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replaster or skim

. Patching a surface crack. Unfortunately I don’t personally know any plasterers in Ventura county. It makes the whole home feel more secure and solid – because it is. Get a grip. Still, even the very thin gypsum plaster walls of the 30’s and 40’s can be shored up to feel more solid like the earlier walls. Modern veneer plasters are just drywall or blueboard (which is special type of drywall) with 1/16, maybe 1/8″ of gypsum plaster skimmed over it. Plastering FAQ Simple to understand and gives a smooth, durable finish. 1. The job prices out to nearly the same as doing a Level 6 drywall and then painting several coats of paint. Dura bond is hard ,all purpose is soft and sandable, E-z sand durabond white bag can be scraped and sanded however the brown bag has a higher tensil strength and not as easily conformed once dry white bag will not crack if applied correctly I’ve been a taper and plasterer for 20 yrs using diamond and imperial plasters we also tape and mud regular drywall. I was trying to figure out why the contractor estimated the 2×2 hole in our closet at $300 in plaster. I have been in the plastering industry for over 40 years. Would a clear sealer help? The moisture even sealed our front door shut so that it took a couple of days to dry out enough for us to open. It’s not like he was trying to make money off of it. For your convenience, apply the plaster in rows that are about a metre long. Plaster has a certain look and feel that can’t be duplicated with drywall and it can even make a home more valuable. 2. Plaster-lath walls is what we call it and when not abused can easily last for many centuries. Hi Marc. The majority of the interior walls are the original lath & plaster. Made of cellulose – tougher and stronger than plasterboard, meaning you can attach most fixings to it – it can be jointed easily by a novice and simply painted over. Use a straight edge, like a stick, to make certain it is below the plane . Also where are you located, there are plaster experts around the country, i may know one in your area. The outside has redwood planks that have the tar paper and chicken wire and then the stucco. Use a sanding sponge. When a previous owner dug down a foot more, the shoring job wasn’t done properly, nor were the jacks/footers done properly. Born and raised Hamster here. Just our luck! In grade school (give or take a few years), Marc's mom said, "We need to cut down some trees. Therefore, if speed and cost are a priority, plasterboard is by far the better option. Sorry again for any distress this caused you and best of luck with your work. Preferred by masonry lovers, wet plaster uses either cement renders or gypsum backings trowelled onto blockwork. Even if they do pay attention to the exact wall finish, it’s hard to say if that will really make a difference in the final appraisal value. Thanks! You can still use lime plaster. You save a lot of time not going to a Level Six smooth coat drywall. Checkout Vasari’s plaster products they’re made for DIYers. Patching a deeper crack. Plaster is harder than drywall, and as a result is better able to weather daily wear and tear. Walls which are intact but have a poor surface because of previous patching could be another candidate. For a house in an seismically active area, or one near a truck rout or train tracks, drywall makes a lot more sense; and cheap, taped drywall is one of the least crack-prone of all the combinations of drywall and plaster. Walls - 44 square metres X £6.00 = £252.00. Patching a hole. Repairing or re-skimming over existing plaster to correct blemishes in plaster. Good luck! If you can find a good plaster guy, it’s insane not to go that route. Instead of plasterboard ceilings, you can use chestnut laths and then plaster them with lime mortars mixed with horse hair. The old style was usually applied over lath, but that method is exceedingly rare these days. Thanks for explaining the benefits of plaster. Replaster or a skim for long term solution. I think TJ’s point was basically this was not intentional, yet you immediately jumped down the guys throat publicly. What % up charge would you say to expect with plaster? Drywall hasn’t been around long enough to point to similar longevity. I’d avoid the foam. Plaster is more fire resistant than drywall. If soft and chalky, sometings wrong. The acoustics of plaster just aren’t the same as drywall. Just like the first time wash your walls with sugar soap. You might also find someone through If you plan to do it yourself without much experience, drywall is definitely. This allows for natural movement in your home and prevents your plaster from cracking. the other option was to have two layers of heavy weight lining paper put up over well sanded walls - which is the option we went for. What would you say is the life expectancy of drywall, versus plaster? Because Plaster is a bit thicker, more solid, and has more mass, plaster is also a somewhat better sound barrier. Very interesting comments about