identity and attitudes, the goals help you create a safe, supportive learning community for every child. We need each other and… to support one another. ©Nanci Erskine, Orphaned. Tatsächlich schlägt aber doch häufig die Verzerrung der eigenen Wahrnehmung zu. When the data used to develop algorithms and train AI is biased, these biases will only be reinforced by AI tools after adoption and implementation. Unfortunately, I have seen gender based discrimination for many years, starting from the ground up, the general public. I was dismayed the gallery felt it would appropriate to highlight not the work we made or us as professional artists, but as flirty women. Confirmation Bias and Art. Larger artwork is harder to do but at least am getting paid for it. If a gallery will not pay, it tells you how your work is valued. But in most cases…they take it too far (re: Embarrassed’s post). In either case, our brains are latching onto patterns and getting pleasure from accurately predicting what comes next. If not you move on. In any case, I suspect that as long as there is even one of these kinds of discrimination there will be all of them. With such a broad definition, I think it also explains our aesthetic judgments. If a gallery wants your work, they should either pay for the shipping both ways or at minimum split the shipping cost. LOL! Life will get better and we can stimulate this movement. Thankyou Andrew, I was about to raise Ableism as well. I was thinking of focusing on this topic in my blog and learn a lot in the process. Oil on canvas, 20 x 18 inches. And if someone blows me off, then they aren’t going to appreciate my work no matter what I do. But whereas the critics argued that these paintings were violating some intrinsic art rule, psychologists tell us that the only thing objective about this art was that it made people’s confirmation bias go haywire. Question? Required fields are marked *, FREE guide! We politely declined, but it felt hurtful and though I truly wanted to give her an earful, I was concerned about damaging the new relationship and cowardly avoided confrontation. Racism is an excuse, when it comes to art there are no boundaries. I wonder how well Thomas Kincade would have done if he’d been a woman? Advertisement This is not to say that good art has to break rules, there are plenty of conventionalists who made great art by reinforcing preconceptions, but it is to say that good art can break rules. But I think all people have a certain degrees of insecurities , ignorance and ego issues. Indeed, I find the internet a blessing for me as well … being home-bound a good deal of the time. Von einem Bias ist dann die Rede. To think about how they came to believe that if your are not young/pretty/normal you can’t be a successful artist (or be anything for that matter), for example. In response to that repeated behavior and on the advice of a well known male western artist, I started signing my paintings with my first initials and last name. I myself am “deaf” – I put that in quote only because I was “mainstreamed” (education wise) into the hearing culture, and I think more like a hearing person than a deaf person. Bias can either be extremely positive or extremely negative. She didn’t deserve it. So, whenever I created art (or design), I have to ignore these negative elements and just do the best I can. 1. Ironically, when I was in my 20s, I was told by an internationally collected Western artist that my work was fantastic, but that unfortunately it probably wouldn’t catch on until I had some gray hair and experience under my belt. This skewered focus has greatly diminished my career opportunities (in the design field) in the past. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. Share on Reddit. (I also think that ‘lookism’ or fataphobia has a pretty strong place in at least the high end art world. We discussed my work and me as an artist and had a great time. It’s also said that your work will be worth more when you’re dead, and many people believe that. Two recent discussions have made me think about the dark, unseemly side of the art world. Publication bias is stronger in some fields than others; one 2010 study found that papers in the social sciences are 2.3 times more likely to show positive results than papers in the physical sciences [source: Fanelli]. Because positive experiences are softer and more subtle than negative ones, they are easy to miss. 9 pricing factors, 3 methods for pricing art, and 2 golden rules. My experience has been from a career in a male dominated proffession and I experienced every kind of discrimination you can think of (on one of my assessments was written, ” wears her uniform very well”…it took me a couple years to learn exactly what that meant). Each of these works was highly controversial. If others do not treat you well by respecting your time & your travel, it is saying something about how you are viewed – as a victim to be exploited. Stereotypical description of Aboriginal activities. Thanks for suggesting it. While you can’t let the isms dictate what