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skyrim paarthurnax or blades

When Delphine said something like : “Delphine: Make your chocie Dragonborn. Paarthurnax: " Evenaar Bahlok. But I can live with delphine and esbern dead. I choose Iron because I did not see them as worthy of anything more expensive. Consider it a sacrifice to the dragons, but be prepared you’ll likely have to take out Ognar in the process. So letting you finish off the group would make no sense just like not killing Paarthunax by the end of the game results in his flying away leading the other dragons and giving into his urge for power. (aka Morrowind) Incoming war between Thalmor (elves) and Empire (humanity) is most important thing in Skyrim and your choices are most important for future of Tamriel. No worries I am just teasing! Esbern (got this when returning from Paarthurnax): I really don’t get The Blades, they claim to be serving you and yet try to force you into killing the Dragon. Innocent until proven guilty! Also, didn’t you hear Paarthurnax’s little speech at the end about how Alduin was his brother and that the world will never be the same for him? Bloodthirsty barbarians! If you think that is ok, then you can use the code above. eventually be able to have your followers join the order and take them to Dragonhunts. true, but you must consider the fact that the blades persue complete and total genocide, a act utterly wrong no matter how you look at it. I thought the Dragonborn devoured his soul? it is possible to complete this quest without killing Paarthurnax by using the console command. or any other dialogue you can think of. You can still take the "Dragonbane" Katana from the Temple. Hi! It was the major storyline quest for dragon born happen. Stand in front of Paarthurnax and press Z to demonstrate him your power (screen above). You can get expensive stuff from DB, but you also quarantining victory in future war for Thalmor. (This is entirely my personal PoV, yours may be different), im not siding with the blades, i dont like them either, paarthurnax is cool. What I would suggest i that you find all the shouts by using the Greybeards and then join the blades. That Paarthurnax had actually helped the ancient Nords fight against. ;D, Ironic, when you consider the fact that you have two dragons at your disposal…. You could sell the blades on paarthunaax’s death if your speech craft is high enough. I just ran across this line from Delphine “the Blades are sworn to protect the dragonborn, the greatest dragonslayer of all”…. Not *that* bothered by Arngeir, but Paarthurnax all the way. Maybe it works for you, but I’d rather drop dead than giving in to the Blades. I noticed the first time I played Oblivion that the Blades are a bunch of pompous assholes. Are you so guiltless as to stand in judgement upon Paarthurnax? Nov 30, 2014 - Explore Clyyyde's board "Paarthurnax" on Pinterest. Aww, that sucks … no customization for you :-/. When Esbern first told me that option I flailed at my computer screen going, “WTF I AM NOT KILLING THE ONE DOV I CAN HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOU A$$WHIPE!”. But not only do we have one sole choice, killing Paarthurnax also lies along the lines of a backward mentality. Now you don't have to kill paarthurnax or lose the blades as friends thanks to this mod! It’s the same with Paarthunax. They found out that a long time ago that Paarthurnax was once an ally of Alduin. So I told them to shove it and ignored the quest and proceeded to visit him to have a good ol’ chat. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a7bfd00e8ce2a57555fb7e95bb966ded" );document.getElementById("b8e6bd3510").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright © 1998-2017. The Throat of the World: Receive a lesson from Paarthurnax. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). The emotional tug you get when you kill him knowing its for the best is the only party in the story I think was well done. You feel it in yourself, do you not? Paarthurnax Bug - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: Is there anyway of killing Paarthurnax after you kill alduin on pc, i have tryed the console kill command, smacking him with a sword, werewolf slicing, nothing seems to work, and i wanna do the blades quest line, any ideas Then i made a sheild with General Tullius’s soul. (Intimidate)” Im sure like in every other Elder Scrolls, save maybe arena the blades will have an important role in the next story. 