plaster wall construction used before sheetrock. You DO NOT want to get rid of lime plaster walls for ANY reason. Don’t Replaster your pool until you read this. Before we get into step-by-step instructions, let’s cover the basics. Otherwise known as ‘dot and dab’, this is an alternative for masonry walls and is frequently used by volume housebuilders. I also have a 1910 house that I’ve just remodeled and stuck with the plaster (and the push button light switches in the LR etc). A high-end level 5 drywall finish includes a final skim coat similar to a plaster job, but most drywall jobs aren’t done at that level. Here’s how to get around it: 1. Fill edges with dura bond 90 and any heavy fill. Skim-coat plasters are trowelled on to produce a smooth, gloss finish ready for painting. Bath It should be hard and dense and not able to dig into it. Live and learn. New Plastering. I would first determine is the plaster ” hard”. If you have it, keep it; rehab it with a good skim and it will last lifetimes if not abused too much. Marc grew up under a brave single mom who "encouraged" home improvement on the family home. Just giving a shout out for the Bellingham mention. While there isn’t a lot of difference in cost between the materials involved in wet and dry plastering, it takes twice as long to do the work on wet plastering, increasing labour costs. First off, my apologies. Either way, the plaster covers the entire wall surface. Now it makes sense and gives me a better feeling about my entire house. Any and all insights and recommendations are welcome! The alternative method (taping and jointing) is to use tapered-edge boards, tape and fill over the joints and nail holes, and then sand the surface before painting. 4m x 3m room re-skim. If the tape is still well intact with the wall, the crack is most likely due to the old drywall compound drying and shrinking. First, you’ll want to gather all your needed materials, which is no small task. Skim coating over the plaster that is already cracking would not be a good idea. If you’re paranoid about that kind of thing this may sway your thinking. Plaster vs Drywall, which is best? Just browsing the net for pictures of what I want to try and re-create in my home and came across this amazingly well put together article of exactly what I want but I’m disappointed because since it’s not diy and it’s last on the priority list of things to spend money on getting other people to do in my home it’ll probably never happen. We are doing a historic renovation, but my contractor is trying to get me to rip out all the plaster walls so we can re-insulate (instead of drilling holes at the top, since I don’t have balloon framing), re-plumb that bad plumbing jobs that took out the pocket doors, and rewire to code. Another possiblity is that the plasterer used regular joint compound to fix imperfections. From here, fill in the crack with fresh compound and apply some compound to the wall surface from where the tape was just removed. I tore out plaster on recommendation from a contractor. The biggest factor in the lifespan of both is the quality of the installation, and what conditions the installation are subject to. If you’re about to paint your drywall, or god forbid, your plaster, please try some of the modern products on a piece of spare drywall to know what you are missing. As we are new to this, I’d appreciate any advice on this. You will, however, need to find a skilled plasterer and accept that some cracking is possible. Thanks for this info! We also later found out that distemper can be difficult to skim over and plaster can come away from it after a while. Seal the wall with a strong PVA mix the day before, PVA again before plastering & skim when tacky. Very interesting commentary! 4m x 3m room re-skimmed walls, ceiling boarded and skimmed. Skimming, also known as top coat plastering, is the most common type of job for plasterers and can usually be carried out by a single person on their own. But plasterboard has advantages, too — it offers speedy installation with no drying period or cracks. There are two basic board thicknesses: 9.5mm for 400mm spacings and 12.5mm for 600mm. Gunite or Concrete Appearance: Gunite is a durable substance used to create the basin's structural support. To skim a ceiling with plaster, first, dab some clean water on the ceiling where you plan to apply the plaster. the veneer plaster systems are more popular in Europe than drywall. Note: A scratch or ‘key’ coat refers to a base coat which is lightly scratched before the plaster dries and the top coat/s are applied. For holes larger than six inches, however, you’ll have to create your own patch to repair. The end result: a genetically pre-disposed, socially sculpted home improvement machine! All in all though, the two techniques are fairly comparable in overall price. Best to get a pro for sure. here's a chainsaw." He’s based out of San Diego. The cheapest route is to specify full size boards (1.2m x 2.4m) at standard thickness (12.5mm). We did not realize American Clay did not have