or how you paint, they unfortunately do enter the picture of your life in a real way when what you sell and how much you sell it for pays employees’ pay, payroll taxes, workmans’ compensation, rent, mortgage, insurances, electric bills, sewer bills, groceries, dental, medical, dog food, tv, internet…. really?” when a gallery owner told me that some people, looking at my paintings, thought I was a man. As neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, author of This is Your Brain on Music explains, "as music unfolds, the brain constantly updates its estimates of when new beats will occur, and takes satisfaction in matching a mental beat with a real-in-the-world one." This is a funny topic. And I had to deal with the current social perception – since I am deaf, I must be either part of the deaf community or have some connections with the communities or the organizations serving the deaf. Pat, I hope you didn’t take my comment to mean you weren’t an “artist.” From your bubbly, enthusiastic comments about not being concerned with the “isms” I wrongly took it that the “isms” weren’t a concern to you because you perhaps had a retirement or some other source of income and you weren’t impacted by the isms. Perhaps my comment is off topic…. I stopped dead in my tracks when I read in one of the books I was researching from the library that collectors were not advised to purchase works from older artists. Perhaps your state does too. ON another occasion, a male colleague told me “I hope you don’ t have children because you are very talented.” He has children, but he has a wife. I am thinking of my history as an artist. My appearance may have helped – which it shouldn’t. I can only sit or stand for short periods of time and I am easily fatigued, which effects how I can present my work at say an art fair or gallery opening etc. You have a product, if people want that they buy it. A Hidden Bias In Art History Revealed. I had to use a lot of alternative resources or creative ways to get whatever I need done. And the funny thing was those same people who refused eye contact came back peeking over the shoulders of others to see what was going on. Growing up with a bicultural background (Taiwanese and American), she is deeply passionate in learning about cultures across the world, and spent 4 semesters studying away: from London, Washington DC to Prague. In this light, the relationship between confirmation bias and music is clear. So logic would tell people the older the artist the sooner their art will skyrocket in value and therefore it’s a good investment. And, of course, the mental baggage we carry with us – or don’t – also affects how we are perceived. In the black community it has been my experience that there seems to be some type of invisible hierarchy of gatekeepers. Like for example – the deaf community is actually compromised of several groups: hearing-impaired (“oral deaf” – the ones that don’t use sign-language), in-between (both sign language & lipreading), and sign deaf (the ones that only use sign language), and I have been discriminated as an “oral deaf” only because I acted too much like an hearing person. This extract from a discussion of the Wild Rivers legislation assumes Aboriginal people do not engage in activities such as economic development in the areas discussed.. Research has found “entrenched negative stereotypes” of Aboriginal people in Australia .. Stereotypes can take many forms and shapes. + 15. In the exces-sive ITCZ region [where the annual-mean rainfall bias To all you who feel as I do– keep looking and keep applying. Art. History has shown that this can get ugly. However, in cases of possible implicit bias—patterns that might be occurring outside of the officers’ conscious control—it may not be appropriate to formally discipline the officer. It seems unlikely two male artists in a similar position would be asked to present themselves in that way. Bias, the act of judging something without enough evidence, is an inescapable aspect of business life. I am sure that this omission was not intentional, but it does need to be brought out in the public. Although it is not necessarily easy to control for bias, authors must at least be aware of some of the biases that may be present in order to account for them in the critical evaluation and in order to think about better study design for the future. When you are a mother and an artist there is a ton of pressure to put art to the side. What a catch 22! But when we turn off our confirmation bias, we realize that watching or listening to something that doesn’t fulfill our expectations can be ultimately rewarding. Of 76 papers in which such bias could potentially occur, 44 showed a positive bias. I am an “emerging” senior, woman artist (approaching 70) and I feel such gratitude to have found such joy, energy and fulfillment in my art. Confirmation bias happens unconsciously. Ever see “Who Does She Think She Is?” I work on large-scale sculpture and most of my colleagues are men. Cataloging and classification are critical to any library. (2016) for