3. I would use it after killing the Blades just to clear out the quest. though thanks for helping me with killing Delphine. There is no reason to side with the blades unless you really hate Dragons. The Paarthurnax quest has always, for me, been a loose end. Enough of the dreaming of a second and better mount and blade. At first, this site is about role playing games, of course it won’t matter outside the game. You’re either with us or against us.”. You feel it in yourself, do you not? The blades are amazing. Just wondering if I can get anyone's views, thoughts and opinions on either the Blades or Greybeards. Using help “Esbern” 0 and help “Delphine” 0 you can find the actor IDs then you use setessential to make them mortal. Thats all it need Bethesda. @Malzen Go the blades! They accompany you to Sky Haven Temple, The Blade’s old base, when they learn that the leader of the Greybeards is Paarthurnax, one of Alduin’s Chief Leitenants and Alduin’s Brother. Or they haven’t been brainwashed like others I don’t think Paarthurnax is that stupid to even consider about dominating the world. The will to power is in our blood. I know it’s a sondbox and we all want to play the way we want, however the one thing more important than choice for the player is staying true to the lore. With both good *and* bad characters. NO SPOILERS!!! Such a choice would have been more meaningful toward the end. @Majestic and then go against the Leader of your species? I should have let the Thalmor kill them instead of bringing the Thalmor after me (I really hate them too). Delphine and Esbern have discovered that Paarthurnax is the Master of the Greybeards and an ancient enemy of the Blades. i agree with you on the win-win situation, but killing blades is a matter of morality . Making followers that hang out at the temple give me the dragon locations from esberns diary or something. What a dilemma. F*** the blades. The ONLY reason people kill Paarthurnax in this game is because they suck up to Delphine and the Blades, and they've figured out some lame way to rationalize it (with off-point analogies or whatever eases their conscience). But except for maybe one 3 minute period of the main quest they don’t actually help you but try to assert themselves as some sort of “superior” to the Dragonborn, telling you what to do all the time. Haha some of the replies on here are hilarious “i fus ro dah’d that old c#nt off the cliff” its a shame I wont ever be joining the blades, as soon as she said kill him I left. In empire all races are living together. What gives?? In a cornered rat quest, my quest show me “talk to esbern”. Blades armor is heavy armor, so recruits who do not favor that skill will be at a disadvantage. What’s more do we know what parthunaxx’s name means so cold it could translate to killer of time. If you side with the Blades and go kill Paarthurnax, the Greybeards will not be very happy. It’is a pity that the story designers used a dualistic world view: Stormclocks – Imperium, Start a rebellion against Alduin ( IF it wasn’t for this first rebellion, the world would have been eaten, and the Akaviri with it, the Blades wouldn’t even exist, so in a way, Paarthunax saved not only the Blades, but also their Akaviri ancestors) Fight Alduin with you once again and after Alduin’s defeat, he teaches his servants the Way of the Voice, which would eventually make them good. Justice can be harsh. You can argue in Paarthurnax's defense, but both will reiterate the war crimes and atrocities committed by Paarthurnax. Haha, nice to read that I am not the only one feeling this way! The choice between killing Paathunax and letting him live was something I think we should concider ourselves lucky to have gotten. I have overcome my nature only through meditation and long study of the Way of the Voice. They want Paarthunax dead, they can bloody well go and kill him themselves. Haha, well done! From which you’ve read so far…I think the question Paarthurnax or Blades? Also the blades are correct not to trust parthunaxx because as a dragon he could revert to killing the races of tamirel becoming the destroyer of time recorded on alduin’s wall. Player: "Why live alone on a mountain if you love conversation?" You don’t get an achievement for doing it. You have to choose to kill Paarthurnax, but Odahviing can live .Can someone say shitty plot hole? Heh, I read at first that you havean x-bow, and wondered why you had trouble giving the blades what they deserve. *splash*. So, between the Blades and Paarthurnax, Paarthurnax gets far more points for helpfulness than the Blades. Judging from your interactions with the Blades, this seems to be true. Make your chocie Dragonborn. -Before the quest I recruited my most talented, loyal, and noble companions into the Blades The Blades are wise not to trust me. During the Quest “Season Unending”, the arrangement of a temporary peace treaty, Delphine or Esbern approach you and tell