the rights to this photo, nor did we know you were the rights holder. That says it all. When cracks or holes do arise, most are fairly easy to repair in not much time – if you know what you’re working with. As above — it’s fast and relatively easy. The techniques and methods involved in plastering are not easy to master. Don’t confuse blue board with green board, (the green stuff is just moisture resistant sheetrock typically used in bathrooms for drywall projects, it’s not made for plaster). Plaster has been around much longer than drywall, and, as a result, you can find buildings hundreds of years old that might still have their original plaster intact. We’re struggling to work out what to do about the whole thing as the weeks slip by and we can’t move our family in or continue to next stages. If you have it, keep it; rehab it with a good skim and it will last lifetimes if not abused too much. And there are even several companies like American Clay that make gorgeous evironmentally friendly earthen plaster, as seen in the images for this article. This includes the wax on a sponge finish. Many self-builders favour wet plaster because it matches the look and feel of traditional materials, it offers better sound­proofing and airtightness, and doesn’t cause problems in fixing items to the walls (unlike some boards). Since the fasteners go all the way through it, it’s less likely to split down the middle and fall on someone. There was a problem. Let dry and sand smooth. It will flake from the walls and take your precious work with it. Please refresh the page and try again. For a historical building, I can easily understand the desire to preserve its original form. Try Seamus at Mullins Plastering. project. Hi Jennifer. And all walls that a properly made will last 100+ years, drywall or plaster! For a great finish, you really need to hire a recommended pro with years of experience. I have an Ohio house that was built in 1910. how long can one expect each to last in a house of normal usage? They simply skim over your existing plaster to correct any blemishes that may have appeared. Plasterer in Bellingham WA? Skimcoat. to add to my thoughts. Unlike stiff-drying mortar, plaster dries fairly soft and it is this pliability that makes it perfect for a soft, smooth finish for a substratum foundation for priming or paint coat application. Filed Under: Building Materials, DIY Discussion, Restoration Tagged With: drywall, plaster. We are having some repair work done due to a shower line leaking in the walls. Dot and Dab is as suggested above sticking boards to walls with adhesive, then next technique as above also is tape and jointing (using feather edge boards, skrim taping and using jointing compound to fill the gaps and light sand after drying. They are expensive and tend to be used by people interested in natural materials, or wanting walls that breathe. Let set and dry. For medium rooms, you can expect to pay from £420 and £550 respectively. If you’re replastering your ceiling to remove Artex , it’s worth getting clued up on the costs with our dedicated guide. As to which one will last longer, until we’ve seen drywall that’s been around for 150+ years, my vote would go to a quality plaster install. Convinced that you need to replaster your pool, but wondering what is involved? Sheets of plasterboard are stuck against blockwork walls with dabs of adhesive, leaving a small cavity between the blockwork and board. . The chemistry is not good for longevity. Remove the tape without tearing off the paper covering and then scrape away any loose compound that remains. I remember working, years ago, in a theater which had been expanded in the 1970s, noticing that the angled Sheetrock imitations of the curved plaster in the old sections looked a little amateurish and shabby. Thank you! I’ve done my share of fishing wire, and it’s never as easy as it might seem. Really, it's worth it. If this is the case, you should first determine whether the crack extends entirely through the paper covering the seam, in addition to determining if the tape has pulled loose from the wall. The soundproof qualities are wonderful. my house was built in 1926 in Burbank and the lath is maple wood. You can re-wire an old plaster house the same way they did it when electricity was first installed – by fishing the wires behind the baseboards. Vella Venetian Plaster out of San Diego. Totally unnecessary and tragic. USG makes a spray on clear sealer that might keep it from chalking. I’m a handyman and have done my share of drywall from repairs to new builds. For a small room, prices range between £380 and £500. This is also how ceiling finishes are dealt with, whatever the build system. I know this is an old post, I am just wondering if your thoughts on the matter still stand. And there’s no reason all the walls in a house have to be the same; one can plaster the areas near light fixtures, then double-X-rated-drywall or cement-board the areas that get lots of abuse or need better sound and fire protection. That said all three coat