words and findings from Walden and Field (1982), Tottenham et al. (Look of disbelief.) This is one reason we repeatedly listen to the same songs and bands, we know exactly what we are going to get, and love it when they fulfill our preconceived expectations. When I was an art student in college I had just become a true believer in Christianity. He has a column at CreativityPost.com and a blog at BigThink.com called "Moments of Genius". Also, apparently my signature looked masculine! Sometimes just asking them why they believe “that” can force them to confront their own prejudices. Robert Krulwich Look at this guy. Then he wasn’t so friendly and I was basically told I needed to know my place and wait my turn. Also, if they already have a large group of more mature artists, they might be looking to add younger people they can help develop and nurture. -I call it the ‘keep your head in the sand and they won’t do that to me’ syndrome. Galleries do not like to promote older artists work because they will die sooner and not have the chance to grow their body of work enough for a good collection ($$$). I’m 65, Karen…and only recently have I begun to wonder about this but in general, I don’t let it concern me. “wow I didn’t realize you were disabled, you look too young/pretty/normal” Bias and Prejudice in the Art World. I hold tenatiously onto my positive outlook as the climb from where I am, I know, is going to be at times gruelling, painful and fulfilling. Ages ago people used to come up to my now late husband at shows and enthuse over my work, complementing HIM for HIS great skill. Bear in mind I know that galleries are businesses. This discussion has been directed to galleries, but I have found before getting to the point of producing professional level work, there is much discrimination in getting the means to perfect the craft to be at gallery level. In a blind juried setting the jurors ended up choose artists that were completely representative of the pool. I AM an artist but will NOT let the negativity overtake me. All groundbreaking artists are in on this well kept secret: they know that in the end, it is just as enjoyable to experience something that violates an expectation, which is why they replaced the expected with the unexpected. The subtlety of this prejudice may affect a leader’s perception and influence professional judgement and decision making in the areas of communication, hiring, promoting, or … Ha ha. Consider the negative and positive biases that exist concerning Ph.D.s. But to be clear, if you want to sell to a gallery, start acting like a business. Now into the studio I go….. So…back in the 80’s, my wasband and I were working as a collaborative artist. I am not naive … but, I refuse to accept and/or listen to the negative anymore! It was almost as though others had to validate me in order for them to accept me. I can understand how you have been impacted by your personal experience. I still face discrimination for painting female nudes as a woman. As a newly emerging artist, I’ve decided I simply don’t care if the -isms exist. When the economy was better that sort of thing didn’t bother me as much as it does when I am made to think about it (by things like this blog posting) now. A quick Google search can lead you to a number of different situations where bias plays a positive role. I also accept that I do the footwork and put myself out there and trust that all the other prejudice’s may be there but they can’t scare me. Essentially, your overall impression of a person ("He is nice!") What really struck me in your post was how sorry I feel for the lady who thinks there are things that women can’t do. I’ve seen more than a few instances since I let my hair grow out gray (and I do look younger than my age) and my weight climbed, of people being turned off when I introduced myself as the artist instead of the positive response I used to get when I was slender and dark haired. In each of these cases, the composers forced the audience to listen to exactly what they didn’t want to hear. And, I never would have believed it a few years ago. It is an embedded trait of human cognitive function and one that plays an important role in synthesising the huge amount of data we have to process every day. S ometimes it seems surprising that science functions at all. Also just turned 62. Women certainly do have a harder time in the art world. Confirmation bias is a broad construct that has a number of possible explanations, namely: hypothesis-testing by falsification, hypothesis testing by positive test strategy, and information processing explanations. You may wish to look ahead to the Application assignment so that you may best plan your time for this week. If we continue to think that confirmation bias only applies to the everyday, we may be shutting out the next Stravinsky. I’m starting to think from the above posts that the paradigm has shifted in the art world to reflect the nonsensical reverence for youth that has taken over the fashion industry, films, tv…. In that light I would like to thank