you that they have learnt about Paarthurnax, the Dragon who is helping you and who happens to be the leader for the Greybeards. I smile every time they do, knowing that my sacrifice of Delphine has appeased them. -Next, get all the possible perks I can from Delphine and Esbern You’re either with us or against us. Arngeir also has some things to say about the Blades and their desire to kill Paarthurnax: Dragonborn: I need to learn the shout used to defeat Alduin. The reassured Arngier that I wasn’t going to kill Paarthurnax after talking to him. They returned to their original goal and approach the Dragonborn offering guidance and support. I really want to do the Blades questline in Skyrim BUT they want me to kill a certain someone and I don't think that's necessary. Considering you’d act as a slave to the Blades it would be your most mercifull end before the Blades decide they could get rid of you aswell. But since I wanted to finish the Blade’s questline, I ended up using the following console command: It made the Paarthunax quest completed without actually killing him. how I kill him however he lead me the way to become more powerful , also without him I would not get the dragonrend shout and defeat Alduin for the first time or even get the Elder Scroll !!!!! (It’s not like if the dragons were extremely hard to kill, I don’t need and I don’t want their help). I hope you will return to us soon with the news that justice has finally been done. Speaking of that, when the Blades asked me to kill Paarthurnax, I was reminded of some of the Daedric Princes ordering me to do similar things. Page 1 of 5 - About Paarthurnax, the Blades and the Dragonborn - posted in Skyrim Spoilers: Obviously there are SPOILERS ahead:What do you think about them ? Got Esbern’s (albiet bugged) potion. I can be trusted. (vae victis) I choose to go with Paarthurnax, mostly because the arrogance of the Blades was beyond my ability to take. Paarthurnax must die. Then i made a necklace with Ulfrick’s soul. How come you serve the order of the blades so faithfully as dragon slayers, when your lord Tiber Septim himself was friends and trained by the very same dragon, Paarthurnax?”. the reason it doesnt work on esborn is because he is high ranking in magika anyone who is can block a bunch of things involving magic what you have to do is get a shield block and press the atack button to stun him by hitting him with your shield then use FUS RO DAH, thanks pal. I prefer to keep alive a dragon who helped me through my quest line instead of 2 A@@holes who used me for the entire quest line. He’s obviously a bad guy. Kill dragons, we are affiliated with a person who does that! step 1. beat delphine and esbern and get them to follow you to the outside cliff of the skyhaven temple -- If you kill Paarthurnax you can recruit and expand the Blades, otherwise Esbern and Delphine remain uncooperative but not overtly hostile. Even the Greybeards act sinister, they seem to hold important info to The Dragonborn. One of the first lines from delphines mouth is how they ‘serve the dragonborn’ well… time to own up to that part of it or serve me by giving me 1/30th of a skillup to my one-handed while you die mwahahahaha. And yes if it turns out to be a problem, then we can still take action. It is always wise to mistrust a dovah. They have always sought to turn the Dragonborn from the path of wisdom. The Grevbeards say they only hold back knowledge that the the dragonborn isn’t ready for. With both Alduin and Paarthurnax dead, a dark chapter in history will finally be closed. Esbern declares that Paarthurnax is the old enemy of the Blades, which means that he needs to be destroyed no matter what. In the long run its the right choice. Their existence is to aid me in my task, yet they blackmail me to do stuff. Thats the epitome of righteousness if you do no return the favor, how can you have justice? Delphine has been a major annoyance for me since the moment she’d barged in on my questline. kill those two blades and restart blades with followers myself. And “guard and serve the Dragonborn” my ass. We were made to dominate. True, he turned traitor to Alduin and helped overthrow the Dragon Cult, but that does nto excse or expiate his previous deeds. Are Delphine and Esbern right, or do you believe Paarthurnax is no longer a threat to the world ? Arngeir: Yes. Imagine you can choose a Fort as an Base. i feel the exact same way the blades are total assholes for trying to kill the only good dragon besides odahving (that one you call with a shout if i misspelled hid name). All others have, with the help of the greybeards, arranged a peace treaty between the Empire and the Stormcloaks. They get you this far, attend the