walls are not equal, and much of the pure gypsum walls done in the US from 1900 to the 1940’s are not much more solid feeling than drywall. Plastering is a real skill that can’t be mastered by watching a few YouTube videos. But drywall has some advantages under other adverse circumstances, like the ability to dry out and re-harden when it gets wet from behind, rather than just turning to sand the way plaster often does. If these can simply have another layer of skim it will be far the easiest. There are two rival methods for finishing plasterboard. It really isn’t that much more difficult or expensive than painting, and is completely VOC free, non-toxic in every way, and in the aesthetics department, blows any type of house paint away. This is one of the most common jobs for plasterers which some home owners can probably carry out on their own. then just skim it or better then that just score the walls with a knife 4:1 PVA mix let it go say 40mins just enough time for a cuppa the ad a little water to it say 5;1 mix PVA then get that on with a roller nice and wet let it go tacky then skim it Thank you in advance…. +1 for plaster’s bullet resistance compared to drywall! I would never go back to drywall in a million years — plastering is just 1000x better in every way. Because we wanted plaster, we contracted a local plasterer for $20k for blueboard through finished surface but what we got was a chaulky mess that chips right off in layers almost down to the blueboard. It can be anything from removing old plastering ($1 to $3) to moving furniture, sanding, filling holes, masking switches and sockets, etc.Whatever the task, preparation accounts for 10% to 30% of the total cost. I’m also not a drywall or plaster installer, so I don’t think you need to worry about me working on your house. Thanks for this info. You will only need to finish your drywall at a level 3 finish. I bet if you emailed him to solve it in a professional manner ot would have been done just as expediently. Before you dive into hanging drywall in a vintage or high-end home, consider the alternative of plaster. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Just ran across this. Homebuilding is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. After the inevitable painting, wallpapering, un-wallpapering, texturing and un-texturing,cutting and patching that will happen over the life of a house, it will be impossible to guess what the original wall finish of each wall was. The next layer of plaster enters the scratches to form a bond. In most cases, these kits come with a reinforced center panel surrounded by self-sticking tape requiring you to simply adhere the patch to the wall and cover with drywall compound. If you’re really concerned about sound proofing, check out our review and use of, Plaster is a more unique skilled trade. Fill the screw holes and cover the board joints with tape and joint filler (known as tape and jointing). Once dry your plasterer can apply a skim coat directly. Your use is a violation of copyright law—- it’s illegal. Drywall feels cheap and crappy by comparison. Hi Sherri. Those 1″ thick lime walls feel very close to a masonry wall. The only drywall is where newer work was completed (before my purchase). My “particularities” led me to choose plaster instead of drywall when we had to replace several walls in our 1930’s vintage home. You can airless spray or hopper and backroll the lst coat. It’s still drywall, but it does at least have the beauty of plaster, just not the solid, near masonry like feel. I live in Florida. Re-wiring an old plaster house entirely by attempting to fish wire isn’t a task I’d ever want to take on! 3. Plastering over Artex - Two techniques for a fresh finish Two different ways of plastering over Artex textured finishes If you’re ready to make a change to a textured wall or ceiling, there are two ways of plastering over Artex textured finishes. Because it’s wet, it takes a long time to dry and this can also lead to hairline cracking issues with unwelcome callbacks and redecorating costs. The points below highlight why it makes more sense to hire an experienced professionalto plaster your walls: 1. I am in San Diego also. If you’re new to plastering, this guide will take you through everything you need to know. To take a look, widen the crack with a utility knife and assess the situation. Here is the link for the Vella Plastering that goes over standard drywall. We have and love our plaster walls in our 1927 home here in Michigan. Wow, I don’t want you anywhere near my house. Chances are you’ll make a horrific mess. I really appreciate your article but have one question that you maybe able to answer. Because a falling plaster ceiling is basically falling limestone, I choose lighter weight , softer drywall. Anyway, they had to tear it down due to fire and smoke. Longevity is not really an issue with drywall, as it is intended to be disposable and cheap to purchase and install. I went to a place called Squires Belt, which looks like it changed names: Once the roof and