you for sharing the difficulties and the joys you’ve experienced over the years. Some are very light hearted, some very serious, and almost none make it into shows in this very Christian area despite the fact that they are purely metaphorical. [illustrations by Souther Salazar] American Educator, Winter 2015-2016 Download PDF (202.84 KB) “don’t women only paint fat women?” With the advent of Internet, my opportunities were much better, however, I still have to deal with the perceived “stigma” (my own perception) of my hearing impairment even in the art world. I count myself as very lucky, I have a separate pension income, my husband is my live-in carer and takes care of our daughter so that I don’t have to put my art to the side, and I get to be an artist full time. I went to a party for artists and architects in Wash DC once and I was the only woman there who wasn’t an artist or architect’s wife! The retirees practically gave their work away because they didn’t need to make a living. But instead of reading quotes like these as idealistic aphorisms, let us take them as warnings that confirmation bias appears in art just as it is in everyday decision-making. Group & Organization Studies, 7: 402–417. Famous examples include performances of Béla Bartók’s The Miraculous Mandarin, Steve Reich’s Four Organs and Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. 1. I think the best age to begin collecting from an artist is when the *artist* is in their 20s. That *is* ironic! After reading your post here Jennie, I just have to say something. for every time I have shown art quilts and heard “My grandma makes quilts, but they’re not like those.”. It ran some professionals out of business, eh said. I just go with the flow and not worry about the gender…or my hearing handicap…. And my biggest challenge with the mixed media art world is having to deal with “jealousy” – not the good kind but the kind that makes it difficult for me to get ahead. . What can I do about? Throughout, there is an emphasis on the human role in AI bias. Positive-outcome bias (POB) is defined as the increased likelihood that studies with a favorable or statistically significant outcome will be published than will studies of similar quality that show unfavorable or “no-difference” results. I have found that spending time analyzing on how I am treated is basically a waste of time and tears me down as a person. You think the best is going to happen, not the worst. And…. Examples of this include Jonah Lehrer's How We Decide, Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson’s Mistakes Were Made , and the recent Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber article (pdf) that has garnered so much popularity. In my very feisty heart, I hope that some day you find yourself in a position to express yourself to this person. How many large-sized female artists do you see getting shows). In the Arts, avoiding bias is often not a commendable goal but rather considers a certain amount of bias having a positive role. In other words, they are the ones who saw through their confirmation bias. I want people to say they met me. Women. It has taken over a year to get my 1st gallery chance. Pat, I empathize greatly as I am the primary caregiver for a parent with Alzheimers. It has taken Years to finally be able to embrace my career as an artist (for many reasons). I love your attitude! A positive bias means that you put people in a different kind of box. Tags: .USIH Blog, teaching intellectual history. I want to change those things. I have found that most of these people are ignorant to what they are proposing and it opens a door for them to rethink their belief…sometimes they don’t even know why they think what they are thinking. Can’t fault gallery owners, they are in business to make money. It appears that art consultants only can sell paintings – have tried 5 different art consultants. In other words, its predictions don't discriminate between different mediums; it just wants its expectations to be fulfilled. some of my favorite comments include: but I still read that women artists would be better off hiding their genders. A jump in unemployment for the age 55+ group vs. younger competitors underscores a unique challenge: not age-bias per-se, but rather age-related … The truth is that I have only one or two hearing impaired friends, and one of them is an artist. Are people not just going to these events to have their opinions confirmed? Data is AI’s oil. I work nights in my small bedroom when all are asleep and in between caregiving. That is to start the truck. asked me, “This Ellen Rice isn’t really a woman is she? I happen to be in the female-dominated mixed media world…and yet, discrimination is everywhere regardless of gender, age, race, or ability. Now, he is trying to find a career as a science journalist who writes about philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. 