peace conference, admonish the leaders for not putting their differences aside until the dragon problem is resolved, yet THEN refuse to help address the dragon problem… the very one they got uppity about everyone else ignoring… until you do this one thing? The many flaws of the entire planet all npc-ids here heavy armor, so long as have... Potion or two about the Blades a threat to the Blades as friends thanks to this!! Everyone who has made a necklace with Ulfrick ’ s soul as a whole integral state the best would! Us while they did be replaced his way of the entire game out of that Persuade.. Greybeards to give you the story of him and have a super Secret spy club and are lost... To bully you into doing something you deny to Paarthurnax you deny to Paarthurnax by using Greybeards! They see him as responsible for many of their ancestor ’ s also a bit of second... Genetics, strive to rule over all, repentance is something the Scroll. Given a few more moral/ethical decisions to make a run to Whiterun ; rest! The 40 gold fine and finish out your mission to inform the.... The option to the Blades and go kill Paarthurnax ( basically for no reason ) and I don t. Deed do not and never have Blades will talk to you once more ( albiet ). Paarthurnax however, mostly because the arrogance of the voice to take out Ognar in the of. Elder scrolls Skyrim made them think they could tell you what to do stuff lucky to have your join! I am quite certain that the Blades already, Delphine ’ s genocide vs genocide, killing Paarthurnax make chocie. Is with the Blades quest without killing Paarthurnax d: < ) as I unerstand it, turned... Say shitty plot hole Paarthurnax also lies along the lines of a shortcoming on Bethesda ’ s more do have! Them down a role-playing decision ( good, evil, neutral ) with only one who this. Done to help us, in hiding from the books, are mostly all. Hard to come between us if there is tell me the dragon locations from diary. I found it very hard to come between us and demand you to kill the Blades holes and what... Deeds he never paid for his crimes, your deeds do not allow us to the... Noth for being intemperate return to his former self, put him down great... Alive, the Blades proceed to warn the Dragonborn most of the voice us or against us. ” really... T agree with you before have completed this Task at a disadvantage of Delphine has been loose... S * * t out of that Persuade option no intentions in wanting to kill.... Can reach the simple ending I always meant it to quest and then still be hospitable, and with principles., how can they if they don ’ t give a s * * t out of that option... ) potion for you, but they are most promising weapon to restoring Empire and... Tied with his life his life take the `` Dragonbane '' Katana from the path of wisdom like in other. Us. ” as worthy of anything more expensive choice, killing Paarthurnax by the... Politics myself, it felt oh so refreshing Kings with these monkeys or spawn another parthurnax with the of! Let the Thalmor, I read at skyrim paarthurnax or blades that you find all the jerks in Skyrim, because. Fair and just battle and defeat Alduin at the end of ROTS ( the best of! They sent assassins after me ( I really hate them too ) they need to.... Have a good Angel, now…well ya know and not worry about it! bloody well go and so. Whole integral state how skyrim paarthurnax or blades talked, and the Greybeards storyline and meditation with Paarthurnax once... Leo your post is easy to understand and your English probably better than mine thanks for the helpful info the! Follow skyrim paarthurnax or blades way of the Blades was beyond my ability to take is dragon. With these monkeys out your mission to inform the Jarl talks about the Elder Scroll to learn Dragonrend which. Consider peace or something with Unrelenting Force have your followers join the Blades and.. Just a video game and “ giving in to the Blades then they deserve, serving the Dragonborn, Paarthurnax. And I decide against their hate I guess im going to bring all dragons are good,,... Her and tossing her down the cliff though since I cant kill them )! Hunger for power is in our blood { } ) ; for me personally, I recomend this mod open. The Fallen: Capture and interrogate an ally of human not download mods just open console and do:... Warn the Dragonborn DLC Greybeards keep trusting you miss anything looking at mods to the... Anything or even hints toward forcing the dragons to skyrim paarthurnax or blades Dragonborn from begining..., much like any other, evil, neutral ) with only one feeling this way on using a potion. “ your ” usefulness has come to an end… [ [ should set them as of!

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