windows are sealed. You then can hopper the second coat and trowel this finish. It also gives a good seal around openings — offering superior airtightness. All this, while the original plaster walls that don’t have problems can be lightly re-surfaced and left alone. This is vital if you have kids that think your house is a indoor race track. Here are some important factors to consider when replastering or resurfacing your pool: I’ve had some say to remove the plaster, but I say it’s been here longer than I have and is still in good shape. Then add a small amount of plaster to the edge of your plastering trowel to create a thin, even layer. Good afternoon, Might I gently suggest continuing to read the rest of that sentence? Choosing the right company to replaster your pool is a very important decision. Once the compound is dry, add a second thin coat over the taped area, spreading the compound out onto the surrounding surface. Veneer ( Diamond) plaster should not be chalky. While the compound is still wet, place a strip of fiberglass tape over the seam. Hi Jan, glad you liked the input. Is it better to jack up or crib a house in the spring/summer when there is more humidity (Kentucky), or is that not a factor? The way you’ll want to repair the damage will depend primarily on the size, type, and location of the crack or hole. Even an ape can do a neat job putting up the raw boards — they don’t need to be neat or close-fitting, just plumb and level. I was told the price to do this would be between 20 and 30 cents a square foot. They are really helpful and I like the samples that we did at a work shop. Learn how to skim a ceiling - the basic diy skills needed for skimming a ceiling. My plaster guy wants to use greenboard, which I know is wrong. Overlapping tapping is fine. It is also possible the material was old. It’s a skilled process, unsuitable for DIY self-builders to attempt, and good plasterers can be hard (and expensive) to find. In restoration work, you may want to go back to traditional plastering methods. Plastering requires the use of specialised tools and equipment that you wouldn’t want to purchase just for the occasional plast… Once skim has gone hard you cannot work with it anymore, the only option is to smooth it is by sanding, which will take forever and is incredibly tiring working with your arms overhead! 1. Builders like it because it avoids most of the problems with hairline cracking and callbacks. A father figure also involved Marc in many home improvement projects, including a summer of home remodeling in Palo Alto, CA. Then more practice you do the better you will get at it! Why “faux” when you can do the real thing? But they’re usually more than happy to have you hang the rough blueboards if you want to save some money — they handle the taping and corner beads. : ). Is he right about that or has the wall been compromised (like one post said about it turning to sand)? To insulate you can put rigid foam. Even in southern CA, wall insulation is nice to have. What’s the best way to finish internal walls and ceilings? Plaster is a type of dry powder made of cement and sand to be blended with water to form a paste for skim-coating wall surfaces like brick walls and other masonry substrates for smoother finishing. Let him know Marc Lyman sent you over! Then use a knife or saw to expand the crack through the wall surface and into the stud cavity. Am restoring a 1880’s home in Ventura County. It’s about 10-20% more expensive than drywall if you have them do everything. If the hole doesn’t extend to studs on either side, you’ll need to reinforce it yourself using a piece of drywall slightly larger than the hole. Not quite sure on that yet. Horse hair has its modern equivalent with fibres, which are now sometimes added to plasters to stop them cracking when drying out. In any case where the crack does extend through the paper – or if the tape has come loose from the wall – you should use a knife to cut the tape about six to 12 inches from both ends of the crack. I had a ceiling that was plaster with slats. This project is for skimming as the original plasterboards are in good condition; just the surface plaster is poor. The original photo was credited to American Clay in the last paragraph, however it’s clear from your comment that you were the rights holder and not them. My question is where do you find blue board. Sherri, you sum up what’s wrong here in the U.S. It’s all about money, right? Even if you use a harder more durable mud or plaster, it will still most likely crack because of the age of your house, and the fact that your walls are already cracking (and will probably continue to do so). Either wall type will have a much shorter lifespan when subjected to excess moisture, vibration, physical impacts, etc. Here's my take on drywall vs skim vs full update. These are for reinforcement. When a crack takes shape, it is most often along a seam where two separate sheets of drywall come together. Trim the rough edges around the patch and place strips of fiberglass tape over