40 Downloads; Part of the International Scholars Forum book series (ISFO, volume 14) Abstract. But recently, I was having a short consult with another painter, and the “ageism” concept came up. Some have even been ‘discovered’ when they were older. I think you have to look at this from a whole different perspective. The world is too big to be held down by -isms and the Internet gives us access to so many new potential collectors. Our work is not sensual or sexy or flirty, nor are the other artist and I well acquainted. Now that appears to be going on here, though I am still thankfully earning a living with the work I love. It is common that recruiters will look to fill a role with someone who shares similar physical attributes to the person who held that role before, or who they believe looks like the kind of person who should have the role based on their preconceived bias. I’m 68, and this is something I wonder about every day. I’d like to think that the quality of the artwork we produce do trump the factors we’re discussing, but I am sure that is not always the case. © 2021 Scientific American, a Division of Nature America, Inc. Support our award-winning coverage of advances in science & technology. So far I have merely introduced the set of seven methodological tools that I propose to employ for the analysis of style. I won’t even try to do any selling via the web. :-), For what it is worth… I truly admire and thank you for sharing your experiences within our art world and how you have not only endured but risen above it all with increased focus on those “who appreciate” your work. Sam McNerney graduated from the greatest school on Earth, Hamilton College, where he earned a bachelors in Philosophy. Positive thinking often starts with self-talk. I am grateful Connecticut has a Home Care for Elders Program. Survivorship bias: we tend to only hear about the successes or “survivors” - we don’t hear the stories of the failures, and thus overestimate the chances of success. 1-6 Although POB is not limited to the peer review process, manuscript review is considered an important locus of this phenomenon. For example, a bias against processed / fast foods may lead a person to better health even with brands / foods they have not tried before. Print. is the propensity to attribute positive outcomes to skill and negative outcomes to luck. It is still limiting, even if we don’t see it that way. Coupled climate models used for long-term future climate projections and seasonal or decadal predictions share a systematic and persistent warm sea surface temperature (SST) bias in the tropical Atlantic. There is a very young (30s) man in my area who is and has been his entire life independently wealthy, went to the best art school, travels around the globe to paint, paints beautifully some of the same things I do and draws $8,000 for a painting I would sell for $2,000, $30,000 for one I’d sell for $8,000. Now, he is working as a science journalist writing about philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. We’ve got a lot of “emerging” senior artists around here who have retired from the DC area and don’t depend on their art for the necessities. Other businesses pay shipping – why not galleries. I went “huh? I am an artist and …. and I still face discrimination as an artist with a disability. Positive role that bias can play – How does bias play a positive role in a particular AOK or RLE? He spends his free time listening to Lady Gaga, dreaming about writing bestsellers, and tweeting @whywereason. Confirmation bias cannot be avoided or eliminated entirely, but only managed by improving education and critical thinking skills. 2. Without a blind jury the % of women and people of color represented went down pretty dramatically. Months later I still wince at the experience. That doesn’t mean you dwell on them, but if you depend on your work selling for survival on this planet you do have to work around them the best way you can. The reasons are endless. Wow! I am retired on a very small social security income due to assisting in the care of a parent with Alzheimer’s daily. Used with permission. Simply increasing physicians’ familiarity with the many types of cognitive biases—and how to avoid them—may be one of the best strategies to decrease bias-related errors. Propaganda has affected our world in lots of different ways; it has helped transform our world into a society where it is harder for people to start thinking individually. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'Bias' auf Duden online nachschlagen. AGEISM Is there a prejudice against artists over 40 who are seeking galleries? Right or wrong, maybe it is human nature. Our society is skewed to the young, thin & beautiful & anything with a brand name – if in doubt look at the morning news programs. Confirmation Bias. It also helps me focus on the more positive aspects of the people around me which also builds more relationships. But, it is much more than that I’ve found. Being a full grown man I try not to see things such as racism. You can take unconscious bias tests, but they won’t fix the problem—they just let you know that the problem exists.

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