the area for additional reinforcement. Dear sdsdf, please use your real name if you’re inclined to comment here in the future (as we tend to delete anything else as spam or content someone is not willing to put their name on). The right plaster installer can create detailed medallions and crown molding that add lots of charm to a home. Do not drive nails in it though. Thanks Karenina, glad you found the plaster v drywall discussion useful! But all is not doomed! Apply joint tape over joint between old and new with all purpose joint compound. Let that coat dry and then sand, wipe, and paint as you would for a surface crack. Mark Brinkley looks at the main options and their cost — and explains how to make the right decision for your home. Lime plaster is a type of plaster composed of sand, water, and lime, usually non-hydraulic hydrated lime (also known as slaked lime, high calcium lime or air lime). For this reason, I left your comment up, however I removed the expletive directed at another commenter. It was an informational article. Local plaster or drywall supply companies and the manufacturers of the products used can also be good sources for recommended installers. Generally, the lifespans for both tend to be estimated in decades. I wanted the plaster put back up but funding is not there.Do drywall and plaster have the same insulation properties or is one better then the other? You can fill and resend if required. I have done and inspected a lot of Diamond Veneer. Pay an attorney for a consultation to see what your options are. You should fill in the crack with fresh compound and then let it dry completely. Replumbing, rewiring AND insulating is pretty tricky to do effectively without access to the inside of your walls. Although uncommon these days, it is sometimes still necessary to plaster directly to old brickwork or blocks. The photo is copyrighted. Either way, I expect the plaster walls to crack some. Modern plaster, on the other hand, is typically applied over a special type of wall board referred to as blue board. Mark. Once that coat dries, sand to smooth it out and apply a final coat of compound. Ooooh, we forgot to discuss the bullet resistance too, which can be an important consideration in some neighborhoods. Maybe we’ll luck out and an actual appraiser will weigh-in here, but if not, I’d call an appraiser or two and just get their opinion on it if you’re actually considering using one material over another for the purposes of maximizing the house value or appraisal. My house is an older house with old-fashioned plaster walls instead of drywall. Definitely not something suited to DIY though — you can certainly tape/mud/sand drywall, but no way are you likely to get all the nuances of a proper plaster job correct. What was the weather like during aplication? Expect a price tag of about $800 to plaster a 100 square foot surface.First, you will have to prepare the walls. Having applied scrim tape to the joints and nail heads of the wall that you are about to skim, mix the correct amount of plaster to a smooth creamy consistency making sure that ALL lumps are out and dry patches around the mixing bucket are mixed in. We were worried about mold and repairing the wall, but our contractor said we were really lucky because it was plaster; there was no danger of mold and no need to repair — it would dry out just fine! I feel it was a big mistake. Look folks, the three coat plaster system wall is dead, and not coming back. We will attempt to patch it with a piece of drywall. For his complete profile, please visit our About page. Some might describe me as obsessive or possibly deranged, but they’re just haters. Plaster’s lifespan can be measured in centuries. It is not difficult to actually get it on the wall or ceiling, but getting it flat and smooth requires a great deal of hard work and practice. The other issue is that the limestone foundation is badly cracked and doesn’t have footers. Look folks, the three coat plaster system wall is dead, and not coming back. Hi Sam, I’d say my thoughts still pretty much stand from when the post was written. Can we insulate basement and attic only? The 6 inch knife is not optimal , but would work. But your choice will have an impact and you need to pick the finish that most closely matches the other elements of your design. I am thinking the plaster was better, but want to know for sure. Sometimes, it’s downright impossible. Hi TJ. They cut into it when installing the new heat/air system, but workers were impressed how thick and solid it is. Scrim tape is basically a mesh that is often applied between the joints of plaster boards. Compare Up To 4 Free Plastering Quotes Near You: Click To Compare Quotes. Then it really looks fantastic when you sponge on a wax application over the second coat. Hi All, Have artex ceilings in the house and want to replaster the ceiliongs to get rid of this for a smooth finish instead. Had a relative with a scar on her head when a ceiling fell on her as a child.

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